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Poor Myka. Cas needs to break in already and annihilate Hector. >_>

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@reenforcer: No worries bro. Not like we are in any hurry.

Starting things off with a speed blitz I see. I will start my reply tonight, hopefully.

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@reenforcer: Posted my intro bro. Sorry I didn't get into details. Still shaking off the ring rust and warming up.

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"What do you mean he hasn't checked in for three days? It's been over a week. Start a search for his personal homing beacon. The frequency is being jammed?" The amount of concern in his voice showed his worry. "IceBird send the security footage to my visor with the up-link. I want to scan through every last whereabouts of Remy. Begin the facial recognition protocols for his last known locations on base. I want to know exactly what he was doing before he disappeared from the grounds." As Anthony walked the halls of the Summers Institute his visor flashed alive with footage from the last week. Hundreds of images were scanning through his visor by the second and being crossed referenced with intel from his ICE data banks.

"There!" he stopped the footage at the hanger. "He took one of the smaller crafts. I want a full list of coordinates uploaded from that plane now." Professor Summers was already headed towards the hanger himself. Most of the students had been sent home for the Summer and the rest of ICE was off on a distress mission in Japan. "Prepare for take off, Ice. ETA 3 minutes."

Just minutes later the courtyard opened up as the large jet rose from the depths below. "Remy.. what were you thinking." He shook his head as he immediately recognized the last known coordinates that the ship sent out. Several hours later the black and blue jet pierced through the thick fog of a somewhat unknown island. Below him was a vast wild jungle full of exotic dangers and what was once thought extinct creatures.

The pit of his stomach remembered this place well. Dr Syn had tortured him to death and brought him back all to repeat the process over and over for weeks. As if that was not enough he came to find out that his entire marriage had been a scam. An elaborate ruse by the master manipulator himself. Even his daughter was just genetically cloned dna to break the heroes spirit. Sorrow filled his heart at the mere thoughts of those times. "Remy, what have you gotten yourself into.."

Finding a clearing he sat the massive jet down and ordered for it to start its stealth field generator. Turning the giant jet invisible to the naked eye. "Ice, you stay here just in case I need some back up or a quick exit." He chuckled. "Besides I don't think a walking robot would fair well in a place like this. I would much rather do this quickly and be in and out before Syn knows what hit him."

Slipping into the shadows of the jungle the Protector was heading towards the vile villains last known base. A place he knew all too well..

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Another fantastic read full of feels. -wants to hunt down Hector and lob off his head-

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Looks like the supernatural elements are really blossoming. Great work with the OP.

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@pyrogram: Sure thing.

Basic run down the Dean one just killed a girl in the back of an alley after his concert. While the Curse one slaughtered a bus full of cheerleaders in Gothic.

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Very nice set up.

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@pyrogram: If you wanted you could reply to the blog for that guy, or if you would prefer an interaction with someone more powerful. You could reply to the post _Curse_ did in Gothic. Either way works for me or we could start something somewhere else. I got to get a post done for ReEn still as well.