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For a moment, Andres taciturnly considered Quintus' words, breaking down their implicit implications and explicit indications towards the motivations and rationale of his brother's socially chastised ideology. An ideology that can facilely be dismissed as radical, though it's unsettling truth was it's internal logical consistency. In essence, it made perfect sense given their present circumstance, that the Knightfall Don was willing to, at least internally, concede. Maintaining the patrician formality and highborn flair of his person, Andres' countenance betrayed no discernible recognition of Quintus' proposal that along with the guerrilla assistance from Cassius, the more economical Knightfall sibling, they would have at their very fingertips the tactical foundation required to seize the world government by the throat.

"Your infamy has cultivated the image of a dangerous man. Not because of your martial prowess or manipulative talents or any tangible attribute really", the Catalan Cobra continued, earnestly meeting the Living Weapon's gaze with the inborn poise that seemed to genetically impart itself in every Knightfall. "People, the more intelligent ones at least, believe you to be exceptionally dangerous because you have an ideology, one that is emancipated from the traditional moral confines of an ethically acceptable ideology in favor of militant practicality. A man with an ideology as an incentive is quite dangerous, wouldn't you say?", Andres paused, succinctly raising his left eyebrow with expressed inquisitiveness. "Because ideas cannot be destroyed. Followers of ideas may perish or be slain but that never seems to mitigate the idea's existence, in fact in most cases it rouses many to adhere to it".

"Your intelligent critics believe you to be the most dangerous man alive because you're filled of conviction yes, but primarily because of your messiah complex. Because you believe yourself or your family to be uniquely positioned to bring forth a radical change. And a messiah is dangerous, is he not? A messiah doesn't have followers, a messiah has fanatics. But you're no simple messiah, are you brother? You're a warrior prophet of a new dawn. And as all fanatics, they aspire to be like their messiah. The fanatics of a warrior prophet will aspire to do what their messiah does, bring change even if through violence. That you are almost deified by sections of the mutant community frightens the United States President. Tis why she is endorsing the slaughter of mutants on her very streets".

"Because once one is deified, they have the power to do whatever it is they please without having to justify their actions. This is why they believe you to be dangerous. Because they believe that you do not truly believe in your own ideology, they believe that you seek what all of history's messiahs seem to always seek, power", Andres paused. "Whether or not that is true remains to be seen but one certainty is that this fear of Quintus Knightfall seems to fog their sense of reason from realizing that you're an integral variable to the solution to this anti-mutant phobia. I'm not here to prevent you from doing what must be done once Clarice is dead. I'm here to ensure that the reunion of Cassius, Quintus and Andres will herald an era that evolution has been singing about for years. That this planet is ours to inherit".

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Quintus' logical, albeit jocose suggestion that the Knightfall was an indestructible lineage was met with partial confirmation from the reputed White King, "It does seem to be case, doesn't it?", he inquired rhetorically, arms folded behind his back with magisterial poise, his proud, flawless countenance beautified by his highborn comeliness and the curl of a genuine but all the same, tame smile in response to his brother's offering gesture. "A glass of Blue Label would be fine", Andres continued, his approaching footsteps and overall patrician posture cultivated the tangible aura of a man dripping with conviction, motivated by the incentive of an ambitious goal as opposed to tenderhearted familial intention.

"Thank you, I'd return the compliment but you most likely already knew that", employing his charismatic conversational savoir-faire to deplete the atmosphere's austerity with disarming humor, Andres paused, his denim blue gaze coolly surveying the various selections of premier alcoholic beverages ostentatiously popping from behind the infamous Living Weapon. Finally, the calculating, analytical eyes of a patient predator settled on Quintus', a subtle smile of subtle mystique and devilish intent festooning his visage, "Many have dismissed your methods, and of course your objectives as too radical from an ideological standpoint", including himself at one point, "Though it seems that your mentality was conductive to mutant-kind's survival", the XNA-Hominid paused.

"I'm here to offer you, my assistance... or partnership to be more precise. The United States President, her anti-mutant sentiments have painted her as my biggest target".

