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"Catriona can speak quite well, though she tends to only do so telepathically from what I've seen", Andres began, somewhat curious regarding his daughter's deceptive intellect. "And she does so in order to preserve the image that she's no more than a harmless toddler. That is... smart, very smart actually", pride in his offspring's cleverness accumulated in his heart, drawing out a taciturn smile, "And it begs the question, is she smart enough that she actually knew what she was doing whenever she'd pop up to 'help' me restore my mind?", he rhetorically inquired, certain that this was a question that neither parent could answer. Only Catriona could dispel the uncertainty of the event, but would she? There seemed to be a gleam of mischief in the child's eye, mischief that to an extent, allowed her to play even her parents it seemed.

"I'll have to look into that". Next addressing Mercy's voiced concern over the detected global anomalies monitored by the Sicarii, the Knightfall Don pondered the implications of actually executing their 'move'. "No move, for now. I care about the world but I can't intervene at the moment. I've returned but my mind is not quite at it's optimum yet. I need more time to recover my strength. Then I will make a move, and perhaps even pay a visit to my brothers if they're still alive by then". One of the more compassionate Knightfalls, Andres did genuinely love his siblings, though his irritation with his family's antics was often roused in their presence. He would like to see them, but was more content with keeping them separate from Mercy and Catriona. He wanted their daughter to be raised in a supportive environment, free from all the plight the Knightfalls are infamous for.

"I don't want Catriona to ever come into contact with my family. The only exception is Ellie, and perhaps one day, Cassius. But Quintus", the Catalan paused, succinctly staring off into space. "Quintus is far too dangerous and his moral character is ambiguous at best. Our daughter must never meet my brother. Not until she is an adult, old enough to make her own decisions".

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  • Following his return, Andres underwent a process that replaced the majority of his DNA and RNA in his body with an aggrandized version of XNA (Xeno Nucleic Acid), enabling error-free replication and propagation of genetic information in his body, awarding him with a genetic structures immune from common genetic errors imparted by evolution, rendering him free of disease-causing genes while ensuring that the telomerase enzymes at the end of his DNA strands do not unravel every time his undergo mitosis, emancipating him from the effects of aging and instead biologically strengthening him as he ages etc. Primarily however, his XNA-based genetic structure causes him to be more inclined to evolve (without inheriting genetic errors such as retrovirus carrying genes) than both humans and mutants due to the foundation of evolution's potential being how much genetic information is replicated and the error in the process. The more error-prone a genetic system, the less likely it is to evolve. As a result, Andres does not refer to himself as neither a mutant nor human, instead he has christened himself an XNA-Hominid.
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Once their flirtatious exchange of doting gazes had commenced, there was no retreat. Beyond the ability of scientific rationale to explain, Mercy and Andres simply gravitated towards one another. Brushing past the encompassing guests' persistent conversational attempts with a deceptively civil brand of aloof acknowledgement, the highborn Knightfall Adonis cordially transposed possession of his Blue Label glass to the person of a wandering waiter, enabling him to embrace his beloved soul-mate without restricting their succinct moment of physical intimacy. Curling an arm around his lover's slender waist with gentlemanly gallantry while his free hand ascended to affectionately caress the back of her neck as both Sheridan and Knightfall greeted one another with an impassioned lip-lock compatible with the atmospheric romanticism the blissful couple radiated with every kiss and every flirt.

Tolerating the hounding photographers' insatiable thirst for capturing every moment of his, Mercy, and Valerie's lives, the Catalan Connoisseur willingly graced the media wolves with the his picturesque class and monarchical regalia, a subtle upwards edging of his lips' corner adding a enrapturing element of his exotic suavity to every photo certain to festoon the covers of magazines he simply couldn't be bothered concerning himself with. Finally emancipating himself from his obligations as a social juggernaut, Andres turned to meet Valerie's impishly benevolent remark with an engaging quip of magnetic witticism, "Being alive does tend to be quite lovely", he calmly jested prior to tersely shifting his gaze to Mercy, his arm amorously secured around her lithe waist, "Especially when one is in such lovely company", he paused, affectionately pecking his beloved life partner on the cheek. With the upscale trinity set to immerse themselves in a more private setting, Andres' attention was briefly captured.

