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Andrew Winter Stone was one of the master librarian of  The Underworld, until he parted from that world over two thousands years ago, starting to build his own collection and gaining more knowledge. Andrew uses a vast array of symbols to channel his magics, these symbols are hidden everywhere he could imagine, several of them are concealed on his clothing and body , the glyphs on his body are hidden from sight  some of the known symbols on Andrews body are red symbols on his knuckles, which appear to give him enhanced strength, one by his jaw bone which initiates the healing process and forces out any unknown materials and a symbol on the palm of his hand which kills anyone who is touching it . Along with the Symbols he also has relics that he has collected during his time in the world, Andrew has sought one piece of knowledge who his true father is. He is one of the oldest and most knowledgeable beings on the planet and this often echoes in his arrogance. Where Andrew is immortal this only applies to his age, he can be hurt just as a human, but due to his studies is able to use potions and symbols to heal his body.  
More to come.