The Date

I'm back from my date with Tony Stark. It was wonderful. We went to that car show and he showed me Mustangs, motorcycles, Corvettes, all the hot cars a girl like me would love to have. I asked him if he worked on the cars he has and he said "When I'm not saving the world, running my company, or taking you out, I work in my garage." I was delighted to know that he works on his cars. I also asked if I could see his garage and he agreed. After the car show, he took me to dinner at a high class restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Wow! The food was wonderful and Tony, the complete gentleman picked up the bill. I was so happy.
He took me back to his house and showed me his garage, but Rhodes was waiting there. Tony told me it was Initiative business and to wait right there. So I did. Unfortunately, Wolverine was also there. He asked me what I was doing and I said I was on a date with Tony Stark and I was having a good time. He looked at me skeptically and sniffed. He decided I wasn't lying and then asked me if I planned to kill Tony Stark. I said "Only if he breaks my heart, Besides, I couldn't kill him." He seemed satisfied. He told me that the X-Men still wanted me back to explain everything and I said I couldn't, I'm busy with work and a relationship at the moment.
Tony came back at that point and asked me if I was truthful. I told him that it was the best date I ever had and I would love to date him, but I wouldn't sleep with him until I was ready. He nodded and I was relieved. He hugged and kissed me and then asked what Wolverine was doing at his house. Wolverine said he was wondering about a bunch of things and Tony said that it should wait until I was home. Logan agreed and they dropped me home from Tony's private helicopter.
I kissed him good night and bound down the driveway to see Hugh Jackman and Robin, with a few SHIELD agents. Hugh saw me as I walked up and Robin apologized as someone came around him. He introduced himself as Special Agent Roberts, second-in-command of SHIELD. I looked at Robin and he indicated that this was a friend and he couldn't stop him from doing his job. We all went inside to see Nick Fury and I sat on the couch.
I was so happy and my happiness was shattered by SHIELD, big surprise. They asked where I was. I told them. Nick Fury confirmed it with Wolverine and Tony Stark and I was getting upset. I told them I needed to sleep. They asked why and I told them that I just had a wonderful time with Tony and that I was happy. Thank you for ruining it. I will answer your questions in the morning and I turned to go to my room. I was so upset. I turned on my computer and I cranked up the music. I took a shower and was very relieved when Hugh came to my room and sat in a chair. He said that he tried to tell them where you were, but they wouldn't leave until I was here. They were keeping tabs on me and I told him that I am dating Tony Stark, they need not worry about anything.
He seemed satisfied, so I went to sleep and woke up to a dozen long-stemmed, white roses from Tony Stark. They thanked me for a wonderful night and I watched Get Smart to calm down.

