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@adamtrmm: What I meant was that Simon isn't going to shrink into Superman's skull like you suggested, I haven't even seen him teleport DURING a battle. He can shrink and teleport but I have not seen him do so as a battle strategy which means a lot when we talk about morals on characters, just so you know...I could've suggested that Superman would put Simon in a coma before he could process a coherent thought but since that isn't how Superman does things I didn't and same goes for Simon.

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@zandalf said:

@ancient_0f_days: i think he was just trying to say that Orion hasn't defeated Superman in this instance

Which would be pointless to say and you know why, so I doubt that is what he was thinking. He'd have to be confused if he was trying to say that Orion hasn't defeated Superman here, no one was talking about Orion defeating Superman in that instance since we ALL know and understand he didn't. It was a stalemate and the fact of the matter is that Superman was sundipped which you didn't seem to acknowledge.

@zandalf said:

@ancient_0f_days: and also that it wasn't just Orion vs Superman but the whole JL plus big barda plus Orion against Superman.

No, it was just Orion and Superman fighting for nearly 4 pages straight. Green Lantern only tries to put a construct around Superman while Orion blasted him which is how the fight started, Barda only then decided to stun Superman and Orion hit him away at the end of the fight....there was no one else. Saying that the whole JL fought him in those scans I posted would be a serious visual mistake on your part.

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doesn't this scan kind of show superman wrecking most of the justice league? going by this scan superman will win.

Oh, sure it does...why don't you just point out where Sundipped Superman actually wrecks most of the Justice League....can you do that?

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@ghostravage said:

@ancient_0f_days: I don't really think it's in Superman's character to completely stomp his foe, he might even toy around him enough to make Wonder Man go into ionized form, i really think this is a stalemate due to Superman's morals and character and im positive throwing people into the sun or space isn't the first tactic Superman would think on using. While it isn't on Wonder Man's character to stay in that form, thinking he would opt to stay that way to level the field is not so far fetched.

I didn't say Superman would outright flat line him, I know this battle is a mismatch/stomp because Simon has no way to win and Superman does. Also, keep in mind that in these battles characters are still fighting to the best of their natural ability while keeping within the confines of their character as per the rules. If Superman were to toy around and beat around the bush, Simon goes Ionic, now they can't do anything to each other (unless heat vision is still an option). Simon will eventually go out of ionic form and Superman will eventually stop messing around. He's either going to beat the hell out of him quick before Simon goes Ionic again or he'll throw him to another state or even into an asteroid belt, that's what it comes down to. Since Simon is not going to stay ionic, there is no stalemate. Simon goes out of ionic form and gets his ass blitzed which is WELL within Superman's morals to do.

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Virg wins or stalemates, he's fought Aquamarina who basically is a latino female version of Hydro-Man with a much better name.

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@ghostravage: Pic has nothing to do with the stipulations, it is not a character choice for Simon to stay ionized or even resort to it early on and stay that way from what I've seen. I do remember Simon being tossed into the sun, I'd have to see the scan again and perhaps he wasn't ionic at the time but it seems that Superman may be able to generate similar results. Even if Simon is Ionized he can do nothing to harm Superman, if Clark is truly unable to harm him then the best Simon can possibly hope for is a stalemate which won't happen cus (and correct me if Simon can now fly FTL) Superman can BFR Simon off the planet. By the time he gets back, Clark would have gone home, eaten dinner, brushed his teeth, taken a hot bath, slept with his wife and woken up in the morning with a funny story to tell his friends. However, if Simon uses intangibility the entire time which is sooo unlikely....then we have a stalemate.

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@ancient_0f_days: Im not entirely versed with Wonder Man but isn't his ionized form impervious to physical attacks? How is Superman planning to deal with him?

If he is in his Ionized form, heat is still an option. But unless he is going to stay Ionized, punches should do fine.

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Mismatch......Yondu whistles Daryl to death.

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@adamtrmm said:

Current WM is supposedly SM level. There's no impossible here, guy can alter his size to get into microverse. Think what he'll do inside of Clark's head. If they'll stick with this portrayal he's easily becoming heavy artillery.

Shame that's not how he fights and based on facts, Simon gets laid clean out.