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There were generally a wide variety of things that Andres could claim to know the intricacies of. Santiago's mind was unfortunately, not one of those things. An impenetrable barrier often using selective disinformation as a ruse was what it was. "I believe he knows something I don't", and indeed he did. The White King harbored no knowledge of a time-traveling Catriona in the presence, Santiago however did. Alexandra's expressed surprise was almost tangible, though he opted against acknowledging it, and conducted himself with further poise. "Quite lucky indeed", a smile of blue-blooded pride subtly decorated his august visage. Concluding the succinct handshake, an almost devilish element crept into his smile, "I never said anything about forgiveness", he reminded somewhat playfully.

"After this fiasco with the Third Society is over, I'm going to leave this planet, forever. I'm going to take my family with me, and we'll start a life elsewhere. I've grown tired of the nonsense that plagues my siblings and this entire world. Very tired. I've cared quite a bit about this world, and I always will, but it's exhausting. I want to raise my daughter in a place of peace, and live the remainder of my years with my soulmate", he confessed. "Should I ever be needed here again, I'll return from time to time of course, but this is quite possibly the last time we will ever see one another".

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Muting himself so as to allow the psionic seductress to speak without disruption, Andres brought his glass towards his lips, indulging in the occasional sip from time to time, though his countenance betrayed no emotion as Doctor Steele voiced all that motivated her to seek him out. It wasn't for a lack of empathy, the Knightfall Don was a tenderhearted man at his very core, though his tumultuous past with the psychiatrist prevented him, for the most part, for being anything greater than a civil gentleman. "Well, first of all, thank you", he quipped in response to her jesting applause regarding his escape from the Third Society, a tame smile curling as he continued, tersely touching on the subject of Santiago Porthos, "He's a good man", and a very close friend.

"To be honest, Alexandra, I asked Santiago to maintain my anonymity only to prevent... this encounter from taking place", he confessed, "I couldn't allow those things to be on their merry way with your mind. If I'm being sincere, I do truly care about you, but I didn't want to see you again", there was an almost unapologetic character to his words, one that gave way to the emergence of an amicable smile as he now conducted himself with affability. "But I suppose I should have thought of that prior to helping the others restore you. As for why Santiago wants me to remain anonymous after my original intention failed, only he knows. I do have a family now, a daughter, and a fiancee", he nodded, "I can see the two of you hitting it off. In any case, if we're burying the hatchet, I'd like for the two of us to be friends", Andres paused, kindly extending his right hand forward, "To a new beginning?".

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Pouring himself a glass of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label scotch whiskey, the Ermenegildo Zegna-clad White King indulged in a temperate sip of the premier alcoholic beverage. And for a moment he reminisced of his joint discovery of the cosmopolitan brand with Santiago Porthos during their teenage years. Fond memories drew a tame smile on his flawless features, a smile that was quick to dissipate, yielding to the emergence of a raised brows and an overall expression of shock in response to his electro-perception's detection of a dangerously familiar bio-electric field. Surely it couldn't have been Alexandra. But it was, and strangely, for a man who has bore witness to the most perplexing events in the universe, it was the unanticipated reemergence of an ex-lover that most disarmed him.

The Knightfall Don was however, in characteristic self-mastered fashion, was quick to regain his poise and legendary composure. Conducting himself with a highborn, patrician flair and inherent regalia, he turned to greet the returning Psyentist with a cordial inclination of the head, his resolute voice addressing her, "Alexandra", his civil, denim blue gaze meeting hers, patiently awaiting the revelation of the purpose behind her appearance.

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It seemed that the entire world was at a loss, collectively clueless regarding how the United States fell to the touch of Clarice's scheming fingertips. This uncertainty alarmed the Martial Arts Einstein, at least internally. Governing himself with a disposition of poise, his concern was evident only in the growing austerity of his features' expression, "It seems that no person on this planet but Clarice truly knows". An abundance of investigations had commenced, those who sought to uncover some potential political fiasco would never rest. There was little logical inconsistency in how Clarice, a novice politician could have possibly amassed the necessary votes. "The woman isn't even a politician. Or perhaps she is, and we simply didn't know it".

"In any case", issuing an expressively assuring nod, Andres extended his hand towards the Venezuelan Monarch, "Of course, my friend". Xenon was one of his best friends, there were few people he would not jointly oppose if it meant assisting his dear comrade.