By the presence of two juveniles. He was unfamiliar with both the petite blonde girl and dark haired boy serving as what appeared to be her date. Spanning a modest second, his denim blue eyes' cast a glance of mild yet urbane, ocular acknowledgement. Returning his attention to the White and Black Queen, the trio of Hellfire Monarchs retired to a more private area of the ostentatious establishment. Coolly lighting a Montecristo No. 3 Cuban cigar and indulging in a brief suck, the Knightfall Don blew a dissipating cloud of smoke into the air, waiting in poised anticipation of the conversational exchange certain to be experienced by the three aristocrats.

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@valerie_huntington: @mercy_:

Relaxed in a limousine taken separately from his beloved Sheridan, and his co-Hellfire Monarch, Valerie, Andres occupied himself with the classical melody of 'Lady In Red' by the London Symphony Orchestra. A song he had once arranged to be played for Mercy during their first dance, an intimate activity that smoothly complimented the romanticism of their first date. Upon the song's inevitable conclusion, the august Knightfall Don's denim blue gaze coolly shifted towards his gold-rimmed Raymond Weil watch, the corners of his lips subtly edging upwards in poised contentment at the sensation of the upscale, Mercedes Benz limousine's occurring halt. The vehicle's dark, tinted windows veiled his winsome person from the ever curious paparazzi and encompassing pedestrians. Guided by their infantile curiosity, they swarmed the vaunted Don's limousine, garnering no alarmed reaction from the chauffeur.

Their intrigue was anticipated. There was not a soul publicly scheduled to set foot inside the ostentatious Hellfire Club following the simultaneous ingress of Valerie Huntington-Whiteley and Mercy Sheridan. With the exception of one soul, of course. The only other individual with the authority to frequent the socially revered establishment whenever he so desired. The White King. And so as the surrounding mass of camera-hugging wolves gradually retreated, the chauffeur made his exit from the front seat, approaching the limousine's backseat, civilly pulling it open to allow the unanticipated emergence of Andres' herculean person to a rousing reaction of disbelief and cheering cries of contentment. Such was the sheer star quality of his presence. His appearance aggrandized by his taciturn disproof of his rumored death. The Catalan Connoisseur's smooth, raven hair, recently cut short, was worn close to his head around the back, stylishly blending the sides into top layers with maintained length for a suave back sweep.

His diamond-cut physique, adorned in a luxurious, light grey, three-piece, two-button Ermenegildo Zegna Centennial suit, emblazed by the formal flair of a complimenting vest and silk tie. And as he always does, Andres Knightfall looked every part the Knightfall Adonis he was reputed to be. Offering no verbal response to the bombardment of questions from the paparazzi regarding his rumored death and extended disappearance, the White King simply guided himself towards the club's grandiloquent entrance. His posture exuded an air of polished aristocracy, his footsteps dripped with patrician panache as a comely smile painted his highborn features as the doors open to allow him entry into his second home. Cordially accepting an offered glass of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label scotch whiskey from a personable waitress, Andres paid no mind to the wandering gazes of wonderment nor the perpetual attempts at conversation from the guests. Though they might have come for him, his ingress was certainly not for them.

Quickly, his gaze met Valerie's, and as any gentleman would, he issued a subtle, respectful inclination of the head. She was every bit the statuesque, Modern-Day Aphrodite, a woman of such overpowering beauty that it intimidates any woman, and forces any man to think twice before an attempted approach. Then his gaze shifted, settling on Mercy, and in a moment of instinct, one of the most genuine smiles curled along his flawless visage. The Sanguine was yet another beauty, perhaps not as divine as her golden-haired sister, but she radiated a compelling aura. She was emancipated from imperfection, but there was an intangible quality to her, a girl-next-door appeal that was at the core of her quiet charisma. That was who his ingress was for. Mercy Sheridan.

