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Would Hals shields hold up against Emerald Lightning? as Luke has instakilled with it before.

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He was cracking in the books as well as the movie when the Elder Vamps decided to put a whoop on him so there's no way he tanks Class 100's like Hulk or Thor

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RIP Namek

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Vaders lightsaber skills are shadow of what they were as shown with how a noob like Luke could give him a run for his money. Anakin in his prime would wreck him with his superior saber skills and agility.

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Classic X-Man and Silver Surfer could wreck most gundams.

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G destroyed a black hole if I remember correctly.

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@Killemall @Delta1938: : So both Eclipso and Superman are liars or your personal opinion overwrites on panel and continuity.

lol whatever have it, i'll concede, Majestic is my favourite character these days so i'm not too bothered and Delta you should of stuck to your old name and made it less obvious who you are coming back under a new account, Don't try and deny it now ;D you already let your mask slip pal, you'll have to work on hiding that before others rumble you.

Also It must be painful for you to both read DCnU seeing it's re-established already three issues into Legion that Daxamites are the strongest in the universe again LOL.

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@Delta1938: If I'm crying ''"Just because I want it to be." then what have you been doing all this time when it's established on panel fact and in DC history than Mon El > Supes until into Legion Vol 3 and the Glorithverse when the downgrades started on him and Daxams? Mon El was stronger than Pre Crisis Superboy in Pre Crisis, yeahhhhhhhhh buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............

''Oh and your scan of what Eclipso says is cool and all, but words only mean so much''

Like you said with your own words; great argument there dude........

I was hoping you'd bring this up that is why I made the point initially cause I had a hunch you where going to bring it up sooner or later, ABC logic is great and everything but you might want to go read Lighting Strikes Twice.

You don't think it's PIS that two people stronger than Supes lose to him in that series. One Possessed by Eclipso and one fighting a Possessed Eclipso Superman? Now take this fight you clearly love and stack it up to what happens in Lighting Strikes twice, From going to a guy who can whoop a Eclipso possessed being stronger than him aka Mon El, to being possessed by Eclipso himself and beating Captain Marvel easily to one day being a Eclipso Supes running scared and using every dirty trick in the book.

So what? is Lighting Strikes twice PIS because the Boyscout doesn't beat Marvel this time with ease. But here is what i'm getting too, if Eclipso has enough power to blow up the moon in Brightest day, and in possessing Superman taking down a decent roster and making Capt Marvel look like a chumo in the Darkness Within then why when it possessed in it's own words a stronger being than Superman did it get taken out like chump unless it was in fact a chump...............

Your so hung up about these fights and you believe it's 2:0 to Supes when it's really 1:1 draw to them lol no matter how you try and argue it have I not already said they are lame fights? Do I talk about the whooping Supes got by Mon and the Legion as a great victory? No exactly cause it's lame and yet here you are trying to spin this Eclipso fight as some great victory for Supes when i've already proven it's nonsense and even when it's all said and done on the semantics of this fight guess what, they're still 1:1.

Laurel Gand and post crisis Dev Em look them up. Also starting off stronger than Kryptonians pre crisis and staying stronger than Krypto's until retconned and downgraded later post crisis = what, = they kept their pre crisis level strength for the duration until it was changed keep up.

+ If you don't believe me about the Star feat then look up 'Legion of Super-Heroes v3 48: To Catch A Falling Star' as well.

If moving a moon solo isn't a pre crisis level feat then why has the only person in continuity with a S uniform post crisis to do it been Superboy Prime.......yeah oh snap............

Do your homework before trying to wrong foot me....

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@CitizenBane: I've not been impressed so far, hope it picks up. Reads like a 80's Marvel comic with Wolverine slicing through a zillion hand ninjas borefest.