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@m-174: you are 6 months late there buddy, I suggest reading before typing.

@thekillerofgods: cool story.

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@Lvenger won the whole thread, I wish I wasn't limited to a cell phone so that I could actually do what I do best. Nothing for hulk has changed in the past two years to suggest that the results of my debate with @theacidskull some time ago was for nothing. I've made it my business to solidify Diana's definite victory over Hulks of all incarnations (save for the absolute strongest version) but apparently no one who voted for hulk remembers that. Oh well, at least I saw what Lvenger had to offer.

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Team 1. I don't feel the need to make a Batman vs Bucky argument again since I have already in the past and so have many others, so I'll just quote them since theirs are better than mine. (

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This battle makes me sad... I was waiting for Bucky to go up against a good opponent, but sadly Batman is just more skilled than Bucky is. Although Bucky has the metal arm and matches Batman in tech, Batman overwhelms him in feats.

Even though Bucky outclasses all of the Robins, he's not better than Batman mostly due to Bucky being younger than Batman and not having as many years of experience as him. I would say just because of Bucky's gear, he can hang with Batman for quite awhile but will lose it, 6/10 to Batman.

Equipment that Bucky you might not know about:

1. Metal Arm

-Strong enough to tear a car in half if Bucky really wanted to.

-Capable of being remotely controlled

-Electrical Shocks


2. Winter Soldier Suit

-Bullet proof

-Impact resistant, dulling physical forces and impacts.

-Built in jammers and extra stealth abilities allowing him to sneak through Doctor Doom's Castle with ease.

3. Domino Mask

-Allows 3D mapping of area so people can't sneak up on him.

4. SHIELD Pistol

-Capable of winding Ares

-Can load explosive rounds and blow things up

5. Utility belt

-Grenades, Sleeping Gas and other explosives.

So I think Bucky's equipment matches Bruces pretty evenly. It's only Bruce's slightly superior H2H abilities that give him the win IMO.


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@k4tzm4n said:

@lvenger said:

@razzatazz: I think I may have mentioned to you in the last Batman battle thread that it depends on the marksman. Cyclops is an exceptional marksman and does stand a fairly good chance of tagging Batman in an open battlefield. Experienced marksmen in the DCU like Deadshot and Deathstroke have been shown as being able to shoot Batman. It depends on the skill of the shooter involved.

Additionally, I think Bucky deserves a little more respect than being merely "a guy with a gun." I think he brings other attributes to the table which can make this -- at the very least -- a fight worth watching.

He really isn't just a guy with a gun, he is capable of using it WHILE performing H2H combat. He's also shot out projectiles from Hawkeye and Daredevil. Hawkeye had shot 3 arrows behind Bucky's back and Bucky shot them all out in mid air. He's also capable of catching Hawkeyes arrows with both arms. He shot Daredevil's Eskrima sticks when Daredevil threw them.

So I think the gun can be used pretty well offensively, a lot of Batman's batarangs could be caught and thrown right back at him, even worse if Batman throws any tech lethal batarangs at Bucky, Bucky is fast enough to catch and return them just like he did to Hawkeyes explosive arrows when he caught and immediately threw them at Wolverine's torso. Again, I think their gear is pretty even.

Batman's stealth won't really work because again, he's up against someone that has sneaked around Doctor Doom's castle past all his security tech. He has snuck up on Wolverine 2 times and followed Wolverine around for months without Wolverine not even catching his scent. Lastly, his domino mask acts like a sonar just like Daredevil's ability to know where people are.

In the strength department, Bucky actually has the advantage here thanks to his metal arm. The other advantage is that Batman doesn't know Bucky's arm is a metal arm. Bucky's new arm actually is capable of jamming tech to give it off as a normal arm. It even looks and feels like a normal arm when he wants it to, giving off heat signatures like a normal arm as well.

Batman's main advantage would be his skill and years of experienced clocked in. He's fought and has a much larger number of feats compared to Bucky. He's also older than Bucky is and has evidence of more training than Bucky does. The importance in skill probably outweigh the difference in strength, but slightly due to the arm being an element of surprise.

This is why I give it to Batman 6/10 in a difficult fight. If Bucky had the SHIELD, then it would have been too close to call IMO because Bucky can throw the shield fast enough to slice through metal objects and is as skilled with it as Steve is, but unlike Steve he has been shown to use his fire arm very well with the SHIELD's trajectory of ricocheting around.


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Personally, I'd say Batman wins. His armor durability ensures he's almost completely bulletproof. Explosive rounds might be an issue, but Bruce's suit and cape have allowed him to survive explosions that have leveled buildings (and he doesn't have to tank Bucky's gunfire either, he can simply avoid it).

Outside of durability, the cowel has thermal vision, night vision, sonar (haha, take that Daredevil!) while the suit has gas stored in the gauntlet (and other areas) and is basically a giant wearable taser. While Bucky's EMP is pretty impressive and it would certainly trouble Bruce if he tries to use it, there's no guarantee it will work, considering the suit is insulated against electricity and protected from EMPs.

Bats has the versatility edge too. Explosives, nerve gas bombs, freeze grenades, concussion grenades, sonic grenades, various types of batarangs (including standard, magnetic and acid to name a few) are just a few of the many wonderful toys he carries.