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"Hm", a quiet chuckle escaped him at her haughty response, "That sounds similar to something Santiago would say about himself", he smiled, almost entertained by the paralleling cockiness flaunted by both the Black Viper and the Psyentist. "You want to maintain the institution's affiliation with the Hellfire Club?", Andres inquired, nearly pinching the bridge of his nose in mild irritation with the idea. The Hellfire Club was symbolic of his violent conflict with this very woman, he'd rather not acknowledge any sort of affiliation between the two. She no longer meant anything to him in a purely romantic sense, no whatever tender sentiments he may have had for her were eclipsed by his overpowering affection for Mercy.

Though still, completely disregarding the indignation that their past once roused in him was no easy task, even for the Knightfall Don. Fortunately, he was willing to remain reasonable. "I'll keep that request under heavy consideration, though I'll promise nothing for now, Alexandra", he paused, earnestly meeting her gaze, "Good luck", his desire for her future fortunate was despite the underlying tension between them, sincere.

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A quiet but civilly audible laughed escaped his dapper person, heralding his genuine albeit jesting recognition of her fortuitous spirit, "Well, you are certainly more hopeful than I. Perhaps your optimism for what this world could be should your daughter succeed is greater than mine", the Catalan Don paused, momentarily shifting his eyes from the former Hellfire Monarch, allowing their denim blue gaze to rest on the beauteous features of a neighboring painting, admiring the artistry in the painting's incorporation of the classical sfumato Renaissance model, though loathing it for it's incomplete, artistic subtleties that diminished what could have been a piece of visual aestheticism without flaw. Mentally, he likened the painting to the planet he had opted to forsake, and himself to the artist that was unable to complete the work of art.

It was interesting. The artist may have voluntarily opted against finishing the project, or perhaps he succumbed to some physical disability that somberly stripped him of his ability to create renown masterpieces. Andres however, was still in possession of his talents, his ability to shape the world much like an artist does a painting or sculpture. A simple glance at the painting incited an enlightening realization, he couldn't abandon his work of art, his planet, not yet at least. "You may be right. I still have things that I need to take care of on this planet before I leave". Returning his gaze to hers, a knowing smile overcame his visage at her response regarding the innocents caught in the crossfire of his past conflict with Alexandra. "No, I know what I'll do".

"Not simply for the families of those who died in your academy or even you for that matter, but for the mutant race at large", he continued, "I can't help you rebuild your school though. All of my monetary resources are going into Santiago's gravitational weapon to be used against the Third Society", such a technological innovation would indeed require billions upon billions of dollars to construct, it was no facile task. "What I will do however, is everything in my power to remove that anti-mutant bitch as this nation's president".

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Though he would never admit it verbally, Andres couldn't help but agree with the Psyentist's assessment of the attributes that aggrandize Santiago's inherent magnetism. And so all the proud Catalan managed was a taciturn smile of agreement, his friend was a fascinating character, if perhaps a little nuanced. Addressing the topic of his imminent departure from what he believed to be a planet forsaken by any semblance of decency, Don Andres informed Alexandra on the subject. While they weren't exactly the best of friends, he couldn't deny that she was still an important person to him. "She's open to it. As for where I'll go, that remains to be seen. I want a gentle environment where I won't have to routinely prevent the people I care about from dying or indulging in like-risking acts of stupidity".

"I love my family. I love my daughter, I love my fiancee, more than anything. For them, I'm willing to leave all of this behind to start a new, better life with them". He continued, "If things go as planned, I'll leave after the Third Society is defeated. Or perhaps I might wait to see if I can orchestrate Clarice Michelle's impeachment", less than pleased with the United Sates' elected president's anti-mutant sentiments, the Catalan knew no other alternative but to do battle for his people. In that moment, the realization came. This might very well be the last time the two will share a conversation, and the innate emotion of the situation was of enough power to dissolve even Andres' meticulously crafted persona of a cold, calculating predator.

Sighing, a more sincere tone overtook his voice. "It's far too late but for what it's worth Alexandra, I'm sorry. For everything".