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The Premiere

Wow...That was a good party. Robin invited all of his college friends and everything went off without a hitch, although there was Nick Fury and his second eying me all night. I was not happy. I left Latveria a few years ago and they have the gall to watch me? What is up with that? Anyway, the premiere was wonderful and the movie was phenomenal. I couldn't believe it. I was proud that Hugh took my advice and even Wolverine seemed to like it. He sat next to me. It was four of us in a row. It was Wolverine, myself, Hugh, and then Tony Stark in the row that I knew. At the after party, Doom said how much he enjoyed the movie and how he thought it was brilliant work from Robin Joseph. I smiled at him and then he told me that he would leave Sunday after the party was over. Sure enough, he kept his word and he is back in Latveria with me being watched a lot. I was a little upset about it, but what could I do? I decided that I would mingle with the party-goers.
Hugh Jackman was taking to Wolverine to which I smiled. It was really cute to watch Hugh discuss Wolverine with Wolverine. Robin was talking to his wife and her friend, the scientist. Fury and the second were eying me from across the room the whole time. I was a little uncomfortable until Tony strode up to me. He said that he was the scientist's friend for the occasion and that he would very much like to get to know me. I was stunned to say the least. Tony Stark wanted to get to know me and I was thinking about everyone else but him. He had that billionaire look about him even though he was out to the world as Iron Man. We talked and he learned about my past and he didn't judge me like the other Avengers had. I asked him why and he said "because not all women lie." I was happy that he understood that. He asked me to dance and I asked where his date was. He replied that Pepper was his secretary and she didn't wish to come to the party. She was at the movie premiere itself though. I nodded and felt comfortable in his arms. Hugh Jackman looked at us and pretty soon everyone was looking at us. I was never so mortified in my life. I thanked him for the dance and went to the balcony.
Robin followed me out to find me with Aragorn talking. I had taken him out of his movie before the premiere and told him to do a few things and that I would see him at the party. He had complied like they always do, but Robin heard us this time. I was talking about how it would never work between me and Tony, that Tony wanted to get into my pants and just was telling me what I wanted to hear. I didn't even hear him until Aragorn pointed behind me. I whirled hoping to find Doom or Jackman, but Robin was a nice choice too. He said that I looked mortified in the party and was going to make sure I was okay. I told him he needs to stop worrying about me or his wife would get jealous and he replied that she probably wouldn't. I laughed and he said he wanted to tell me something. I asked what was the matter and Robin said that SHIELD was worried about me. He said he haad a friend who worked for SHIELD and I was appalled. He asked what was wrong and I said "I thought you cared about me." I stormed out with Aragorn following close behind.
I found Tony outside the front door. He said he didn't mean to embarrass me and that he was sorry. I asked if he was trying to get into my pants. He replied no, but I want to be friends before we consider a relationship. I was stunned as all hell. What the fuck was going on? Was everyone on speed and I was the only one clean? It made no sense, but I agreed. I asked if he wanted to go have dinner somewhere and he asked about my date. I said I'll text him. I did so and Hugh said that he didn't mind because he wasn't working anytime this week anyway. So here I sit in Tony's house typing this. I can't believe it. I should go back to work though and soon.

Whoops, got to go, Tony is taking me to a car show. I like cars and I hope this is going to be a great friendship! I know he still wants to get into my pants, but I don't care anymore.

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The Airport Problem

I went to the airport last night to pick up Dr. Doom. His private jet was coming from Latveria and was to arrive at 11:30pm, so naturally I was early at 11pm. I got there and saw SHIELD agents and the Avengers EVERYWHERE. Dr. Doom is a foreign dignitary in this instance, so they can't nail him for the super-villain gig. I took out my portable DVD player and in it was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King because I decided to watch it in the limousine. I skipped to the battle at Mordor and let Legolas and Aragorn come to life. They stood there looking confused and I used them as a shield to get to Doom's gate. The Avengers (Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Ares, Black Widow, and Sentry) spotted me and asked me to stop. I stopped and held my ground, Legolas at my left with his bow drawn and Aragorn at my right with his sword at the ready. I waited and they asked me why I was there. I responded "To pick up Dr. Doom. He is here to see Robin Joseph's premiere as a foreign power." Iron Man stepped up to me and took off his helmet. Boy, was he cute! I wish he wasn't such a womanizer though. I pulled out another DVD and inserted H-E Double Hockey Sticks starring Will Friedle (love that guy). I immediate brought Grifflkin to life and he stood there waiting for orders.
"Go get Dr. Doom, Grifflkin." I said as I stared at Iron Man. I told him that the SHIELD didn't need to be here and that Doom would behave. I gave my word to them. Iron Man let me go and Legolas finally disappeared, but I decided to keep Aragorn as protection for myself in case one of the Avengers tried to hurt me. Good thing too, because the next thing I knew Ares and Aragorn were in a sword fight. Iron Man called for it to stop, but Ares wouldn't listen. He slashed through Aragorn and backed me into a corner. "You were supposed to register" was all he said as he held me at sword point. I sighed. "I have magically imbued powers, but I'm a mutant. I was born with my powers and Doom was kind enough to take me in. I just want you to know that you are no match for me." Ares scoffed until Grifflkin came from the gate with Doom and jumped Ares.
I was grateful and while the Avengers dealt with that problem, I went to Doom and he hugged me like a father would hug a daughter. "Your powers are formidable now, my dear." I said, I can make them hard projections now and he patted me on the back. We got in the limousine and drove to Hugh's house. Hugh had insisted to keep Doom near me as it would make me happy. I smiled when he said that. The premiere is tomorrow night and Hugh got a beautiful dress for me. It's blue and here is a picture of it:


