Characters that Should be in the DC Universe

 Over the years DC Comics has published stories and characters that do not show up in the mainstream universe for their book or for animation. With the DC Universe pulling characters from different comic imprint companies (Tanget, Milestone Media, Red Circle, etc.), these characters should make their modern day appearance.

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@Fortanono: Now he is.
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All your lists are awesome dude

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Very nice.    
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Awesome list!
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 Grey Ghost is set to appear in Batgirl this year, Chloe Sullivan has made her debut, the Camelot 3000 cast is now the canon versions of Arthur, etc., as per DC Legacies.
Pretty busy year for this sort of list, eh?
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Aresia would be cool to see in the DC Universe. She is a realyl original character. She is a woman who washed onto the shore of Theiscira after her home town was destroyed. And her hatred for man is so strng she leaves the island in hopes to kill everyman in the world.
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I have a fan fiction where Red X, Johnny Rancid and a bunch of other characters only shown on TV or in comic spin offs from shows will be the main characters. If you're interested.

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Aside from V and the Watchmen totally agree with this. Red X would be cool to see in the DCU

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There are a LOT of blanks in this list. Are these from characters who actually did cross-over into the mainstream DCU?

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But there's already a "Fantastic Four" Team in the DCU. They died and their Reed Richards became the Cyborg Superman

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I can see how Barbara could fit in Batman Inc. Maybe the Batman (you know what I mean) of the U.K.

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You forgot Red X.

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@shroudofsorrow: He was MENTIONED IN TERROR TITANS #2

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aya briefly existed in the mainstream DCU during War Of The Green Lanterns. she got blown up though.

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Chloe Sullivan WAS a part of the mainstream DCU. She was introduced into the DCU a few month before the reboot. It looks like she was erased :/

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Dont think all of these would fit but I would love Razer, Aya and especially Phantasm in the main universe.

I would also add Red X, D.A.V.E, Everywhere Man and Jonny Frost.

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very interesting research!