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There were generally a wide variety of things that Andres could claim to know the intricacies of. Santiago's mind was unfortunately, not one of those things. An impenetrable barrier often using selective disinformation as a ruse was what it was. "I believe he knows something I don't", and indeed he did. The White King harbored no knowledge of a time-traveling Catriona in the presence, Santiago however did. Alexandra's expressed surprise was almost tangible, though he opted against acknowledging it, and conducted himself with further poise. "Quite lucky indeed", a smile of blue-blooded pride subtly decorated his august visage. Concluding the succinct handshake, an almost devilish element crept into his smile, "I never said anything about forgiveness", he reminded somewhat playfully.

"After this fiasco with the Third Society is over, I'm going to leave this planet, forever. I'm going to take my family with me, and we'll start a life elsewhere. I've grown tired of the nonsense that plagues my siblings and this entire world. Very tired. I've cared quite a bit about this world, and I always will, but it's exhausting. I want to raise my daughter in a place of peace, and live the remainder of my years with my soulmate", he confessed. "Should I ever be needed here again, I'll return from time to time of course, but this is quite possibly the last time we will ever see one another".

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Muting himself so as to allow the psionic seductress to speak without disruption, Andres brought his glass towards his lips, indulging in the occasional sip from time to time, though his countenance betrayed no emotion as Doctor Steele voiced all that motivated her to seek him out. It wasn't for a lack of empathy, the Knightfall Don was a tenderhearted man at his very core, though his tumultuous past with the psychiatrist prevented him, for the most part, for being anything greater than a civil gentleman. "Well, first of all, thank you", he quipped in response to her jesting applause regarding his escape from the Third Society, a tame smile curling as he continued, tersely touching on the subject of Santiago Porthos, "He's a good man", and a very close friend.

"To be honest, Alexandra, I asked Santiago to maintain my anonymity only to prevent... this encounter from taking place", he confessed, "I couldn't allow those things to be on their merry way with your mind. If I'm being sincere, I do truly care about you, but I didn't want to see you again", there was an almost unapologetic character to his words, one that gave way to the emergence of an amicable smile as he now conducted himself with affability. "But I suppose I should have thought of that prior to helping the others restore you. As for why Santiago wants me to remain anonymous after my original intention failed, only he knows. I do have a family now, a daughter, and a fiancee", he nodded, "I can see the two of you hitting it off. In any case, if we're burying the hatchet, I'd like for the two of us to be friends", Andres paused, kindly extending his right hand forward, "To a new beginning?".

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Pouring himself a glass of Johnnie Walker's Blue Label scotch whiskey, the Ermenegildo Zegna-clad White King indulged in a temperate sip of the premier alcoholic beverage. And for a moment he reminisced of his joint discovery of the cosmopolitan brand with Santiago Porthos during their teenage years. Fond memories drew a tame smile on his flawless features, a smile that was quick to dissipate, yielding to the emergence of a raised brows and an overall expression of shock in response to his electro-perception's detection of a dangerously familiar bio-electric field. Surely it couldn't have been Alexandra. But it was, and strangely, for a man who has bore witness to the most perplexing events in the universe, it was the unanticipated reemergence of an ex-lover that most disarmed him.

The Knightfall Don was however, in characteristic self-mastered fashion, was quick to regain his poise and legendary composure. Conducting himself with a highborn, patrician flair and inherent regalia, he turned to greet the returning Psyentist with a cordial inclination of the head, his resolute voice addressing her, "Alexandra", his civil, denim blue gaze meeting hers, patiently awaiting the revelation of the purpose behind her appearance.

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It seemed that the entire world was at a loss, collectively clueless regarding how the United States fell to the touch of Clarice's scheming fingertips. This uncertainty alarmed the Martial Arts Einstein, at least internally. Governing himself with a disposition of poise, his concern was evident only in the growing austerity of his features' expression, "It seems that no person on this planet but Clarice truly knows". An abundance of investigations had commenced, those who sought to uncover some potential political fiasco would never rest. There was little logical inconsistency in how Clarice, a novice politician could have possibly amassed the necessary votes. "The woman isn't even a politician. Or perhaps she is, and we simply didn't know it".

"In any case", issuing an expressively assuring nod, Andres extended his hand towards the Venezuelan Monarch, "Of course, my friend". Xenon was one of his best friends, there were few people he would not jointly oppose if it meant assisting his dear comrade.