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Sodam also needs ear feats, Diana can fk up kryptonian ears, she can fk up a daxamites.

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Slightly over street my ass, by the end of the anime alone they were mid tier, let alone the manga versions. What street one shots someone to another country? Their durability and speed isn't streetlevel either.

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Diana obviously. Her lasso alone could solo Super Skrull

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.......................................................... bruh

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@darthaznable: she can do summersaults

Um what are Diana's new 52 skill feats?

Training under the god of War (Ares) with skill greater than Ulysses and Achilles as well as defeating trained at the age of twelve

Going toe to toe with War (she lost obviously) in a sword fight and defeating the Minotaur right after at the age of thirteen

Holding her own against the goddess Artemis

Holding her own in a sword battle with the god Hermes

Taking down Supergirl with speed and skill, twice.

Holding her own against both Zod and Faora

Those are off the top of my head....from like a year ago or something, I haven't been following Wonder Woman recently but yeah....she's got more than a few feats.

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Sniper rifle? No, not to my knowledge.

Large calibre bullets? Yes. The gunner of the aircraft Trevor was on during Darkseid's invasion, opened fire on the parademons Diana was in the middle of, Steve ofc protested and was told to relax because Diana simply deflected any of the bullets that came anywhere near her.

Btw, since we are at it, what kind of feat is beating the New 52 Lady Shiva anyways, when she has only one feat to her name: beating Batman and Dick once, years ago, yet getting her ass kicked by Grayson later on?

I know right, people want to say "Jason's > Lady Shiva" ..... and they accept it just because she's Shiva. Then they want to ask us for feats for our guys while providing none for their side or for even Shiva herself. That's why I don't even mind @jayc1324's delusions

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I have so many ideas, so many good ideas for a WW origin story. Maintaining her being of Clay, I'd make that aspect of her being akin to theological first born humans like Adam and such. Not being made from the womb of a man or even a first human of course, but created from the same dust as them and blessed by most of the Olympian Gods (both male and female) and some Titans such as Gaea. I'd also add her mother Hippolyta being Wonder Woman during WW1 and meeting Diana Trevor who crashes on the island and stays with the Amazons for a short time before sacrificing herself in battle with the evil titan spawn that were sent to destroy the Amazons or Maybe Circes beateamorphs. Mainly, I'd honor Perrez's origin.

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@jayc1324 said:

@ancient_0f_days: Like I said, training isn't proof of superior skill.

So you maintain that Jason is more skilled.....for no reason