Story of Mine X23

 Baja California ::::::::1:00AM SW  Mission Name :Drug and People
Laura Kinney  or rather called X23 was called over to California,apparently the cities were becoming more dangerous to the innocent citizens. Laura had been roaming the streets near the coast  patrolling actually,Logan had suggested to her to come and clean out the streets of no-gooders. She turned on her radio in case incoming calls came. So far she'd had caught two attempts at stealing cars, 1 gang shoot by and 5 murder attempts within 12 hours. This shocked Laura "what is this world coming to "she asked herself  as she kept on walking. Laura still went on her patrol because she knew crime never slept. There was an incoming call... Logan  she answered "Present any problems? " she asked "Yes,word around the block is that precisely at 1:30 AM which about now, there will be a cargo full of approximately 200.5 pounds of drug I'm not sure which but,it doesn't matter it's illegal and there seems to be human smuggling a close by mafia kidnapped them about 20 immigrants from Mexico and Central America I am a bit busy myself and this might as well be a piece of cake for you I need you to take care of it it's nearby the port " said Logan "I'm on my way I will report when the problem is solved" said Laura as she replied "Thanks" said Logan as he hung up. Laura looked at her watch and estimated how long it would take her to get there "Too long by then they will be gone motorcycle" thought Laura ,she forgot about it she ran two block near a dental clinic where she had parked it surprised to still see it standing in one piece she turned on the engine and started to ride to the port.

1:27 AM Port Ship arrived
Laura hopped off her motorcycle only about a block away knowing that they would detect her if she came with the vehicle. Laura spotted a warehouse near the port where many men dressed in black seemed to be threatening certain Latinos into the warehouse with AK-103 and AK-103 Rs type of guns "Target detected" said Laura to herself as she hid behind some shipment.There too many innocent people out there I can't risk their lives and they might kill them what to do what to do... attack from inside out  though Laura she went behind the ware house  and entered she sneaked inside and took out her shock gun . Laura didn't go for the kill strategy anymore since  the X-men had taught her to be a hero without shedding blood she sneaked up behind some men and stunned them they fell to the ground "Who's there" said a man  "Me" said Laura as she shot him coming out of the shadows she felt a man aiming at her she ducked and tripped him aiming at him he passed out as electricity flowed though his body . She turned around t see them all on the ground Laura looked up and saw the group of Latinos scared as they watched her they where tied very tight her claws struck out and they whimpered "No le voy hacer nada " said Laura in Spanish (I won't do anything to harm you) apparently she became fluent in that language as well she slashed through the ropes and chain that were holding them prisoners. They all got up staring at her bewildered and still frightened Laura smiled comfortably and said "Se deben de ir  por halla atras estan libres tengan cuidado " (You can escape from back there you're free be safe)
they all scurried and left a woman in spanish said "Gracias senorita tenga cuidado  que dios la bendiga" (Thank you miss may god be with you)  she smiled and left Laura nodded and smiled.

2:03 AM Exterior of warehouse near port

Laura tied up the knocked out men and muffled them up in case anybody tried to yell for help. She walked out and headed for the port she looked farther there he was the mafia boss staring right at her "GET HER" he yelled the thugs went at her with their guns shooting right at her a bullet hit her arm it stunned her but, it didn't hurt  more and  more began to hit her she left her shock gun inside she knew if that she lost enough blood she would die there was no other choice but, to use her claws she let them out the men looked at her surprised still shooting "She's a demon" said one of them  she ran though the crowd of men as she began to strike her claws in their thighs the men whimpered and whined at the pain she knocked the guns out of their hands and punch one in his face making his mouth bleed. He fell on the ground a another came up behind her and tried to strangle her she  threw him upfront against another running towards one with a AK-103 she clawed his arm blood was everywhere not lethal just wounds hard enough for them to stay still and not attack she approached the mob moss and punched his stomach "Umph" he fell on the ground and hold out his hand as a sign for her to wait he caught his breath "Don't kill me please don't kill me I'll do anything what do you want money you name it you can even join me think of what you can have your dream come true" he said begging for his life Laura stared at him coldly "What I want can't be it's gone and nobody can bring the dead back to life I will never be normal " said Laura thinking of her mother she looked at him "I will have mercy upon you but, you will pay for all your crimes I know you have killed without mercy innocent but,I am not like you the police will come " she said  "No you will PAY "he yelled as he held up his hand with a gun aiming at her forehead she clawed her his arms he screamed in pain as she dragged him along with the others and tied them up .

2:57AM Port Police arrived
(Police Sirens) The FBI had arrived "You don't know how long we have waited to capture these guys" said Officer Heyden "It's my job" said Laura "We heard there were some immigrants on board where are they " he asked "They.. escaped" she said looking at him for a while "I see " he said understanding what she meant "Anything we can do to repay you " they asked "Like I said to him when he offered  me the world for his life you can't bring the dead back to life and make me normal all I want is to see him and the others locked up and pay their crimes" said Laura she walked away after they had all the information they needed "Logan it's done" said Laura as she called him "How'd it go X" he asked "Let's just say I feel good inside I just saved innocent lives" said Laura "Atta Girl" said Logan, Laura smiled as she saw the the shimmering sea meet the end of the sky thinking of her mother and cousin Megan  she was no longer a lethal weapon used for evil or crime she was a hero she was X23.   

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We all know that due to the Insane Joker  Barbara Gordon had to give up being Batgirl since she was paralyzed from waist down and Oracle was born in Birds Of Prey  she revealed a intelligent side  on computers  even that she could speak to them due to Brainiac's attack but what if Barbara wasn't attacked  by the Joker or if she was cured by a miracle do you think  she would claim back her place as Batgirl  or remain as Oracle  where would she go ?