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Name is Daliah Mendoza ! comics are my passion. Twitter addict. Check me @Arowette on twitter.

My list of characters is long so check out my list. Need help on a quest ask me. I am debating whether going into engineering or graphic artist. Right now I'm writing books (haven't been published yet). Aspiring to become a cosplayer.

I love X-23,Huntress,all of the Batgirls, Batman,Ironman,Black Widow,Artemis,Wally West,Jesse Quick,Jaden,Emma Frost,FairChild, Witch Blade. Seriously go check the list. I roleplay occasionally. I am from New York.

I love classical music (Yanni) and hardcore rock,alternative. I draw a lot. Write a lot. Dream a lot. I gaze at the starts and believe I am a superhero like Hal Jordan or Superboy. I am that nerdy person who knows everything about superheroes when the watch Marvel/DC movies. Yes I know this a perfect place for that so. Here I am. Ask me anything and be sure to follow me on tumblr 23rdcreation.tumblr. That place is like comicbook heaven. Let's read,drink coffee and enjoy superheroes.