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"Perfection is a simple thing. Glorified by the unremarkable"

The Knightfall Don

Real Name: Andres Maio Knightfall

Aliases: Knightfall A-Lister, Knightfall Adonis, Paragon of Perfection, Saint Andres, Don Andres, Rey Blanco, The Don, Martial Arts Don, Martial Arts Savant, White King, Catalan Connoisseur, Martial Arts Einstein, Knightfall Einstein, Knightfall Don

Alignment: Byronic Hero

Height: 6'5"

Age: 30

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Denim Blue

Affiliation: The Knightfalls, The Hellfire Club

Species: XNA-Hominid

Birthplace: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Orientation: Heterosexual

Identity: Public

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Male

Family: Ricardo Knightfall (Non-Biological Father), Luana Knightfall (Mother), Quintus (Brother), Cassius (Brother), Ellie (Sister), Faatina (Sister), Jayden (Biological Father), Catriona (Daughter)

Occupation: White King of the Hellfire Club, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Scientist, Business Magnate

The Don of Martial Artistry

--Among the globe's greatest combat purists and martial artists, Andres' everlasting thirst for the potential development into the pinnacle of martial arts perfection contributed to his ascension into one of the most technically gifted combatants in documented history. Immersed in an intensive and obsessive pursuit of martial knowledge, the Catalan has, through years of extensive combat training, meticulously molded himself into one of the world's most lethal fighters, harnessing a plethora of skills and adopting more practical incarnations of said skills into his repertoire. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Andres' cabalistic escapades have had him obtain an overpowering quantity of knowledge ranging from the all of the globe's modern fighting systems to fighting styles of esoteric and mythical status.

Pragmatic in his approach, Andres often discards unnecessary elements and ritualistic practices from his arsenal of mastered combat forms, particularly those of ancient origins, preferring to forsake archaic forms and techniques in appreciation of added effectiveness and the maximization of practicality. The sheer diversity of styles and fighting systems in his martial repertoire encompasses martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo, Freestyle Wrestling, Sambo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Savate, Canarian Wrestling, La Destreza, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Juego del Palo, Shurikenjutsu, Gatka, Musti-Yuddha, Kyokushin, Shorin-ryu Shidokan, Pankration, Tang Soo Do etc.

Hardly ever relying on a solitary style of combat, a complimentary amalgamation of several of his mastered styles involving fluid transitions from martial art to martial art, selecting the most appropriate fighting style depending on the opponent and the circumstance is instead exercised. For example, against a shorter adversary, Andres is likely to make use of his superior reach and height to control the bout's distance and pace with jabs and oblique kicks to the lead leg's knee, preventing the opponent from closing the distance and getting within range. Should an opponent surmount this approach and get within range, the Don then transitions to lacerating elbow strikes and employs a combination of his Judo and Muay Thai clinch to control the opponent for a potential throw, toss or trip, or a barrage of knees to the body or head. A secondary approach would entail the White King's implementing dexterous counter-striking with crisp footwork, frustrating the adversary with false retreats and intercepting jabs or left straights while nimbly angling out as he peppers them with unorthodox combinations.

Generally, against diminutive adversaries, his stance is upright with both hands somewhat lowered with his chin mildly tucked, his head leaning back along with his body. When facing taller opponents however, he approaches with prowling aggression, making use of the superior striking power afforded by strikes that emerge from a lower position as he swarms the opponent. A fighter capable of switching from orthodox to southpaw and a masterful employer of feints, Andres is identified as one of the most dexterous, trickiest fighters in history. Against southpaws, he particularly enjoys circling while executing left jabs and feints to lure them into powerful right hooks and crosses. Equally skilled in both armed and unarmed fighting styles, Andres' most defining mastery is over his own self-taught fighting styles--

Grappling: Judo

Exceptionally tall, and physically powerful in the clinch, though harboring a preference for refined technique over sheer power, no grappling art is as compatible with the Martial Arts Don as Judo. Refusing to craft himself into a crude wrestling-geared incarnation of a judoka whose trump card is frightening power, Andres instead relies on exceptional technique. The mechanics of his throws are superlative and harbor no errors, enabling him to chain his attacks for the consistent targeting and pressuring of his adversaries' 'weak planes'. This best showcased in his ability to consistently employ the uchimata (along with other hip throws) as some of his primary takedowns when in combat. Generally exposing one's back in a bout is dangerous however, because of his combinations, adversaries attempting to grapple him from behind find it a laborious task.