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@valerie_huntington: @mercy_:

Issuing an affirming nod in accordance with Mercy's clarification that their enemy, the Third Society were neither men nor women, Don Andres civilly meet Valerie's eyes, his right hand instinctively resting atop Mercy's with doting affection, "She's right. They are not men, or women for that matter. Though they may occasionally choose to appear as that, they are... things, machines if one wants the conventional explanation". The Sanguine's subsequent revelation of the juggernaut-like collective being formed by Santiago Porthos to confront this rampant synthetic menace was accompanied by elaborating words from the Knightfall Don. "A friend of mine, Santiago Porthos, has gathered a potent squad with members blessed with talents specifically tailored for doing battle with a threat of this kind".

"He'll require monetary resources from all three of us to construct what he needs to exploit our enemy's greatest vulnerability", Andres continued, primarily engaging the White Queen in conversation, innately aware of Mercy's intimate knowledge of the situation given her unrestricted access to his mind. "They're ability to destroy any minds rests in their ability to violently transport a victim's consciousness to space-time geometry. That is where they are both at their most powerful and their weakest. In essence, when one decides to traverse the fabric of space-time, one becomes exposed to space-time's principal vulnerability to gravity". While not reputed for her scientific virtuosity, Valerie was an intelligent woman who he assumed could foresee why monetary resources from all three of them were required.

"Whatever Santiago intends to construct is something that will focus a very powerful amount of gravitation at specific points in space-time, distorting the space and slowing down the time as a topological curve forms in it's geometry, continuously curving until a circle forms, a wormhole which will transport our enemy from their safe haven to us here, in the physical world. These payasos are not physical fighters. Here in the physical world they will realize that it is ours to do with as we please". Smiling in response to Mercy's expectant grin, the Knightfall Adonis's left hand reached into his pocket, emerging with a midnight blue ring case, "But of course, mi amor", intimately meeting her scintillating gaze as he genteelly slips a Helzberg Diamonds Symphonies Mosaica 2 ring into her finer, it's diamond center and sixty four round brilliant cut diamonds shimmering incandescently.

With a gallant hold over her delicately manicured hand, Andres urbanely lowered to a single knee, his denim blue gaze never wavering from hers, his resolute voice softening as it always does in their most tenderhearted moments, "Mercy Sheridan. You are my best friend and the only woman I can envision spending an eternity with. I can't put into words how much you mean to me. But I'll try", he began, "I've gazed upon the world from the surface of the moon. I've seen snowfall from the most beautiful peaks. I've even seen the birth of stars. But nothing truly captivates me, amazes me the way you have, and always will. I'm a scientist, by nature I should not believe in miracles, but when we're alone and our gazes meet, I truly believe that I'm seeing one. Mercy Sheridan, mi reina, will you marry me?".

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Greeting Xenon's atmospherically lightening jest with a relaxed specter of a laugh, the Catalan Connoisseur reciprocated the civil gesture of an outstretched hand, extending his forward, engaging in a firm, familiar handshake between reunited comrades. The frigid winds and pelting snow of the pure white terrain offered no mitigation to the amicable nature of the encounter. "Too long. I missed what's nearly a year's worth of events". Mercy had been alone for eleven months or so, their beloved daughter was nearly a year of age, there was much he had missed during his unintentional absence. "But now I've returned and I don't intend to allow myself another similar absence. Not without taking my family with me first", there was an underlying implication to his statement.

Several times since his physical resurrection, the Knightfall Don had considered departing this dreadful planet with Mercy and his daughter, taking them with him to spend the remainder of their years in a different planetary setting, isolated from the conflicts of his native planet and family. That was until Clarice was elected president. During his absence, an ill-equipped politician was allowed to run the United States into the ground. And with a rather vocal anti-mutant sociopath for president this time, he simply couldn't remain impassive. "Xenon, I truly wish this encounter was so that we could catch up with one another, but clearly it isn't. Otherwise I'd have met you in Venezuela and not here", gesturing towards the inhospitable, snow-kissed landscape of the Arctic Circle.

"I've a very important question that only the king of one of the world's most powerful nations can answer. How is Clarice Pierce the United States President?".

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@thunderbolt: Hahahahaha I swear I lost it when you admitted to wanting to call someone puta IC.