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After listening to this ep, my suspicions of it being bittersweet were confirmed. As much as it's great to hear his enthusiasm about his current projects, James' not-so-subtle jabs at DC weren't fun to listen to because of my predisposition and pull are still heavily invested at that company, both pre- and New 52. To me, it's akin to a great player on your favorite sports team (differing management styles, be damned) getting traded off or contracted to another team, who then disparages said team for ever playing for them. Even though I usually trade wait on specific FF runs, I'll see if I can make an exception here. Also, his Invaders concept sounds great. Overall, good to hear James on the site again!

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@fuchsia_nightingale: Seconded. As much as we complain cancellations, the comics biz is a two-way street. It is both lack of DC advertisement AND fan enthusiasm. I'm a huge Legion fan, but I couldn't stand the current book and dropped it after a couple issues. Everything about it, in terms of writing, art, characterization, general direction, etc, was not up to par. It also didn't take advantage of the New 52 reboot and kept its rather opaque continuity. It's better to put a book out of its misery than leaving it to limp along in mediocre condition. Everyone's to blame, not just 'super evil corporate' DC.

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I know, sounds like a stupid question, but the website being revamped and all has made things a little less intuitive.

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I don't get the Louis C.K. bit.

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@ReVamp: I suspect Goldrush to be a revamped version of the Lady Luck character he mentioned before the beginning of the run. Would be intriguing to see either Green Arrow or Hawkman being the traitor.

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... who would be on your roster?

Rules of thumb to follow: New 52 is in effect, has to follow the Hickman concentric circle grid (use ALL 24 slots, so 4 teams of 6), may use a character if s/he hasn't made a New 52 debut unless it infringes on DC mandate (i.e. Wally West, Donna Troy, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, etc.)

Here's mine:

Core founders - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg

Team 1 - Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Martian Manhunter, Hawkman

Team 2 - Batman, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Katana, Richard Dragon, Etrigan the Demon/Jason Blood

Team 3 - Aquaman, Mera, Red Tornado, Element Woman, Plastic Man, Apache-Chief [or Longshadow, just have him say "Inukchuk!"]

Team 4 - Cyborg, The Flash, Vibe, Gyspy, Atom (Ryan Choi), Firestorm

Game on!

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Yeah, buddy! First

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I know. Quite a bold claim that can be derived from the title. Let me preface with assurance of what this post will not be, which is a screed against the creative team on this forthcoming title. It will be amazing in both art and content. It would be quite foolish for DC not to capitalize on not only the Superman's 75th anniversary, but also Snyder's Man of Steel (me thinks its a conspiracy that men named Snyder are working on Supes, Germans!).

My main concern for the book is that it might not jive with the established characteristics of the New 52 Supes. In Action Comics, as well as Lobdell's Superman run, the character has been channeling his Golden Age progressive populist roots (fighting corrupt businessmen, politicians, wife beaters, etc.) and now has left the Daily Planet because of its rampant yellow journalism, all of which done in a not-so-mild-mannered fashion! Although he has his moments of melancholy and introspectiveness, he is more brash, arrogant, likes checking on people's cellphones (because anyone can and will if they had x-ray vision, sorry Ms. Lima), and willing to brazenly defy the government if it means serving the people of Metropolis and Earth better. I think this runs contrary to Lee and Snyder's explicit statements on their Supes interpretation of being a man of restraint, when in fact he hasn't been. Even the Earth-23 Nobel Peace Prize-winning one interfered in the affairs of other countries in Action Comics issue 9! Overall, I'm fearful that all of these awesome elements of New 52 Superman will be lost or discarded with Lee and Snyder's run.

Quell my fears, gents!

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Courtesy of the great Aquaman Shrine website:

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Although I know for the most part this is pure speculation, but what do you think will happen to the Superman books post-He'l on Earth? Even though I appreciate both books thus far (Action since #1, Supes since #0), I'm conflicted with which one I should get regularly on my pull (and don't say Snyder and Lee's because I know I'll get that, too). It'd help to know the character dynamics and concepts each respective book will deal with. I know its hard to say before the crossover's end, but any guesses on the particular content each will emphasize, with Action becoming more in sync continuity-wise?

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