The Don's uchimata/kouchi/ouchi combination remains one of his most dominant attacks, particularly against those unfamiliar with either Judo or wrestling. His unparalleled prowess is further aggrandized when combined with his awareness of the movement of weak planes all about him which enables him to execute powerful throws to the correct plane when opponents attempt to circle or replant after being locked in a clinch battle with him. With a brand of elusive speed, the Knightfall A-Lister can jab an adversary with the kouchi/ouchi to probe where the weak plane is moving so that he may commit to the most appropriate throw. Another one of his Judo style's major tools is head control. Should a grappling bout ensue, one of Andres' priorities is to secure a tie up of the head to mimic his left handed judo grips. Once he grabs the opponent's head, his right hand begins to quickly switch between wrist control, knee picks, or an underhook depending on his adversary's reaction.

His environmental awareness is also complimentary attribute, allowing him to expertly back up a fleeing opponent into a wall or physical barrier from where Andres can transition into his most potent and appropriate grip. Often when having successfully forced an opponent's back against a wall or some kind of physical structure, he tends to employ a left hand head tie and an underhook on the right which renders a transition into his hip throw/kouchi setup a virtually effortless endeavor. The Don's repertoire however, is not limited to powerful hip and shoulder throws. A versatile judoka, the sweeps, reaps and trips that serve as his ashi-waza's constituents are also core elements of his Judo form due to the focus on timing and misdirection necessary to master them. Though one can pinpoint to the success of Andres' takedowns as a function of how exceptionally strong he is, his is a style as mentioned before, that emphasizes refined technique.

Though the amount of raw power he may impart into his attacks do benevolently lend their assistance, they are fundamentally reliant on his unparalleled skill, timing and misdirection.

--Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi (支釣込足)--

One of his most commonly employed throws, the Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi has been crafted into a throw that the Knightfall Adonis utilizes from a variety of different scenarios. Generally, Andres steps forward and to the right, makes use of his hands to drive the forward momentum of the opponent forward, slightly upwards and to their (the opponent's) right. The Don's left foot is then used to intercept the adversary's right ankle so their upper body maintains movement while the legs come to a halt. Typically, Andres enjoys exploiting some form of deception in successfully executing the throw. One of his most preferred methods is by securing a right underhook while his left hand holds either the elbow or triceps of the adversary. Capitalizing on the underhook, Andres begins turning the opponent into a wall or some form of physical structure.

By perfectly timing the opponent's certain resistance to this movement and misdirecting them into balancing towards his right side, Andres then does as the opponent desires and alters his direction, using both hands to drive the adversary up and to the right while his right foot blocks the adversary's left foot from moving. With momentum having nowhere to go, the opponent is sent flying in a cleverly executed Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi throw. Another method of executing the throw is when he and his opponent both have right collar ties on one another. In such a scenario, the Knightfall Don leans into the adversary and pushes them back. This causes the opponent to lean back into him with their upper body while leaving their hips back in an attempt to either execute a knee or the more likely chance of not wanting to get hip tossed. Andres exploits this pressure by stepping slightly outside on his left leg and following by using both hands to project his adversary forward, upwards and to the right where his right foot would halt the movements of the opponent's left ankle, causing the momentum to spill his adversary onto the floor.

This mentioned variation is particularly versatile because while it can be used to take the opponent down, it can also be employed as a method of breaking up the adversary's posture and transposing the momentum of a bout into his hands.

--Kosoto-Gake (小外掛)--

The purpose behind this technique is to enable the thrower to hook their foot behind the adversary's ankle and pull it forward while using both hands to push their upper body backward. Andresintimate comprehension of this technique's mechanics is reliant on his understanding of a fundamental law that applies to most Judo-based throws, which is that in order for a throw to be successful, one first requires a reaction from the opponents. The Knightfall Adonis draws an exploitable reaction from an opponent through a variety of ways, but none more common than by striking. With a right underhook on the opponent and his left hand resting on their shoulder, Andres first makes use of his left hand to grab the opponent's traps and bend them over into a strong knee to the body.

