My Ideal Teen Titans

 Within all the Teen Titans...their are all lot members from the 1960's to our present. I my eyes...I think that their could be a new group of Titans made easy.

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Posted by Mbecks14

eh sorry but Fringe? really? one of the worst characters out there. Mirage and Prysm are also kinda lame. Talon should stay a villain. and the babys are out of place on the TEEN titans.
i do like Speedy, Supergirl, and Lagoon Boy though.

Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    
Edited by arrowfan237

What is with you an d Timmy Tantrum and Teether. But I agree with all of the others. Oh yeah, don't you think they need a Robin nd a super speedster on the team.