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"Un momento", his polished, resolute voice uttered just above a whisper. The hushed and softened character of his voice emerging so not as to startle their slumbering toddler from her innocent dreams. Tenderly lifting Catriona from his lap, Don Andres affectionately carried her delicate frame in the attentive hold of his secure, sculpted arms. Ascending from his seat, the returned Knightfall A-Lister succinctly rocks his arms back and forth with fatherly instinct, guiding himself from the grandiloquent living room to a neighboring bedroom, resting his daughter's diminutive frame atop the mattress, planting a doting kiss atop the toddler's forehead prior to covering her dreaming person with the bed's nurturing sheets. Turning to depart to the living room, Andres' steps halted for a moment.

The gaze of his denim blue eyes shifted from the sight of the doorway to that of his resting heir. There was much he had to teach her, all in due time of course. Returning to the lush encompassment of the living room, the Catalan Connoisseur's herculean frame retired to the comfort of the sofa he and the Sanguine currently shared. "I love Cassius, he is the closest of my siblings. But where he goes, the others will follow. And they surely will should they find that wherever he is going is to meet with me", Andres explained, detailing the rationale behind his desire to remain emancipated from the reaches of his brothers and sisters. "I would like to see my brother, of course, but I do not want to be blemished by whatever nonsense the others have roused during my absence. Or even the outside world for that matter. At least not for now". He was certain she comprehended his reasoning, and the core of his sentiments regarding his family.

And he trusted that during his absence, she allowed neither Cassius nor Quintus to lay eyes upon Catriona. "Perhaps my mood will change in time for this gala". Addressing her inquiry, Andres offered what knowledge he could about the enigmatic Third Society. "I do not know what they call themselves exactly, but they are powerful, very dangerous... things? I'm not sure what to call them. They wield the power to destroy the very foundations of consciousness independent of whether their target is human, mutant, alien.... god. They deconstruct the quantum information that constitutes one's consciousness. The remnants are shards they scatter across space-time geometry. A nightmare realm of twisted complexity not meant for the perception of man. If not for my understanding of quantum mechanics, my mind would have been completely destroyed".

"And if not for Catriona's repeated albeit unintentional interventions, I would not have managed to collect every bit of the physical information of my mind to return", he explained, unveiling their daughter's innocent involvement in his physical return. "I do not know exactly what these people look like, but one is a man, the other is a woman. Rarely are they ever far from one another. The male one, he spoke to me before tampering with my mind, he spoke of our evolutionary inferiority for being physical, organic beings. I believe this to be a new threat as opposed to it being either humans or mutants plotting against one another".

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Tolerantly allowing his daughter self-entertainment as she played atop his lap prior to her shifting back and forth between mother and father, Andres quietly listened to Mercy's voiced revelations, all the while attentively resting Catriona's head against his sculpted chest with fatherly affection, lovingly convincing her to remain static for the remainder of the conversation. His tame features were momentarily shifted by a disappointed but subtle downwards curl of the lips upon hearing of his brother's on-and-off relationships with various aspects of his moral character. Ellie's peregrination to the depths of the cosmos in search of him elicited an instinctive smile of sincere gratitude, though it harbored partial warmth, he and Ellie hardly communicated, though her actions were still greatly appreciated.

The corners of his mouth edged further upwards as his soon-to-be fiancee spoke of Antonia's corporate juggernaut, Avalon, and her ascension to the thrown of the entrepreneurial world, as well as the nuanced young woman's success in shielding his scientific legacy from tarnish. Her mention of Santiago Porthos however, was anticipated, he had entrusted Santiago with associating himself with whatever legacy he leaves behind should he ever perish. He was content to hear that his friend held true to their agreement. The subsequent revelations regarding the demise of both Charlemagne LeBeau and Anthony Stark drew pride from the White King, pride in his beloved Sheridan for her accomplishments. "You did well", he simply praised. His mind was in no condition to so readily engage in the exchange of quantum information from their respective consciousnesses, so he offered a terse reply.