This causes the opponent anticipate another knee, and thus they brace themselves and shift their weight onto their left leg in this scenario. Upon sensing this, Andres takes a step bringing his right leg right next to the adversary's left leg, using his right hand to secure a deep grip around the opponent's back and then drive them further over the leg they are already leaning on by using his left hand while hooking and pulling away the left leg with his right foot. With no posture and balance, the opponent is sent straight into the ground with the throw additionally rendering Andres ripe for landing in side control, one of the most advantageous ground fighting positions.

--Tai-Otoshi (体落)--

Another of the countless throws in Andres' Judo arsenal, the Tai-Otoshi like the aforementioned throws, is dependent on the forward momentum from his opponent. It is different however, in the sense that the Knightfall Don exploits it by stepping outside the adversary's feet, using the opponent's hands to pull them forward and then blocking the forward motion of their legs while his hands pull them over and onto their backs. The throw can be implemented from one of Andres' most preferred clinch fighting positions. With a right underhook and a left hand on the adversary's triceps, Andres beguiles the opponent into leaning forward in the clinch. This allows the Knightfall Adonis to spin while using the underhook and his left-handed triceps grip to impart greater momentum in the direction his opponent is already leaning.

The throw is culminated by Andres stretching his right foot across to block the adversary's movement, successfully enabling him to wheel his opponent over for a superlative throw.

--Shoulder Lock--

One of the oldest and most universal grappling techniques, the shoulder lock is taught in a variety of disciplines ranging from dagger fighting and modern wrestling systems to traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu styles, and can be applied both from standing and grounded positions. Simple in execution, the shoulder lock can be considered a counter to an underhook. Should an opponent secure an underhook, Andres brings his arm over and around to lock in an extremely tight overhook. Sliding his grip down to the opponent's elbow, the Don brings it up and in, torquing on the shoulder. The attack can injure the adversary's shoulder and effectively reduce their power in the targeted arm.

Striking: Boxing

Much like the majority of his fighting styles, Andres' rendition of boxing is in essence, a masterclass. However, it is specifically a masterclass on the most fundamental punch, the king of punches, the jab. Though it shares similarities to other boxing approaches in it's extensive use of the jab and an unorthodox, dangerously effective application of the punch, Andres' style is unique in it's penchant for versatility. Though boasting a formula revolving around the jab, a tall fighter's preferred weapon, this style places a greater emphasis in making use of power punches as well as unpredictable combinations that catch the opponent off guard.

Standing at 6 feet 5 inches in height, the Don is a very tall fighter, very rarely ever encountering anyone of similar stature, and only twice doing battle with a taller adversary. His 81.5 inch reach coupled with his height and combat dexterity render him a laborious adversary to get within range of. An undisputed master martial artist, his ungodly prowess and intellectual understanding of the various components of combat allow him to make use of his physical advantages to craft himself into a frustratingly difficult adversary to engage in a striking match as well as a grappling bout. However, remaining true to his unparalleled boxing pedigree, the Catalan has developed a calculating, merciless style of boxing designed to maximize his physical gifts and Fight IQ.

Jabs by definition, are not power punches. A jab's fundamental purpose is to establish range, control the distance, and set up combinations. And though Andres makes use of the jab to set up his iconic brand brutal bodywork and monstrous power shots from the outside, the jab itself is used by the Catalan to strike with power. Often, he makes use of the jab not unlike a fencer does a blade. His jabs lunge forward with the objective of legitimately hurting and disrupting his adversaries. The target is of little importance. Though the head is the preferred target followed by the body, the shoulder and even hands of the opponent are targets as his jab seeks to disturb the opponent's rhythm while paving the way for a forthcoming power punch... another jab.

As highlighted before, the jab is by no means meant to be a power punch, however, Andres' stiff jab certainly feels like one. This is all due to his positioning and timing. Prior to executing a stiff jab (which he enjoys using as a counter), the Catalan lines his lead foot up with his adversary's center line. He squares himself up with his hands by his eyebrows, and below on the ground between his hands is his left foot. Wherever his left foot points, the jab will land with power.

