the crime-verse

so my old dc the lost world thing is dead but i have a new fanfic ready

a noir dc universe.

batman is first [coming soon are green arrow and more]

the night is mine

issue 1 coming next week [ maybe ]

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Posted by andrewtheking

btw if any one wants to do a one shot or mini [or a ongoing if your up for it]] just ask

Posted by TheCannon

Sounds cool.

Posted by andrewtheking

Bruce: WHO ARE YOU!!!

joker: you can call me the red hood .

Bruce : god no

joker: silly boy you and me both know that god isn't real

Bruce : what ?

joker : only evil


Posted by andrewtheking

batman arc 1: the joke

green arrow arc 1: old gods

sandman arc 1: lost days

black canary arc 1: die trying

Vigilante arc arc 1: the west is gone

Madame Xanadu arc 1 : a fools game

masked men: arc 1 : time to play

and a one shot about the books [ you'll see what that means ]

super man and wonder woman and flash and green lantern will be in wave 2

Posted by TheCannon

Sounds cool