One that wouldn't sully young Catriona's ears with tales not suited for ears of such innocence and youth. "As for my brother and the rest", an annoyed sigh escaping him, "I'll see to that later. I am content with what Antonia has managed, and I am pleased that Santi has done as I asked. And of course, I hope mi hermana returns soon. But my brother... I cannot be bothered with that for now. I have just returned. I want to spend time with my daughter, and my reina", he warmly smiled, intimately pulling his petite lover towards him by her hand.

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It was at the peak of his powers and social status that Andres perfected the art of carrying himself with a rather polarizing persona. That of an unbearably suave charmer when he desired, and that of a cold, and cerebral apex predator when necessary. All done to veil the authentic character of the compassionate, inherently altruistic person that he was from encompassing eyes. The sight of Jean, a once close friend, the brother of the woman he first ever truly loved, fallen and drowning in his own tears, the Debonair Don would have had to have been a monster to maintain his indifferent regalia. "Jean", though the patrician, resolute edge in his voice remained, there was an undertone of sympathy and empathy, "Don't weep so fitfully", he continued, presenting himself as a comforting character as he cordially sought to aid the broken White Knight to his feet.

"Have a seat with me, so that we may talk. There is much to tell you. These people present themselves as machines, cyborgs or androids. Though one of them may be exactly that, the other... I am not so sure", the Knightfall Don paused, referring to perplexing enigma that was Aphasic. "I do not know their names, nor do I know precisely what they look like, but the male one, he is the one that can destroy minds. I suspect that he is not a machine, at least not an entirely. He is something else. If anything, he is the one who may have shattered your sister's consciousness". Hoping to guide Jean to a neighboring seat, he continued. "You say you have fragments of her mind, si? If so, they must have used the same method they used when they sought to destroy my mind. Which suggests that she is not beyond saving".

"Shards of the quantum information that constitutes her consciousness are the remnants of her broken mind. I suspect that like mine once were, they have been scattered across the interwoven continuum of reality". There was a momentary pause as he glanced out the unblemished window to his right. Returning his gaze to Jean, Andres continued. "I have a family now, Jean. I am freshly returned from where your sister's shattered mind and soul reside. I do not intend to return to that place. I have a daughter to raise, and a fiancee that needs me as much as I need them. As smart as I am, and I am quite smart", he lightly jested, hoping to alleviate the atmospheric gloominess with some charismatic humor. "I cannot traverse space-time geometry without subjecting myself to them".

"I'm a polymath, not a specialist. There is someone however, who can. A very close friend of mine, another Spaniard. Santiago Porthos. There's no greater mind than his in the field of quantum mechanics. If there's anyone who can find Xandra's quantum shards and reconstruct them to bring her back, it is him. Go to him, ask him for assistance. Tell him that Andres sent you".

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The Knightfall Don's facial austerity nearly gave way to an egotistical smirk at a particular comment, 'overly grandiose mouth', it was an entertaining jab to say the least. His succinct amusement at the remark however, was internalized for pragmatism's sake. Calmly fitting both hands into his pockets, the Catalan earnestly met Jean's gaze. He would never make a point of trying to justify his past attempt on Alexandra's life, a violent overreaction on his part to her betrayal. A reaction he has come to quietly regret. "Hm", an amused release just above a relaxed chuckle escaped his diamond-cut physique, "So, are you done?", he rhetorically inquired with a calm, terse raise of his left brow. "No I didn't make another on her life. Though I once did, and you know quite a bit about it, as does everyone. Not my proudest moment but I don't care about the past", nonchalantly dismissing the relevancy of his murderous conflict with Alexandra. "But I do care about Alexandra".