--Stiff Counter & Perpetual Jabbing--

As previously mentioned, the Knightfall Adonis enjoys using his dubbed 'power jabs' as lethal counters. This is when his timing is best illustrated. It is regularly used as a counter to a left hook by an opponent. As the adversary drops elevation to step forward with a left hook, upon seeing the wind-up motion, the White King thrusts his jab straight out from his cheek while taking a deep step forward to complete the counter. The quantity of force and power behind the stiff jab is often enough to knock opponents down. Andres' counter jabs send a clear message to his opposition.

That lunging forward against him is deliberate suicide, and that he will be the one to take the bout to the inside should he want to. Though the power behind his jabs is abnormal, it is also in part due to his superior muscular tissue and his blistering speed. However, his jab is still a jab, it is not a straight left, it is but a jab, efficient, quick, and safe. However, the stiffness and hardness of his jabs are reminiscent of the force of power punches. An important element to note is that Andres' jab is not a one-off. He is facilely capable of pumping that very same jab even while moving his feet, changing range and angles with impeccable dexterity.

--Different Angles--

Integral to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Knightfall Don's punches are their trajectory. There is a common misconception regarding fighting that emphasizes it's occurrence on only a side-to-side plane, while disregarding the key role that upward and downward movement plays. This style of boxing stresses that Andres build his game around threatening and landing punches from a diverse variety of angles. At times, he tags his opponents with a jab from below. Often, he carries left hands at the chest or even lower during a bout, and this serves a purpose.

When cracking an opponent's head up and back with a jab, he allows the opponent to narrowly discern from where the punch had come from, catching them off guard with a right hand executed from a completely different angle. Known as the 'downward right hand', it sacrifices a disadvantage for an advantage. Throwing downward punches lessen the power behind them, but instead allows the fighter to ceaselessly threaten a different angle of attack. An iconic combination of his adopts this philosophy. The jab catches the opponent from below, the right hand from above, and a left hook from a lower angle.

--Pawing-Cross Combination & Distance Control--

While a frequent user of jabs, Andres also paws his opponents with his left hand to set up following punches. He tends to flick his left hand in the opponent's eyes to momentarily draw their gaze and set up the cross. The key to this is deception. With his left hand, all he does is simply touch the opponent with a particular rhythm that cultivates a comfortable rhythm for the opponent, imparting confidence in them. Once their confidence grows enough for them to attempt to counter his pawing left jabs, Andres immediately follows with a thunderous right cross to the face.

And as any tall fighter should be, the Catalan is dangerously skilled at controlling distance. Though he tends to commonly make use of the jab for this, his aptitude in distance control makes it frustrating to close range on him due to his hyperactive land hand. In order to maximize his effectiveness at maintaining the opponent on the outside, he may switch from pawing jabs to sticking jabs and even (with the correct timing), stick his arm out stiffly to keep a charging opponent back before whipping his arm away.

Ground Fighting: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Don's form of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is built around the fact that in a situation where an opponent is armed with a basic understanding of the martial art and ground fighting in general and possesses the ability to throw strikes, the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are more effective than it's elite-level techniques which are generally only efficient against equally skilled combatants in competitive grappling settings. There is a simplistic beauty to the success of Andres' BJJ. On the ground his tactics are not overtly complex. They entail achieving a dominant position, striking to create openings for a submission, and capitalizing on opportune moments to secure a submission maneuver. Though equally skilled in both his bottom and top game, Andres is not a dynamic bottom player, not due to a lack of skill on his part, he is exceptional in employing an exotic guard to confound and sweep opponents.

He however, places greater emphasis on a developed top game. This is due to embracing the concept that there are positions on the ground that award fighters advantages through leverage and gravity that negate an untrained adversary's strength. Dominant positions afford these advantages, and dominant positions always precede submissions in most cases. It is for this reason that the Don always seeks to improve his position to achieve the full mount or full back and then submit. The core of his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style is pressure. Andres possesses an uncanny ability to exert tremendous amounts of pressure from top position. Good pressure from top position grants him greater freedom to move and advance position while rendering the situation uncomfortable for the bottom fighter as the simple act of breathing becomes an effort. Historically, adversaries have sought to employ the 'lockdown', a type of half-guard in order to counter Andres' top grappling.

