avengers ,dead time part zero

avengers, dead time part zero

" Soon" a voice says , "soon the world will be ours " , " yes " a new voice says , " the avengers, the x men, the hulk , spider man , all of the worlds so called super heroes" the 1st voice says " all of them will fear the day " the 2nd voice says .

A 3rd voice says " men it is time ", " TIME" a group of voices say in back ground .

the room lights up , the men and woman sit down .

" time has come " the 3rd voice says

" you know what to do " the 2nd voice says .

and the voices reveal themselves as kang, ultron , and Mad Jim Jaspers.

"the world will burn " the group yells .

issue 1 coming soon

Posted by PrinceZiara

Woohoo! Can't wait! PM me when it's done.

Posted by andrewtheking

@PrinceZiara: i will

Posted by PrinceZiara

@andrewtheking: K, thanks your Highness.