"Hush now, nino", he quickly uttered, verbally preventing any potentially attempted interjection from the White Knight. "I'm sure it pains you to hear this, especially considering that I've tried to kill her at one point but I care about your sister. Very much. I don't love her, not at all anymore, but she's still someone that was once dear to me. I'm not the same man I was when we last spoke", he coolly affirmed, "In any case, I'm still alive because I'm always one step ahead of everyone", the casualness of his statement accompanied a factual implication, indeed he usually was one step ahead of everyone. "No, I'm not in the league with them. Why on Earth would I be in league with the people that nearly killed me and are actively targeting both my daughter and my fiancee?", he'd yet to propose to Mercy but in time he would. "Now then, what's this about Alexandra's disappearance?".

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There was an immediate sensory alert, electro-perception detecting the muscularly generated electric fields from a familiar individual, Jean. The Knightfall was quick to react in his characteristic fashion, with cultured poise and regalia, his features expressing no alarm. He'd seen many a strange and unexpected thing in his life, a ghost from his past, even Jean, wouldn't disarm his psychological disposition. "Jean", Andres began with magisterial composure, "You'd be wise not to do that", he sternly warned, having mentally prepared a counter for the indignant sibling of his former flame. As the White Knight came forward, the Knightfall Don, having always prided himself as the globe's premier grappler, sought to quickly wrap his arm over the lunging gentleman and across his back, hooking him by the armpit area with his hand close to his body while quickly twisting his hips away as he intends to lean Jean forward with a grip.

Hoping to culminate the maneuver by hooking his leg behind Jean's and dynamically kicking his hooked leg backwards and up, the herculean Knightfall would move to attempt to lift the White Knight's hips above his head, using the torque from his upper-body to execute a powerful Judo counter-throw, the Uchi-Mata, intent on plummeting his former friend to the ground. Independent of success or failure, Andres retained calmness, straightening his premier silk tie, denim blue eyes earnestly gazing upon Jean. "We've already been through this", following the tumultuous conclusion to his relationship with Alexandra, he had spoken to both Jean and Scorn, he had assumed that incidents of this sort could be avoided. He and Alexandra while having never truly reconciled, no longer sought the other's death towards their final encounter. "As angry as you still are for what happened, my past with your sister no longer concerns me. She and I never truly reconciled but we had settled our differences, somewhat peacefully".

"So, will you be able to conduct yourself with some civility? Because I'd rather take my leave than have to harm you. I've no quarrel with you". At least not anymore.

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The Hellfire Club was an organization that had an everlasting role in the Catalan Connoisseur's life. With his herculean frame perfectly garnished in the sartorial debonairness of an onyx, three-piece Dolce & Gabbana Martini Suit, Don Andres set foot inside the ostentatious establishment, the fragrant lavender and lemon notes of Lacoste Challenge aromatically heralded the return of the organization's reputed White King. Hands coolly fitted inside his pockets, a posture of aristocratic poise and patrician style effortlessly exuding from his highborn person, the Knightfall Don's charming, denim blue eyes quietly surveyed his encompassment, a rapid sequence of memories blitzing his mind. From his treasured yet toxic romance with Alexandra Steele to his succinct fling with Valerie Huntington, and the Hellfire Club's eventual collapse, it all reminded him of a life prior to the birth of his daughter, Catriona. And prior to falling in love with Mercy.

Guiding himself towards the upscale VIP section, the august a-lister issued a subtle, respectful nod of acknowledgement in the direction of his nonchalant, self-interested close friend Santiago, garnering a quick, electrifying wink from the Madridista. Venturing deeper, Andres settled on a red-velvet covered chair, instinctively assuming a posture dripping with his characteristic wellborn style and blue-blooded panache, a smile of devilish contentment curling on his Adonis-esque features as he fully immersed his person in the club's lavish atmosphere, unaware of the impending encounter to be had with a ghost from his past.