DC Re-Imagined : Sgt frank rock issue 2

DC Re-Imagined : Sgt frank rock issue 2

" Well men looks like we have our team " rock says , "yes it will be nice to work with you" Jason says " likewise " the others say .

" so what is our mission ?" Jason blood asks , " we have herd about some sort of Nazi group in this place " rock says .

" yeah a group whose leader is some guy named Otto Netz" Canfield says . " oh go no" blood says .

" what is it?" the other 3 men ask , " Otto Netz is a very powerful man, he and his ally Baron Blitzkrieg, once tried to rule the world , they had found the Spear of Destiny, The spear used to pierce the side of Christ, other things the two have done are trying to make a race of vampiric octopuses called "Nosferatu" and almost making a deal with Neron. Jason says .

" who the hell is Neron ? " blood asks , " and how do you know all this? "Phillip asks .

" Neron is a major demon of Hell, he is pure evil , and i know because , i have ally's in high places "

" like who ?" the 3 men ask , " well can i ask you men some thing ?" Jason asks

" fine" the 3 say

" what do you think about demons, monsters , and angels ?" Jason asks

meanwile .....

" you can go home now Blitzkrieg" Abigail says

" thank you "

[ once home ]

Blitzkrieg lays in his bed , in his dreams he finds himself in a place , filled with trees .

" how are you mister Blitzkrieg?" a voice asks , " who are you?" Blitzkrieg yells .

" you should know " the voice says , " what do you mean ?" Blitzkrieg asks

" my name is ... Wesley Dodds" the voice says ",but i killed you " Blitzkrieg yells .

" you did " " but i am back now "

" how ?"

" my master gave me a new life"

"your master?"

the voice steps out and says " Dream"



avengers ,dead time part zero

avengers, dead time part zero

" Soon" a voice says , "soon the world will be ours " , " yes " a new voice says , " the avengers, the x men, the hulk , spider man , all of the worlds so called super heroes" the 1st voice says " all of them will fear the day " the 2nd voice says .

A 3rd voice says " men it is time ", " TIME" a group of voices say in back ground .

the room lights up , the men and woman sit down .

" time has come " the 3rd voice says

" you know what to do " the 2nd voice says .

and the voices reveal themselves as kang, ultron , and Mad Jim Jaspers.

"the world will burn " the group yells .

issue 1 coming soon


DC Re-Imagined : Sgt frank rock issue 1

june 4, 1945, London, uk .

It was raining , lots of rain mixed with the dark sky , sgt frank rock stood in the rain

looking in to the sky " are you allright rock ?" a voce says in the background .

the voce was a gruff sounding man , rock looked at the man "i am fine Canfield"

"good" Canfield says back , Canfield was a tall man with short black hair and brown eyes . " and rember call me Bulldozer" .

behind Bulldozer two more men came up, one was a Blond man with blue eyes, and the other was a man with a huge beard and green eyes .

"Valoric,Phillip " rock says kindly

" just call me the Ice Cream Soldier" ,Phillip says " ai and call me the The Viking Commando" valoric repliys .

" nice to met all of you " rock says " are we the only ones on this mission?"

"no" says Canfield , he points to a man siting down , the man has red hair with a white stripe in it , he is in the same army unform as the others .

" whats his name?" rock asks " my name is jason blood " the man says , " you have a code name ?" Phillip asks " no" jason says .

meanwille ....

" are you sure this is a smart move, Blitzkrieg?" a female asks

" why yes i do my dear Enchantress " Blitzkrieg relpys

" its just that the endless dont take to kindly to this kind of thing" Abigail says, her long hair flying in the wind

" who cares what the endless think" Blitzkrieg yells

" just get it on with" Abigail says

"fine" Blitzkrieg says

"For thou who sleeps in stone and clay, heed this call, rise and obey. Trek unto the mortal door, assemble flesh, and walk once more!" Blitzkrieg says waveing his hand in the air .

a huge portill opins , and a man steps out of it " how may i serve you master?"

" i will tell you that soon" Blitzkrieg says

" so what was his name agen?" Abigail asks

" he is the first of the Fallen"

to be continued…….


crime verse batman issue 1


a bad day part 1

a woman runs , her long red hair flying in the wind

behind her a man runs gun in hand " get back here " he yells

" get away " the woman yells back

but the man gets to her, grasping her my the hip and saying " stop yelling ya dumbass "

but as the man says this the woman gets free and trys to run

but she hears the man yell out in pain

she looks behind her to see the man being cut by a blond man

" what are you? " she asks

" the same thing as you"

"im not like you " she says

" oh miss vale you are just like me "

"how do you know who i am?"

" oh just friends in high places "

she turns to run

" i see you are not to happy with me "

" what?" she asks

" well with a big croc under ground ,a Ghost being seen , and the black mask , a guy like me is just a good old day in this city "

" Zsasz get your ass over here " a new voice yells

" i gotta go , but i will be back" he says

Zsasz runs away to the voice

the woman looks on and says " why did he let me live ?"

"hes toying with you "

"what ?" the woman asks

" oh just some advice"

meanwhile ....

Zsasz runs to the voice

once he gets to it he says

" the gangs all here "



my new 52

part 1 : the super man group .. 
super man   
Writer-  scott snyder  
Artist-  Andy Kubert 
Characters -  super man/ Clark Kent      Lois lane      jimmy olsen    Perry White     Chloe Sullivan  Cat Grant    Obsession   [ foe at first]. 
enemies - Lex Luthor Bizarro  Imperiex  Mister Mxyzptlk  Massacre  Livewire   maxima  Mercy Graves . 
plot -  5 years later [ see  Action Comics]  super man is now one of the worlds  Finest   heroes    . super man must try to mix    fighting   Luthors forces with trying to fight off foes like   Imperiex  and   Massacre and  trying to have a love life with   Lois lane    . the first arc will have him going to     Bizarro  world  . the 2nd will have him fighting  Mister Mxyzptlk . and in the 3rd a Obsessed Superman fan girl turns up and super man must take her under   his wing [if he didn't have two side kicks already ] . 

more books coming  soon.


Marvel Re-imagined: Nova issue 2

  Richard Rider sat in his bed and looked down at his hand  now glowing  gold as  he   herd a voice in his head  
say " the time is now"    ..... 
3 days ago  
  on the home planet of the  The Chitauri  
 a man is ruining past  some guards so fast  that he can be seen  
once past the guards he stopped ruining  he was green and bug like   
two    Chitauri    ran up to him 
" stop scum " one yelled 
   but right behind the two  a girl jumped down and landed   on the  Chitauri    
"    Invisibly  sure comes  in handy  don't  it  bug "  
bug  smiled  "  so dose super speed "  
 the two ran to the place that the boss had told the two about 
the House of crime  
the two ran up to a  computer that held the names of the men and woman inside  
they looked at the names ...
Martinex T'Naga  
Captain Charlie-27  
Aleta Ogord  
Rita DeMara  
Pyreus Kril  
Dark Angel 
Carmilla frost 
M'Shulla Scott  
3-D Man  
Robert Grayson  
and Moondragon 
"found her " bug said  
"good" Mantis said back  
"but how do we get to her  "
" i know some one who can help " 
"the Destroyer"  
she put her hand to her head and said "drax if you can hear me i am at   the House of crime     we need you"
we see a green man with a red stripe on his back  
he opens his eyes and smiles  
" i got a call "  
he stood up  got ready to fight  . 


the crime-verse

so my old dc the lost world thing is dead but i have a new fanfic ready

a noir dc universe.

batman is first [coming soon are green arrow and more]

the night is mine

issue 1 coming next week [ maybe ]