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@arcus said:

It applies by showing that he's experienced a variety of things and just because something is new to him doesn't mean he can't handle it

Yeah it does mean he can't handle it cus it didn't influence his fighting experience at all, also, you said plenty .... barely fighting noob benders and not seriously fighting anyone else but a few spirits who didn't really do anything and Vaatu shows me that he can't handle it (bringing up those two spirits was pretty bad of a move considering he wasn't even trying to fight them, you know better). Mako and Bolin had 2 seasons worth of fighting experience and got blasted away when P'li curved a shot at them. You really think a guy who had barely been in any on screen fights and didn't fight anyone seriously but Vaatu is gonna be able to handle getting sniped by curving fire bombs? If so then you really don't have any way to prove it, you'd basically just be saying he could handle getting exploded for no good reason other than cus you think he can.

@arcus said:

Wan has made a fire wall (the only other firebender with a similar feat is Jeong Jeong), redirected multiple fire blasts (in a way we've never seen another firebender do, the closest would be how Aang/Roku redirected the blasts from Zhao and the fire sages), and has used fire jets (something we've only seen Zuko use with Sozin's Comet). He's not without skill

I guess we have different definitions of getting destroyed

He didn't do what Jeong Jeong did or anything like it, just got done rewatching the episodes and he didn't make a single fire wall or anything like what Jeong did. Nor did he do what Aang/Roku did to Zhao and his men, they straight up compressed the fire and formed it into a wave to knock every one down while Wan just caught the fire and threw it back which is basically what happens every time water benders fight and occasionally in fire bending fights. Wan did not use full fire jets, he jump boosted himself using fire for a second which is something that not only Zuko has done, but he's done it before Sozins Comet. Azula has used actual fire jets in several episodes (ba sing se catacombs, hot water prison, air temple, sozins comet), General Iroh did it during the Equalist invasion and Korra did it in weakened Avatar state better than them cus she actually flew. Wan may not be without some skill, but at the very best, he is Zhao level without Avatar state.

I guess you can't describe how Zaheer got destroyed, you just like to throw words around.

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@baztet: Damn, I don't even know what to say if he did .... I thought he was trolllin me when he was saying "please show them just how the assassins will win" and I'm like ...

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@arcus said:


Umm he got attacked by all sorts of spirits: the giant frog thing, the plant thing that swallowed him, etc

and that somehow applies to his fighting experience? I'll answer that, no.

@arcus said:


Keep in mind Wan has dragon training.

Keep in mind, he still is a worse bender than Zuko.

@arcus said:


I still don't see how getting destroyed is a good showing, but that's just me I guess

You on some BS acting like Zaheer got one shotted or something, getting one shotted, KOed or tagged up and down is getting destroyed. Barely getting tagged at all isn't getting destroyed, Tenzin skimmed Zaheer and only landed 2 clear shots. For the rest of those 50 seconds, Zaheer was dodging. You really do like to overstate and dramatize the outcome of the fight, I bet you can't even explain how Zaheer got destroyed compared to him just being an inferior bender.

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@ancient_0f_days: No, I dont think you understand what I'm saying.. I'm saying is that as stated above ^ people seem to think that All AC assassin's will be one shotted, I'm simply asking you to prove them wrong. You seem to not have a problem holding back in WW or any DC threads. I was wondering if you could shine some light on the AC side. I do see people saying it is a close match in which i'd agree, yet others say stomp. You however are the first to say that the AC characters could win with ease and i quote,

Is this for real? Come on ... even after the OP changed from a gruesome slaughter fest, it only takes about 1-3 people from one team to wreck the other.

Anyway it was a simple request, I'll understand if you can't there isn't a lot of providing proof these days. really misread my comment that badly? For really doe? I said from ONE TEAM .... ONE TEAM .... NOT team one,

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Wonder Woman. People around Superman's level of strength in that show were able to pound through John's shields after a few hits.

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@arcus said:

Firebenders, Vaatu, and a whole variety of diverse spirits

He only entered his Avatar State when he touched the spirit portal and Raava was all "We are bonded forever." The other times he was merged with Raava wasn't his Avatar State, it just let him bend multiple elements at the same time-which he can do here.

You're the first person I've heard try to use Zaheer's fight with Tenzin as a good showing

Basically what I said, only that those spirits weren't fighting him and he wasn't trying fight them so it doesn't count at all. In fact, they never attacked him so what exactly was there for him to encounter that was different? Anyway, noob fire benders and Vaatu aren't plenty of new things so my point remains that Wan will have no clue what to do when he's getting sniped with curving explosions.

My point still stands, he was still getting his ass whooped by Vaatu and aside from the cloud didn't do anything better than or on par with Tenzin, Kya, poisoned/bloodlusted Avatar State Korra or pre-dragon Zuko for that matter (you stated he was as strong or stronger and Zuko was clearly a way better fire bender than Wan even during the Ba Sing Se arc). In fact, poisoned Avatar State Korra was faster, more powerful and more fierce than Wan who'd probably lose to her with the level of skill and control that he had at the time. Since we don't really have feats of him using all the elements at once after his Vaatu fight and without Raava putting immense strain on his body, we can't gauge just how good he'd be without that strain unless we count avatar state which isn't allowed as per your rules. Based on his fight with Vaatu before fully fusing with Raava, Wan only using fire and air on the cloud would get stomped by flying Zaheer and I doubt he'd do much better with all the rest of the elements based on Zaheer's fight with Avatar State Korra.

Maybe because it is a good showing considering the fact that Zaheer has never fought a master air bender in the show before and Tenzin has rarely ever had to show what he can really do. It was a great showing actually since no one has fought a pissed off Tenzin going all out on the offensive, Zaheer broke new ground with that and only managed to get tagged with 2 minor hits, one big hit and dodge the rest after 50 seconds straight. No other bender in the show besides Amon, Zuko, Unalaq or Avatar State Korra have that level of skill or could pull that off (without blood bending) and you saw how Tenzin dealt with the other Red Lotus members when they weren't hitting him at once. Tenzin is a beast, one of the strongest benders in the LoK series and getting tagged only 3 times without getting stomped is definitely a good showing for Zaheer.