Physical stats between the two should be a lot closer. Bruce has lifted a 270 kilogram (600 pound) load consisting of a coffin lid and ground/dirt, has reacted fast enough to block bullets and can fight for 28 hours nonstop. He's cracked reinforced glass with a kick and has wrestled with Killer Croc. Physically, the guy's a beast. However, Bucky isn't too far behind in that regard. Bucky's robotic arm is a factor though, he can certainly hit harder with that arm and should be stronger. It's worth noting Bruce has continued fighting despite being hit by enhanced and superhuman opponents before, so he won't be one-shotted.

Skillwise, Bruce definitely has the edge here. He's mastered all major forms of combat on Earth, has vast knowledge of nerve strikes and fought the best his universe has to offer, including Karate Kid, Cassandra Cain, Lady Shiva, David Cain, Bane, King Snake etc. But again, Bucky's no slouch (being trained by Cap and being one of the greatest black ops agents on the planet) and would give Bruce a good fight.

I know Bucky has some sort of 3D mapping in his mask, so that might rule out stealth as a factor, but Bruce doesn't really need it.

Strategy is also important here. I'd venture Bruce is better in this regard too. He's the Justice League's chief tactician, has beaten vastly more powerful metahuman opponents using his brains. He almost never goes into a fight without coming up with a plan. Bucky's used strategy to hold off Iron Man (who in all fairness was holding back) and though he's definitely intelligent enough not to run blindly into a trap, Bruce is still the superior tactician.

Overall, despite Bruce having an edge in most areas (even if it's only slight), Bucky's comparable stats, skill and gear could allow him to hang with the Dark Knight and his bionic arm is the wildcard that could give him a few wins.

Batman wins 6-7/10.

There really aren't that many Batman vs Falcon Battles but from what I've seen from the few that exist, he stomps Sam into dust ... I doubt a vibranium shield will change the outcome.

There aren't that many Batwing threads to begin with and the post in them are either too short or largely inconclusive. David's Batwing capabilities alone allow him to take down Falcon who has the advantage of better flight feats and a vibranium shield. With Luke's Batwing feats, he will walk all over Sam due to gadgets. Bucky, however, may be able to shut down his suit with an EMP. Outside of that, Bucky is likely stronger, faster in combat, more skilled by far and has more ways to kill Batwing than Batwing has ways to incapacitate him.

Comes down to Batman beating Bucky and Batwing beating Captain Falcon or Batman beating Captain Falcon, Bucky beating Batwing and then Batman beating Bucky.

I'll say super soliders because neither Bats have powers

Weakest argument I've seen in a while.

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Disagree. GotG and BRB should've won.

@micah said:

@saint_sophie said:

@micah: Off the top of my head:

Captain Marvel or Dark Mary Marvel. (For CM and WW, the guy who's now the Wizard vs the Current GOW would be kind of epic).

Bizarro (if people think CM can take him WW has a shot)

Barda, Gladiator, John Stewart, Storm.. ;).

I'd love to see either Barda, Mary Marvel, Gladiator or Darkness. Heck let's go out of the comic's comfort zone and I'll suggest Kratos, Raiden, or Ben 10

  • Barda - Diana has already bested her in a sparring match, but in a real fight Barda doesn't possess the speed and TBH really doesn't have enough showings IMO to be taken seriously.
  • Mary Marvel - Better opponent, but once again I feel her lack of showings vs WW's and the fact that she has no real skill feats to compete against WW would end up with her being defeated.
  • Gladiator - It's a match that's been done on this forum quite a few times in quite a few different ways. Many feel Gladiator has what it takes to take on Diana, but that his unfortunate ability that has him wither when less confident means that he doesn't have what it takes to successfully take her out, which is why many of their battles are with her without her weaponry and him without his unfortunate weakness.
  • In theory Darkness would make a very interesting WW villain as he has all the makings of one. I just wonder if their powersets are too different to make this a interesting battle. I can already hear people saying Jackie hides and lets his minions do all the fighting.
  • Kratos - In theory he would be interesting, but he doesn't actually have anything on Wonder Woman his feats aren't close to hers and would end up with him losing legitimately or winning just because he's a popular video game character. In their battles people like to assume that Kratos' gods equal WW's with no evidence to back it up save the fact that they share the same names and pretty much always results in a flame war.
  • Raiden - The other Thunder God, this might actually make for an interesting battle assuming he has the physicals to pull it off. Diana isn't anything like the Mortal Kombat warrior he's faced.
  • Ben 10 - This is an awkward battle because Ben either gets completely stumped or wins because of hax abilities. I don't see there being an in between with these two.

I think the point of all battles is to have the competitors compete on a closely leveled field to make it fair and interesting. While some of your chosen battles are close I think we can all pretty much see the outcome for the majority. Add in the fact that the better ones (Barda, Mary, Gladiator) have been done to death and I think we need to think outside of the box completely. Honestly I liked the aspect of the lat Battle of the Week being a team, but that it should have been a better team. GOTG coasted more on their surge in popularity than their actual shot at winning had this been a fair and balanced lineup (as we don't want to make this a stomp) of the X-Men, Avengers or even the Fantastic Four and I think there would have been much better arguments with much closer results.


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Ha, OP thought this was fair.

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Whoa. Sounds beefy. Did the Gods of New Genesis endow him with powers similar to... say what the Asgardians did with Eric Masterson (a.k.a. Thunderstrike)?

Not that I know of, as far as I know, his being in the forth world (a dimension of cosmic beings and gods) alone allowed him to develop a physique like theirs simply to survive.

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@mikasaackerman: get that fan crap outta here, you dare even tag me in that post...I bet you didnt even read mine. pfft