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Last week we deployed some code that forces HTML content in posts and on the wiki to be valid and error free HTML.  It gives us a lot more flexibility in how we can use the data to display in different ways in the future.

Unfortunately, the editor used for posting and wiki edits had some bugs that actually created bad HTML.  You may have noticed recently some blank wiki pages, blog posts, forum posts, or comments.  These were a result of the editor producing invalid HTML and the cleaning system rejecting it.

We think we've found the majority (hopefully all) of the cases the editor is injecting this bad data, and fixed them.  To help us make sure, I've added a check to the code that processes and cleans the HTML.  If this check fails, you'll get a 500 error, and we'll get a report of what happened.

If this happens to you, try clearing your browser's cache.  You may have an older copy of our javascript code without the latest fixes.

If after clearing your cache you still are getting these 500 messages when attempting to post data, please reply to this thread.

We're also working on a solution that ensures items won't stay in your cache when we update them, but that's a day or two away yet.

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Shatterstar said:
"Storm is gone now too."
Fixed.  Not 100% sure, but that one looks like someone just deleted everything.
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aztek the lost said:
"Jonah Hex"

Also restored Gambit.
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Red Lamp and I tracked down a bug that was causing the editor to lose text today.  If anyone sees this problem anymore, please let us know what you were doing and what browser you're using. 

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We're working on restoring the missing data as well as trying to figure out the bug that's actually causing the problems.

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Also, if you see a bunch of text missing from somewhere (wiki, forum post or your profile), please let us know BEFORE modifying it yourself.

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G-Man said:
"If anyone has lost rpg posts or info on your bio, can you let us know what browser you used?"
Specifically what browser you used when you *wrote* the post/wiki/etc.
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I'll add a volume filter on the issue resource for ya in the next day or so.  Sorry for the delay, just trying to wrap another project up first.

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OK, the Search resource has been turned on.  Docs have been updated.