Their attempts are characterized by triangulating their legs and hooking the foot of their left leg under Andres' ankle, trapping it. Fortunately, his response to the scenario is hooking his left arm under the opponent's head and driving the whole left side of his body, pinning them while his right hand pushes against their knee to break open the half-guard. Should an opponent attempt to roll him in another direction, Andres simply rides the momentum into a full mount. As mentioned before however, Andres' guard game is equally as potent. His style however, does not revolve around doing battle off his back unless the situation forces him to do so. In truth, Andres possesses a very potent half-guard which sports a sweep of genuine genius. This sweep entails controlling the opponent's wrist on the side on which he is trapping their leg in half-guard, then underhooking their other leg with his free arm and simply tipping them over while their trapped hand cannot post to prevent them from rolling.

Additionally, Andres' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu incorporates a powerful incarnation of ground striking. When striking from inside the opponent's guard, the Catalan sits back on his heels, getting high posture and then turns his hips into his punches, generating monstrous power from inside the guard. He awards himself a strong base by maintaining his knees wide and his posture upright, allowing him to turn his entire body into his strikes, putting enormous power into them. His ground striking boasts a repertoire of knees, elbows, hammer-fists etc.

Corporal Influyen (Blood-Bending Style)

Possessing the hydrokinetic ability to take hold of an organism's bodily fluids and manipulate them for control of the target's physical movements, Andres' unforgiving blood-bending form incorporates dynamic gestures not unlike how a puppeteer controls a marionette, in particular the hand shape and movements, usually relying on rigid and abrupt movements to fortify the strength of the esoteric martial art.

Though it is generically employed to violently contort and control the body of an opponent not unlike a puppet-master, Andres has developed blood-bending beyond it's basic application, enabling him to use an opponent's internal bodily fluids for a variety of purposes such as crushing their organs, and boiling, pressurizing, or cooling these fluids inside an opponent's body. Perhaps its most complex ability is the complete extraction of water and moisture from an opponent's body, inducing immediate dehydration and death. Harboring an undisputed understanding of the human body, the Spaniard has managed to cultivate a succession of healing abilities as well, allowing him to prevent blood loss, maintain gashes and wounds, alleviate blood clots and internal wounds, prevent cardiac arrest by pumping blood in and out of the body, and otherwise accelerate other healing processes.

Primarily geared as an offensive combat art, the esoteric art copulated with his intellectually martial approach has furthered his mastery, enabling him to induce cardiac arrest, and strokes by disturbing the blood supply to the heart and the brain respectively. Opponents of particular physical strength, bodily fortitude or similarly skilled blood-bending masters can resist the effects of this technique. An elite blood-bender nearly without peer, he is further capable of achieving effects which the majority of the globe's scarce blood-benders cannot e.g antagonizing the red blood cells allowing him to cause hemolytic anemia, jaundice, oxygen decrease in the blood etc.

The White King - Powers & Abilities

XNA (Xeno Nucleic Acid) Genetic Structure

Through his xeno-biological practices, Andres has radically altered the very foundation of his genetic structure, partially accomplished due to his distaste for the boundless genetic errors and mistakes populating the biological composition of the majority of the globe's living organisms. If there is one absolute truth, it is that on Earth, every organism relies on the same genetic building blocks; the information held within DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). The Knightfall Don however, has exposed himself to a process that has shifted his body's reliance to a different class of genetic building blocks, XNA. Similar to DNA in that XNA is a polymer that carries genetic information, it is however, synthetic and with a different assemblage of molecules. Generally, strands of DNA and RNA are formed by stringing together long chains of molecules known as nucleotides.

A nucleotide consists of three chemical components; a phosphate, a five-carbon sugar group (such as a ribose sugar or a deoxyribose sugar), and one of five standard bases which are adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine or uracil. The molecules that makeup XNA strands are nearly identical to those in DNA and RNA with the exception that in XNA nucleotides, the deoxyribose and ribose sugar groups are replaced. At times by four carbon atoms instead of five, or sometimes even seven. It may contain a fluorine atom. These substitutions render XNAs functionally and structurally analogous to DNA and RNA while simultaneously preserving their exotic, alien nature. Andres' XNA structure however, is beyond the reach of modern science. Any polymer can store information. DNA and RNA are only unique in that the information encoded in them (usually in the form of genes) can be accessed and copied.

