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The loving character of his smile perfectly reflected the gentle, softness of his comforting voice, "Of course", he answered with simplistic beauty. Of course he'd come home to them. His words echoed a promise, that he'd always come home to them. Coming home to them served as his greatest and only motivation when his consciousness was fragmented and scattered across the infinite reaches of space-time geometry. It was what prevented him from yielding to the laboriousness and hopelessness of the situation, returning to the warmth of his family would be compensation enough for the suffering endured during his exile to the most perplexing sections of reality. It was the thought of the woman he so dearly loved, and the playful echoes of their young daughter that guided him back home.

They were as much his saviors as his ambition to return to them. So for that moment, he treasured the intimate embrace between father, mother, and daughter. It was the first time they had ever been together as a family. He allowed himself to linger in the tenderhearted nature of the moment, taciturnly closing both eyes as he was at peace in their presence. "It's been too long mi amor", Andres affectionately smiled, turning to plant a terse but telling kiss of everlasting amore on Mercy's lips. Turning to meet Catriona's quiet gaze, the corners of the Knightfall Don's mouth subtly edged upwards with attentive approval, recalling that towards the end of his entrapment in planes otherwise beyond the comprehension of man, Catriona had reached out to him again, and spoke to him, though not in infantile gibberish, she spoke. "Convincing people that you are less capable than you really are is... smart", he praised, he knew she understood.

His return however, did not solely herald the positive. He had return with knowledge of what had nearly torn him away from this world. There was much to tell Mercy. The circumstances behind his supposed demise at the hands of Charlemagne LeBeau, and about the Third Society, and the mysterious architect that had meticulously orchestrated his nearly successful eradication. "Let's go inside. There is a lot I have to say. There are sinister forces at work, beyond meta-humans and mutants alike".

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Death could never claim him. A man so driven to obtain absolute perfection of self and emancipation from the genetic design flaws of the human biology, Andres would have never allowed it, and he didn't. His disappearance entailed an entirely different scenario from the one believed to be nothing but his murder following a defeat at the hands of human supremacist, Charlemagne LeBeau. The Knightfall Don held a genuine degree of respect for the Master of Martial Arts Darwinism, but he truly and will always believe that he is the greatest fighter to ever strike and grapple, and he held firm to the belief that had a meddling Aphasic not intervened in his bout with the reputed Killer of Knightfalls, he would have as he has grown accustomed to, known victory. It was the lure however, of a mysterious entity that orchestrated his downfall.

Beguiled into a brief excursion to the overtly complex domain of space-time geometry, the White King projected his mind, the quantum information of the M.D.D.S. was shifted to the geometric structure of space-time where his consciousness was inevitably fragmented, and these quantum shards scattered across the edges of the universe's interwoven continuum. The process of recovering the quantum shards of his consciousness was a lethargic one, a process that would have been more lethargic if not for the unanticipated albeit unintentional assistance of an infant Catriona. His daughter's inclination to direct her infantile gibberish towards the quantum shards of his broken mind offered clues, a trail for him to follow. The ripples of her erratic activity in the domain of space-time geometry were prominent in the restoration of the Don's mind.

And now, with his return imminent, she called out to him as she innocently entertained herself with the sound of the ocean waves and the sand all about her. And so, the proud father answered. "Catriona", his familiar voice echoed, the movement of the waves, the ocean breeze, the ruffling of the tropical greenery growing sluggish in anticipation. Slowly, his sculpted frame emerged from a harmless dimensional rift that dissipated following his ingress. Reaching for his beloved toddler and carrying her as parents do, a warmhearted smile curled as he met the dynamic spirit in her genial gaze, "Hola, mi hija", he softly greeted. Turning, his voice spoke with soft a tone of longing and endearment as he guided himself towards the mother of his child, "Mi reina", Andres smiled.