I think it is a beautiful dress, but Hugh didn't have to go through the trouble of getting it for me. I mean, he spends way too much time trying to make me happy. This has to be professional because we work together. I help him with his acting and he gives me a home, end of story. This was just a freebie. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but I can't get into a relationship right now. It's the last thing on the planet that should happen to me and I am not going to let this happen anymore. I realize I'm Hugh's date to the premiere and that Doom is accompanying us, but I shouldn't be paraded around like a trophy, I'm not a trophy and I do not think it is a good idea to bring me along. Although it would give me a chance to give Tony Stark a piece of my mind. Alright I will go, but there is no reason I have to like it.

I'm NOT attracted to Tony Stark. I just think he's cute.

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Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

He's following me again. Wolverine, he thinks he can get around me. Look, it's not that I hate the X-Men, but they can't see that Dr. Doom has a human side. He is still human. I hold the trinket he gave me. It's the queen's or was, until she died. Dr. Doom took it hard. I remember that. He threw himself into his work, raising me into my powers. Wolverine has a thing for Hugh, my boss. He's nice. Hugh Jackman is currently working on a couple of projects. He likes me too. I hope he likes me more soon. I mean, I like him. Professionally, of course. No other way to work together. He discovered my powers and decided to keep me to himself so he could improve his acting abilities. We work late nights.
That Robin Joseph was a looker too, but he got married to a historian as it were. I was okay with that as she seems nice. She likes me, but not as much as she likes her husband. They have that puppy-eyed love. The one that makes you want to hurl. She can't stop calling me to ask when Hugh is coming over for dinner. ONE movie the two men worked on together. ONE, and that doesn't mean you can call one of the busiest men in Hollywood. It doesn't work that way. I have a job to do. If I wanted to tell Jackman about the dinner, he would have cleared his schedule for it. He doesn't have time for dinner.
Jackman has a very heavy schedule. He's filming a new movie and then he's got all these side projects on the side. He is helping Robin get into a new movie with Al Pacino and Harrison Ford. Shia LeBoeuf said to me at the last party that Robin has the potential to be the next romantic star. Just look at his woman, he's the envy of Hollywood. I scoffed saying he would be making what Pacino and Shia himself made.
As for Wolverine, I wish he would stop following me to the photo shoots. I have a job and he's very distracting. He said the X-Men just want to talk. Not gonna happen. I saw them flip when Wolverine told them that he saw Dr. Doom's image on my communicator. I'm not stupid. They want to know what he's up to. Too bad I'm the youngest agent in Hollywood and have a job to do. Although Hugh gave me a leave of vacation should I wish to see my sister. I don't want to leave. My sister is far too busy as it is. Last I heard, Elena was in deep trouble with Nick Fury. Too bad. I wanted to see her. Maybe she'll come see me soon. I hope so. We must stick together.
Dr. Doom emailed me last week. He wanted to know how I  was doing. He was seeing me in a lot of Hollywood pictures. I explained that I advise Hugh Jackman and Robin Joseph and he was thrilled. He said he like Robin's last movie. He was absolutely enchanted by his performance and asked if Robin could go to Latveria to meet him. I said I would have to ask the star himself as he is shooting a movie and that I would get back to him. I asked Robin. He was thrilled that a monarch was interested in his work. He said as soon as he was done shooting his latest movie, he would invite Doom to the premiere party and they would meet. I was surprised that he wanted to meet Doom seeing as how bad everyone thought he was/is, Robin said that rulers should rule how they think it would benefit they're country and I chuckled. He asked what was so funny and I said that Dr. Victor Von Doom had raised me since a young age and now I work for Hollywood. I would say he did alright. Robin said my point exactly. We bid each other good night and I retired to my room in Jackman's Beverly Hills home. Doom emailed me again last night saying he would love to attend the newest movie of Robin Joseph and that he would meet me at the airport with Hugh Jackman as well in a week. Robin said shooting has already wrapped up and that the premiere is at the end of next week.

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