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Real Name: Andy Steven Summers

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Brown

Grid Points:

Agility: 5 (Enhanced human with Olympic level acrobatics)

Durability: 4 (Low level healing factor) / 6 (Suit) / 7 (Energy shield)

Energy Projection: 5 (Concussive blasts from his body.)

Fighting Ability: 6 (Master of over a dozen forms, including various weapons and hand to hand combat.)

Intelligence: 4 (Gifted, photographic memory)

Mental Power: 5 (Master in the mystical art to channel his Ki/Chi)

Speed: 3 (Enhanced, run at over 50 mph)

Stamina: 4 (Enhanced, sustain peak performance several hours)

Strength: 4 (Enhanced, 3 ton mark)

Physical Attributes: The radiation that Andy's body absorbs enhances his body beyond peak of human potential. To such a level that no normal human could ever achieve, no matter how much training was involved. At any given time he could enter and win every Olympic event with ease, breaking records in the process. Being able to run an entire mile in under a minute. High jump more than twenty feet from a standing position, and lift 3 tons. This energy has also built up his bodies immune system. Making him more resistant to most poisons and toxins and immune to exhaustion and fatigue. This has also vastly improved his five senses. His sense of smell has been improved to a point where it is so keen he can decipher different ingredients in potions, drinks, he is even able to taste the subtle differences in foods and liquids. His sight so advanced that he literally sees bullets and projectiles moving at a slower rate. A sense of hearing so keen that he can hear a slight shift in movement or the slow concentrated breathing of another person, even their heartbeat. On top of all of this he also has a low degree of advanced healing. Making him capable of healing from grievous wounds faster than normal men. Lastly the radiation has also slowed his bodies aging process which will allow him to live well beyond that of a normal human. It has been suggested that if his body was to ever absorb vast amounts of energy, that his body would also enhance to superhuman levels. The limits of this still unknown.

Mental Attributes: Andy currently holds three masters degrees, one of them belonging in philosophy so he could better understand and teach the aspects of martial arts. The second in psychology so that he could better comprehend a persons reasoning for their actions. While his third degree is in biology giving him a better sense of the human body, allowing him a better understanding of human pressure points and joint weaknesses. What most do not realize is that the radiation his body absorbs also increased his brain cell activity. Allowing him to utilize full function of his brain. This has enabled him to look and view his surroundings with just a single glance to determine every angle and composition of the area. His brain functions at such a higher rate and speed he gained a photographic memory, allowing for him to easily remember everything he sees with just a simple glance. Another technique that he has mastered over the years is known as a mental block. Discouraging telepathic attacks from entering his mind forcefully, without his consent. Over his years he has become fluent in Japanese, Spanish, Sign language, Body language, and of course English.

Fighting Ability: Andy has made it his job to become one of the worlds greatest tacticians and strategists. Which is why he has gone through the great lengths to master several martial art forms, which includes training in espionage tactics and weaponry. Throughout the years he has become a Master which is at least a 5th degree Black Belt in Aikido, American kick boxing, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Shotokan Karate. He also holds extensive training in various handguns, rifles, and explosives including the assembling and dissembling of them. Andy has also mastered several weapon fighting styles such as the Roman sword & shield style, Fencing and Kendo, along with the bo-staff, shruikens, kamas, sais, and nun-chucks. He has also studied the fine spiritual arts of the Chi, mastering them to enhance his mind, body and soul like a spiritual warriors of ancient tales and legends. His Chi mastery not only allows him to increase his physical prowess, but his mental toughness as well. With intense concentration he is able to use his Chi to heal minor wounds. In his learning's with these styles he has mastered various pressure points which culminate in the breaking points of the human body, their 'shatter-point'. Allowing him to know where to strike for maximum effect. Taking parts from each of the styles he has mastered Andy created his own unique fighting style. One that has allowed him to blend his martial prowess with his favored weapons, the shield sword and his eye blasts. With this discipline of the body has also come a mastering of the mind. Because of his strong dedication to the arts and Chi combined with his sheer willpower he is highly resistant to casual mental scans and attacks that try to control his mind and influence his thoughts.