Information that can be copied from one genetic polymer to another can be propagated. And genetic information that can propagated is the basis for heredity. In DNA and RNA, replicated is facilitated by molecules known as polymerases. Rendered possible by his genius, Andres made use of an innovative genetic engineering process to design special polymerases that could not only synthesize XNA from a DNA template, but actually copy XNA back into DNA. This resulted in his construction of a genetic system that allowed for the replication and propagation of genetic information. A simple illustration would be the following scenario. Conceptualize a scientist's notes. DNA polymerase is the pen that allows one to copy those notes directly to a new sheet of paper. However, let's assume that this scientist's notes are written in the language of XNA. Ideally, an XNA-based genetic system would have a pen that could copy these notes directly to a new sheet of paper.

What Andres did however, was create two distinct classes of writing utensil. One pen that copies the scientist's XNA notes into DNA notes, and a second pen that reverts those DNA notes back into XNA notes. The Knightfall Adonis' XNA genetic system executes this copying to and from DNA with flawless accuracy. The foundation of evolution's potential is how much information is replicated and the error in that process. The more error-prone a genetic system is, the less information can be feasibly evolved. Not only does Andres' XNA structure render him more likely to evolve than quite possibly any other human, mutant, or meta-human in the world, but his XNA is more resistant to degradation by biological nucleases than either DNA or RNA. In essence, Andres' XNA system is capable of driving it's own replication without the aid of any biological molecules, and capable of underground evolution in a self-sustained manner.

As a result, Andres' body is emancipated from all of the genetic errors that his fellow hominids and the majority of organisms are afflicted with. There is no unraveling of telomerase at the end of polymer strands, rendering him immune to the effects of aging. His body harbors no retroviruses nor any disease-causing genes, grows stronger in every biological sense as he ages, and is immune to all known toxins, diseases etc.

Pink Muscle Fibers & Quantum-Shielded Skeleton

Intensively conditioned into a perfected physical specimen elevated beyond plausible human capabilities, Don Andres' obsessive pursuit of perpetual physical evolution and martial excellence has crafted him into an individual virtually absent of physical imperfection. Biological alterations centered on the implementation of dubbed 'Super Science' have roused the exponential amplification of the White King's abnormal percentage of pink muscle fibers. In the human body, there are two types of muscle fibers known respectively as 'white muscle fibers' and 'red muscle fibers'. White muscle fibers are responsible for fast contraction utilized in speedy exercises. Meanwhile, red muscle fibers are the opposite. They are slowly contracting muscle fibers relied upon in exercises that require longtime contractions. Every individual is born with a certain quantity of pink muscle fibers which is essentially a combination of both white and red muscle fibers.

Having biologically altered the entirety of his body's muscular tissue, Andres' body presently consists entirely of pink muscles fibers, rewarding him with exceptional physical attributes far superior to those boasted by even the finest human athlete, and beyond the reach of even the majority of his meta-human brethren. Coupled with rigorous training and genetically induced muscular development, the Martial Arts Einstein has achieved a virtually perfect balance between speed and stamina with strength and durability, identifying himself as the embodied pinnacle of physical perfection. His perfected muscular system jointly accompanied by a variety of scientifically altered biological functions have resulted in the termination of the production of fatigue toxins, rendering him fully capable of partaking in endless physical activity without physical impairment. Additionally, the Knightfall Don's skeletal system remains unbreakable.

Due to the structural strengthening of its subatomic makeup via quantum shielding, the entirety of the Knightfall's skeleton is powerfully maintained by infinitely strong gravitational binding energy. Conforming to the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics as opposed to classic physics, the Spaniard's indestructible skeletal system renders reality warping ineffective against it should said reality warping fail to alter the elementary laws of quantum mechanics governing the structure of his skeleton. While his brain and nervous system are for all intents and purposes quantum computers, he sports a tertiary nervous system his tertiary nervous consisting of a unique neuro-conductive fluid capable of transmitting electro-chemical signals with alarming rapidity, granting the Catalan nigh-instantaneous reflexes, and an immunity to physical paralysis.

The M.D.D.S.

Standing for 'Mente de Dios Supercomputer', the M.D.D.S. title serves as both an over-exaggeration of Andres' opinion on the sheer brilliance of his own mind, as well a lexical indicator of the overpowering quantity of information held by the synthetic physical system. Recognizing the inclination of his brain and the entirety of his nervous system to the effects of gradual aging and an anticipated decrease in efficiency, the Knightfall Don's organic central nervous system was replaced by what is essentially a very powerful, quantum supercomputer. This physical system consists of exotic particles known as tachyons in arrays of superconducting qubits manipulated to replicate the 'Universal Multi-Particle Quantum Walk' adopted by the quantum computers belonging to close friend, Santiago Porthos.

