Future Film Projects

 DC, Marvel and other comic book industries bring good ideas for a motion picture or a direct animated film. Here are some ideal comic books and characters who should have their own movies, if fans don't get mad or anything like that.

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Posted by SilverZeo

"Power Ranger Turbo vs. Beetleborgs Metallix?" Did you know they're re-airing the old school Rangers with special effects, kinda like Transformers Generation 2. And Also, Power Rangers Zeo/Youngblood comic?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I totally agree on static because his cartoon I felt needed a movie but, I would not want a live action movie. I agree on Teen Titans because they are so popular and everyone know who they are. I agree on the Runaways because it is different even in comics and even in the movie world they have nothing like it. I agree on power rangers because that show is awesome. Spider-girl also needs a movie because everyone knows the story of spider-man so a great spin off to those movies would be a movie about his daughter. 
Great list!!!!

Posted by harleyquinn12

Runways, Icon, yes! Great list!
Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.    
Posted by YoungGunna

Go Icon  good job AMP

Posted by Kairan1979

I'd really like to see Astro City on big screen.