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@erkan12: only fanboys use non canon material to try to prove a baseless point, and fail at it.....

No, only fanboys are who can't accept the official comic book and the simple fact proven by old Superman writer (Roger Stern)

The fight between Hulk and Superman is non canon, you used it, and if failed to prove anything. You know this but since you are what you are, you probably don't care. As long as you know your word is weightless, I'm fine leaving this where it is.

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@ancient_0f_days: he will, yes hulk would really struggle to tag (morals off, it's is morals on) superman but superman would also take a while to put hulk down. The amount of things the Bruce's can do just tip the favour.

He would struggle to tag Superman regardless....

and it is well within Superman's morals to toss his opponents away, what can Bruce possibly do that hasn't been done before and failed.

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@gojira2014: Please....too easy.

Lol, doesn't come close...I'm not even a Cap expert here.

Batman has a belt full of things that would down Xena in one shot, Taskmaster is skilled and can boost some physicals, but Batman can hang with him in combat and can incapacitate him with gadgets. All it takes is one sonic grenade and Xena's got problems, one cryo pellet and she's incapacitated, some super adhesive in the face and she can't breathe, knockout gas and she's......knocked out. Steve has better feats than Xena across the board and Batman is leagues above her in skill.

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@erkan12: only fanboys use non canon material to try to prove a baseless point, and fail at it.....

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@reaverlation: not really, it was just one guy who had no clue what he was talking about.

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@allstarsuperman: Why is Babs a weak link?

Cus she has the least combat experience, the weakest physical strength, speed, and durability out of everyone here.

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Hulk will always give superman trouble. It'll take a while for supes to bring hulk down but Clark would defintely win eventually. With prep they could give hulk banner tech shielding, armour made of kryptonite and I'll throw a jet pack in their for fun, I don't see Clark winning this morals on.

False. There was a thread in which this was detailed to you.

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@ancient_0f_days: You don't think Sentry's speed would help against Thor?

It would help, but like I said, he can't beat Thor. He doesn't have many speed blitz feats and he has more feats of fighting like a brawler which Thor does best.

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@ancient_0f_days: I understand that he is fast but what if they come to the battle with a crap load of kryptonite? Hulk and Batman are both covered in it and it's everywhere. If Superman speed blitzes into them wouldn't his hit be considerably weaker and less quick? Or am I overestimating how weakened Superman gets when he comes into contact with kryptonite?

I think you're over estimating Kryptonite, he's been able to continue to fight Doomsday after getting a K bomb in his face....even Jeph Loeb with his fluctuating and BS Plot lines had Superman jam K-nite into his arm to punch Supergirl and casually flew away to regroup with Batman and Wonder Woman. In more legitimate stories, hes had to fight Lex who uses more Kryptonite than anyone, he shoots concentrated kryptonite lasers out of his hands.

That avengers movie?

You sounded like when Iron Man said "We have a Hulk" and I'm like really? You think Hulk is what Lex was missing? Ha!

Whats with the attitude throughout the thread.

Problem? That's none of your concern.

Hulk is a decent enough fight for superman , especially with his weakness around, morals on , and a Prepped batman.

No he's not.....Superman doesn't have to be in his face to fight the Hulk and Kryptonite has to be within CLOSE proximity to Superman...A prepped Batman has gotten himself hurt when he used Green-K against Superman and in most cases it was never that effective. So it changes nothing...Hulk is barely even a factor.

I was mostly kidding about him not having hulk, but I do think they could win.

Lex has won vs superman before, the only reason his plans fail is because he is the main villain.

So what? There's nothing to suggest they can.

Before I agree with you, I want to see if you know what you're talking about. Name one time Lex has gotten the better of Superman without help.