This model enables the M.D.D.S.' quantum particles to follow a path conceived by a sequence of apparently random steps. This renders it independent from any active control over the system's tachyons in a superposition state. This exponentially increases the M.D.D.S.' overall power beyond the reaches of any modern form of computing, and above the capabilities of even other quantum computers, rendering it far more powerful than the previous M.D.D.S. incarnation used by Andres' prior to his demise. Not being reliant on any form of active control over it's qubits, the M.D.D.S. renders any computational error arbitrarily small, allowing for compatibility with any quantum algorithm, including new ones that have yet to be conceived. The M.D.D.S.' newest incarnation is an effective model for a scalable quantum computer that harbors no requirement for the manipulation of it's own qubits for computational purposes.

A defining quality of the M.D.D.S. is that because it functions as Andres' central nervous system, it renders the Catalan Connoisseur immune to telepathic assaults as his mind is not an organic brain nor are his thoughts neurally transmitted electro-chemical signals. Instead, his thoughts are overtly complex and intricate geometric patterns, quantum algorithms, mathematical expressions etc. transmitted in a physical system of entangled qubits (the informational units for his thoughts), constructing his thoughts into quantum information far too complex for anything less than something reminiscent of a quantum computer to comprehend. This results in attempted peeks into his mind essentially being telepathic suicide for even the most powerful and seasoned psionics who are more likely to overload their own minds than understand the enormous quantity of physical information held by the Don's mind.

The superposition state (a combination of two states) of the M.D.D.S.' tachyons have been developed to multiple states, each respective state being tasked with their own priorities e.g. precognition. Being that his nervous system is an entangled physical system of tachyons (exotic particles that move exceed c) arranged in collections, Andres is afforded virtually instantaneous reflexes and reactions without any discernible temporal delay.

Synthetic X-Gene

From his synthetic XNA genetic structure, a new form of the infamous mutant X-Gene graced the Martial Arts Einstein's biological makeup. Due to it's perfect replication of the physical information from the X-Genes of both his parents, Andres is in full possession of their individual powers as well as his own unique ones. Sporting his mother's 'Extracellular Matrix', Andres' body's response to sustained wounds or physical injury is the hyperactive application of a powdered, protein-based extract to any damaged tissue. This is the same protein-based substance that repairs damage in human fetuses. It systematically breaks down damaged tissue and reconstructs it back to perfection with alarming rapidity, enabling Andres to recover from any physical injury e.g. severed limbs, lost organs etc. Having inherited Jayden's magnetokinesis and integrating it with his own Zero Field (a field allowing for interaction with quantum particles), Andres has awakened a trinity of lethal abilities.

By moving electric fields and and the intrinsic magnetic moments of elementary particles such as electrons, the Catalan Connoisseur is capable of generating magnetic fields for a variety of purposes such as the erection of magnetic barriers, the physical movement of magnetically inclined objects e.g. metals, riding the planet's magnetic lines of force for mimicked flight and whatnot. Additionally, his ability to interact with ambient electrons and electric fields allow the inciting of powerful electrostatic discharges, enabling the Knightfall Einstein to shoot bolts of lightning. His greatest exploit of this interaction with quantum particles however, is his manipulation of the theoretical graviphoton (a superpartner of the gravition which is the particle that mediates gravitation). By harnessing the power of these supersymmetric particles, Andres is rewarded with the ability to freely manipulate a repulsive, anti-gravity force. The power has various applications such as the the erection of repulsive fields, the generation of blasts of a repulsive kinetic force, suspending the a physical body's interaction with the force of gravity by encasing them in fields of this anti-gravity force etc.

The less flamboyant of his abilities from this synthetic X-Gene are hyperspectral color vision, the perception of quantum phenomena, the ability to see in complete darkness (and through lead) by perceiving the cosmic microwave background radiation left from the Big Bang, and electro-perception (the ability to detect the presence of others and anticipate movement by detecting the electric fields produced by muscular movement).

Weapons & Technology

--Under Construction--