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@.Mistress Redhead.: You don't want to go down that road..sweety :p

@The Dark Huntress:
sure you are.
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@The Dark Huntress: Thanks, really enjoyed writing that one, Andrew will come more into his own in the next post, that was just setting up what he was and the endless capabilities that are open to him, the real limit is his imagination. 
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@Stream: Actually there is a few cannon team rpgs going on, there was just a cannon Rpg between wolf pack and DU and one between the Cops and TI. There may be a bigger one on the way.
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@The Cramoisi Fleur: Will get Sparrow to post tomorrow... 
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@Nobody: yes
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Im waiting for them all to combine and form


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@Nobody: Will it make you feel better if I said yes
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@Nobody: Nobody!!! 
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@Darkchild: postage
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  He enjoyed the solitude that his library brought him, away from the eyes of the ; Andrews’s library was filled with endless rows and columns of assorted books, some could only be found within his collection, others where replica’s of scrolls bound and pressed into the pages of books. The Library itself was a maze, the shelves that held the volumes constantly changed and moved, very few knew of its existence and those that dared to steal from it often found themselves dead before they entered its great walls. It had taken Andrew a long time to build the collection that now surrounded him and even longer to hide it within limbo! Many powerful beings used limbo as a battle ground or a hole which to crawl into and the knowledge that was contained within the library would make such beings unstoppable. So in order to protect it, Andrew placed it in the heart of a great limbo whale, the whales traversed the planes, shifting in and out of existence as they pleased, they never needed to eat nor sleep and where peaceful creatures often preferring to flee from other beings. Their real power came from defense, a large shield pulsed round them as the moved effortlessly in the emptiness of white space, their bodies where made up of white armored scales which resembled that of an armadillos, they had dark star spotted eyes that could see to the very end of time. The great beast’s heart did not beat but hummed and allowed it to travel within dimensions, Andrew had spent thousand of years building his home with in the beasts heart, placing numerous spells and glyph’s around his home, protecting himself from the whales immune system, which also supplied another level of protection, his spells where endless and the most important one prevented anyone removing something from his library without his consent.


The hum of the whale’s heart had become a comfort to the old immortal, several books floated around him as he walked, the book cases shifting out of their masters way, the white marble floor carried the echo of his shoes all around, he soon found himself in the center of the books shelves, a rumbling fire ignited as he took his seat behind a large desk covered in scrolls and pieces of paper, the books remained floating and turning their pages as his nimble eyes glanced over all seven of them, taking in their knowledge as he read, his pupils where a light shade of lavender, that sparkled in the orange flames from the fire. A sudden shift in the whale’s direction was but a mere tremble along the floor, with a gentle sigh Andrew closed his eyes and the books returned to the shelves they had come from. His lavender eyes seemed so empty as he stared into the fire, this was his true form, two deep purple horns protruded out from his forehead and over the top of his skull, several thick black lines protruded spinning round the horns and meeting at the tip, just before the back of the neck, underneath the horns sat porcelain white hair, the rest of his body mimicked that of a humans, but his skin was raven black and his eyes where a tender lavender. His glyphs and spells hid his true form from sight, he had taken a human skin to allow him to move more freely in the mortal realm, allowing him to trade and gather more for his collection and he took the name Andrew Winter Stone, as no human could pronounce his true name. He saw no point then giving up his façade while in the presence of his so called team mates, they knew what he was and he had no need to remind them who or what he was capable of.

His mind span the tale of how he had sought Darkchild out, the brief and unshakable encounter had left a mark on the Librarian, he had sought information on the Lockhart manor, the former lord of hell had gathered many valuable objects and information over his life and Stone whished to discover the manors location, much Like his library, Arrow had hidden it well, fully knowing of who would seek it after his death. So the Child of Darkness struck a deal, explaining that only one person knew of it’s location and how to enter it and she would not be easy to find nor would it be easy to retrieve the information he sought from her. Darkchild went on to describe the last moments of Arrows life, knowing that information would keep the librarian listening and how Rina at sometime would reappear, no doubt to reclaim the gem her father had given him. So they struck a deal, Stone would join his team, help them grow in power and in return he would make a deal with the daughter and allow him access to the Lockhart Manor. With the power and information Andrew controlled , Darkchild knew that he would be a great asset and he also knew the patience of the underworlds librarians, Andrew would wait centuries for what was contained within that manor, the relics alone made his mind rush with thoughts of excitement, things he had only dreamed about come true.

Sitting back, he licked his bottom lip before standing again; he could hide himself away from them for too long. If he was to be part of this power hunger group then he would play his part well; plus the young Cherry was highly entertaining and he could come to welcome her into his library, her thirst for knowledge only intrigued him more. Every member of the team had been given access to the library, marking them with a useable which allowed them passed the defensive spells, but he was always warned before their arrival, allowing him to change back to his human skin. There were many doors around the mortal world that could bring those with the mark to this place, if someone opened the door that did not have the mark; they would simple see a stone wall. Cracking his neck he began to change back, his horns vanished and his lavender eyes turned a deep shade of blue, a single pair of spectacles rested on the bridge of his light pink nose and sighed as he left his home to mingle with those who dared to call him equal.