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Oh jeez! At first glance, I thought the title was "On NBC, Hitler flaps... THE CAPE"
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I think it's great to see puplishers giving the fans what they want. If you read Dan Didio's original challenge, he explained why he personally was against it, but left it up to popular vote. That was really swell of DC.
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Yeah, I actually slowed down and looked at it for once. Wonder if that was intentional...

And thanks for reading!

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Pretty good, like the knuckles effect.

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@Reaper 13 said:
"Sweet!  The first rocked.  It is most definitely one of the best superhero movies of all time.  It was one of Shyamalan's better movies.  The big question is who will be playing Bruce's part if he goes south?  That will make or break this one. "

Michael Chiklis, of course.
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@Tyler Starke said:
"Unbreakable I'm sorry, but was one of the worst piece of trash movies I've ever seen, IN MY OPNION!,  The whole scene where his kid was upset that his dad couldn't be hurt and wanted to shoot him, was Re Tard ED, " WE DONT SHOOT OUR FRIENDS" "

I laughed out loud at that part.

This is really wierd, because I watched "the Sixth Sense" Tuesday night, "Unbreakable" last night, and I'm watching "Signs" tonight. So seeing the movie, and then this less than a day later is a strange coincidence...

But I liked the movie. I felt like it had an idea where it was going and what the theme was going to be, and it became clear at the end, but it had a little trouble getting there. Despite that, it still came through for me. The one thing I would have done away with was the whole thing at the end that talks about what happened to Mr. Glass. It would have been more interesting if it left you hanging.
I didn't know that it had so much comic stuff in it beofre I saw it, and watching the special featues with Eisner, Denny O'Neil, Alex Ross, and Miller (who really came off as a creep) was fantastic.

So I would love to see a sequel, especially if it had Jackson (who I can't wait to see as Nick Fury) and Poncho Man.
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 @ G-Man: "I could be wrong but I think the last one was in April over She-Hulk."

What about the whole Tomb Raider one from May?  

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Character sketch for the upcoming "Daredevil: Reborn" fic I'm writing, in the "Marvel Reborn" (NOT "Heroes Reborn dammit!) universe that ultimate_mags_215 is working on.