Energy Blasts: His body has the ability to absorb ambient solar energies, such as radiation, sunlight and heat, which then metabolizes these energies and converts them into tremendously powerful blasts from his eyes. The force of which not only can level buildings, but when let loose can destroy entire city blocks or punch holes in mountains. His power has been measured over 3 Gigawatts, which is the output great than a nuclear power plant. The effective range of his beams is approximately 2,000 feet, and the beams width is able to expand to his peripheral vision, or as small as the hole in a needle. These red blasts are a concussive force of pure kinetic energy. They can push around objects with sheer force. The friction caused between this force can emanate heat. Sometimes igniting things on fire, burning them or melding them together. He has been shown to be completely immune to his own power, but also cannot completely control it. Which is why he must always wear a special visor or glasses to keep it in check. This power has also turned his eyes in a crimson color, which also grants him a form of infra-vision. Letting him pick up heat signatures or people and objects. (With further evolution of his body and understanding of this power he will be capable of performing these blasts from more than just his eyes.)

High Tech Visor: The main feature of this device is to help Andy control his beams. But over time more gadgets and devices were implemented into it. One of which is a sound emitter that increase or decrease the sound waves of objects. This feature when increase helps him to hear so keenly that he can hear the subtle changes in one's heart rate, and even the sweat dripping down someones cheek. When lowered it protects his ear drums from sonic disturbances all of which can be done on a whim with just a subconscious thought. A state of the art targeting system has been incorporated into it which grants him spatial perception on a superhuman level. Giving him near perfect aim and an uncanny sense of trigonometry. With this he can predict the position of superhuman speedsters with enough accuracy to tag them with his blasts. Other additions to this unique visor are various visions. Such as X-ray vision, microscopic vision, and telescopic vision as well as night vision. The visor also holds a motion camera which let's him not only record what he sees, but play them over again or even enhance them. It also contains a direct up-link to his own database which he continuously feeds information to. The last addition is more of a luxury, an MP3 player.

Energy Shield: The same energy that fuels his eye blasts can be summoned mentally to form a shield around his arms. This energy is nearly indestructible and can be called upon at will. With just a thought he can fire this shield as a projectile similar to his eye blasts but to a lesser effect. It is known that in dire situations he has formed this shield around his entire body, and even used it to protect another person in close proximity. With the proper training and enlightenment there is no telling what he might be able to accomplish with his energy formed construct. Quite easily being able to form other objects with the energy, to what limits is unknown.

Sacred Blade of the Order: This single-edged Japanese sword is most commonly referred to as a Katanna. The slender curve in this blade reaches 30 inches in length and is crafted out of a magically enhanced metal or an unknown origin. The magical enchantments on the blade make it sharper and capable of cutting other metals with ease. Towards the bottom of the blade there are seven symbols also known as Kanji, engraved in diamonds. Each representing a virtue from Bushido, the way of the warrior, code of the Samurai. Benevolence, Courage, Honesty, Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, and Respect. The hilt and hand guard of the magnificent blade is polished white and molded in the shape of a Dragon, two red rubies set as its eyes. The sheath of the blade was also forged as a weapon in mind. Such as a blowgun, staff, or snorkel. The magical enchantment in the sword also allows for any cut to negate the healing factor that a recipient might have. Legends tell that this blade is a weapon forged to combat the Oni (Demons/Devils) and that even a simple cut burns them with a holy fire. It is also said that if this blade was to ever shed the blood of an innocent virgins life, that it would open the gates of hell.

Body Suit: The alloy used in this form fitting suit is composed of alien technology of unknown origin. It's lightweight and able to absorb kinetic energy and vibrations like a sponge, dampening their effects. Because of this the costume is able to negate most of the force from blows, granting an almost superhuman like durability/resistance. It is also bullet proof against most small caliber weapons since it robs it of all the kinetic energy. There are pads on the bottom of his feet which help to soften the blow from dropping at high distances. With enough momentum it even allows for him to scale up walls by running against them. Because of the kinetic absorption his footsteps are quieter, even at a full out sprint little more than a soft noise is heard. One other important feature of this suit is that it allows his body to absorb the radiation needed to empower his abilities at an accelerated rate. Increasing not only his physical attributes but his eye beams as well.