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zengei said:
"Any word on when the ComicVine API will get a search resource like the GiantBomb API?"
I'll try to get it up this evening.
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Everyone at Comic Vine is pleased to announce the Comic Vine API.  Using the API, we hope our users can find crazy new ways to use our data.  If you're a developer, check out the API site and sign up for an API key.

This forum should be used for any questions regarding the API, including technical questions.  If you're having trouble with something, post a question.  I'll be frequenting regularly to answer any questions.

We're also planning on adding more data to the API in the near future.  If you have a cool idea but can't find the data you need, please ask.

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Those fools.  They escaped again!  I blame RED L.A.M.P.  They'll pay for this.  THEY'LL PAY.

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Hey everyone,

RED L.A.M.P. and I are preparing our next menacing scheme against those fools, Captain Cascader and Super Coonce.  At 6:00 PM, 30 minutes from now, we will be rerouting the power of the Comic Vine servers into a gigantic pulse canon.  With this power, we should be able to get rid of those insects once and for all.

We expect it will take about 45 minutes to get enough juice to fry them.  Comic Vine will come back afterwards.

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Sorry about the delay.  We ran into some technical difficulties.  Anyway, everything is updated now.  Please let us, err I mean SuperCoonce!, if you find any bugs.  :)

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Buckshot said:
"Can't start a new volume. After I filled out the info and hit Propose as New Volume I got the robots are working thing but then that went away and it was back to the info I had put in. Didn't know what was going on so I did it two more times. Same thing happened. Waited a little bit then searched for the volumes and these were the results. The pages I put up are the 3 with no image next to them. If you click any of them you get this.
This should be fixed.
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Amber said:
"Reposting - I've had to remove the widgets from my blogs because it still won't work.

1. The bug - the pull list widget isn't working; just says "loading user"
2. Firefox 3.0
3. my comicvine profile > tools & widgets and on my blog: (very bottom of the page)"
Seems to work for me on your blog site.  I see the issues coming up and rotating.  I fixed a bug about 2 weeks ago that was messing up your widget.  Perhaps try refreshing your blog in your browser.  If you still have problems, let me know.
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Destroyer of Evil said:
"Destroyer of Evil said:
"The image uploader isn't working. When I click browse files, nothing happens. Here's a link to the page and I'm using Firefox.
It's still not working.
Are you able to see Flash content in your browser?  You must enable Flash (it's enabled by default) to use the uploader.
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There was a bug with NEW things not appearing in search.  That's been resolved.  There's still a couple minute delay (at most 10 minutes).  But anything you've added should now be showing up.

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My bad on the search.  It's fixed.