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  Is it just me, or are there too many bloody cliffhangers in the Teen Titans? Ever since McKeever's run between the end 2007-and mid-2009, I have notice certain cliffhangers that the book has not yet picked up where the stories left off (even Titans related books note created by McKeever):

1.) Project Quantum: As a part of the origin that created fellow Titan Bombshell, seen/heard in #63-65, her own mother is a part of a rogue factor within Project Quantum. After failing to kill Bombshell, Project Quantum moves forward with a new direction.
2.) Brother Blood: Since the end of #67 (a FACES OF EVIL issue), he was seen approaching an unknown woman (who has a strange tattoo), looking to make her his new Mother Mayhem
3.) Terror Titans: After their appearances from #57-60 and in their own book #1-6, Clock King abandons his pawns (and killed his ex-girlfriend Disruptor) and defeated by Ravager BUT was unable to keep him from escaping. The remaining Terror Titans (Dreadbolt/Bolt II, Persauder and Copperhead II) escape from custody two weeks after their arrest, and set out to get revenge on Clock King.
4.) Lillian 'Sweet Lili' Worth: The mother to Rose Wilson/Ravager and former lover to Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, was last seen Deathstroke #45 where she sacrificed herself to kill Rose's kidnapper with a jeep and was thrown off a cliff. Then in a Blackest Night tie-in #78, Rose is convinced her mother is still alive, since she was the one family connection that did not return as a Black Lantern.
5.) Phantom Limbs: As a part of Orr's Project M, wounded soldiers of the US Army were given cybernetic implants from Cyborg's technology from TTSpotlight: Cyborg #5. The mini-series brought old and new faces, as well as a cliffhanger at the end of the series (#6): In effort to insure that his technology would not be used for killing, Cyborg replaced the Phantom Limbs' deadly weapons with ordinary prosthetics. Unknown to Victor, Caleb Wilkerson/Blend used his adaptive camouflage to evade capture. With Caleb's surviving tech, this may not be the end of The Phantom Limbs.
6.) The Titans East Massacre: Before volume 2 of Titans began, Cyborg formed a new Titans team composed of Hawk III, Dove II, Little Barda, Power Boy, Lagoon Lad, Son of Vulcan, and Anima. During a training exercise, Power Boy was killed by The Sons of Trigon. The team was attacked and was left for dead. Known survivors: Hawk & Dove (Hawk died later in Blackest Night: Titans #1), Anima (died later in Faces of Evil: Promethus #1), Little Barda and Lagoon Boy (Both Lil Barda and Lagoon have not been seen since recovery)
7.) The Last 3 H'San Natall Hybrids: The origin states that 9 Earth women were impregnated with alien DNA, and so far 6 have been identified (Risk, Argent, Hotspot, Prysm, Frinage and Scorch). Only 3 remain...
8.) Origins and Omens - Teen Titans: six images of the teams future before BLACKEST NIGHT were shown, show far 5 came true (Rose holding a sword at a weak Wonder Girl, Red Devil roasted in human form, pregnant woman: 'Raven' = Wyld, Bart returns as Kid Flash....maybe, and Static joining the team), but nothing about BLUE BEETLE AND WONDER GIRL KISSING. Pregnant teen could be Sun Girl carrying Inertia's baby...
9.) Blue Beetle/Traci 13/Aquagirl Affair: Aquagirl was in love with Blue Beetle in #72-74 and was trying to convince him to cheat on his girlfriend Traci.
10.) Talon: The Earth-3 of Robin, only evil. Was turned hero when dating DUELA DENT/Joker's Daughter. Still a mystery of how she and Talon managed to travel between worlds. And Talon's current whereabouts since Countdown to Final Crisis are unknown....

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Some of these are forgotten moments that have faded into obscurity, others are things that promise to be explored and others still have been dropped entirely. 

With Zookeeper, it's quite possible he is dead.  In his studying of the virus, he contracted sakutia himself.  His interest in Gar and his experiments with the children was in an attempt to replicate the procedure Gar's parents used to save him from the virus which otherwise is fatal to humans.  Since he was never successful in replicateing the exact experiment, it is very likely that Dr Registor succumbed to the fever and dies.  I think it would be a waste of a possible reccuring villian, but it's probably the route that has been choosen.

As for origin's and omen's alot of those never came to fruition. Tho I can assure you the pregnant woman wasn't refferencing Raven and the Wyld.  Firstly Raven wasn't on the team at the time (nor was the her return to the team intended as DC wasn't planning the desolve of the Titans book yet) also she didn't give birth to the Wyld.  her energy caused several pre-existing creatures to fuse physically and develop a hive mentality.  It called her mom as a poorly written attempt at goading Raven.  And maybe it was how it was colored but I thought it looked more like Black Beetle kissing Cassie.  Anyway, alot of the things from O&O were dropped. Like in the titans one, it showed Donna getting attacked by Indigo/Brainiac 8 and raven being subdued by Brother Blood (who didn't have Eddie's curse)

While I'm on the subject of Sabastian, I think he was intended to be part of how Eddie was going to come back. But then DC picked their "dead is dead" mandate and as Eddie recently dies, they choose to call him the first death that would stick.  Therefore Brother Blood's tie to how Eddie would come back (as well as where I think Kid Eternity was meant to go) had to be dropped.

Now, with the Beetle love triangle, that's simply one of those things that won't happen just because it won't get any page time.  Aquagirl doesn't show up anywhere and Jamie is busy with JLI so he wouldn't be around her anyway.

The thing to remember with most of these is that the title has chamged hands a couple of times in between all of these stories.  And you can't really blame a writer for opting to write their own stories rather than finish the stories the other writer didn't care enough about to stick around for.

As for Talon, you might want to stay tuned.  In this monthes issue they included a fan mail response section and Talon was mentioned. If I had to wager a guess, I imagine he will be one of the members of Superboy Prime's team.

Also, in his very first issue, Krul addressed the issue with Rose's mother. An obvious plot seed for later arcs.  This one I'm sure will happen.

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#1: It would just take way too long and would drag out if the Teen Titans were to try to take down Project Quantum completely and would probably end up with some kind of battle with Captain Atom.
#2: That was Brother Blood's original mother from the first storyline of the current series. He was just going back to what he was before. If they were to continue that storyline, it would be a carbon copy of the original storyline but with different team members.
#3: Just nobody cares if they get revenge on Clock King or not. lol
#4: That's something event related and probably something that everyone but you forgot about. lol
#6: They're not super popular characters so it doesn't really matter what happened to them after recovery. Some of them would have stayed in limbo if they weren't pulled out just for that issue alone.
#8: Are you sure that was Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl? (I need to go and look at it again...)
#10: In the Countdown to Final Crisis series, they never really explain how anyone hops from universe to universe except the more notable ways. For Duela and Talon, it's especially not known because Duela has been in Earth-1 since the 60's. Nobody had the idea to bring Talon over until way later and they wouldn't be able to explain it correctly without disrupting the whole history of Duela's character. It was meant to be a mystery until they finally explained it and what you got was all they wanted to let you know because anything else would complicate things or dumb it down.

: Zookeeper is in Superboy-Prime's Legion of Doom in #98.
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3. Persuader is also in Primes Legion of Doom from 98-100.
8. Someone mentioned once that the pregnant girl from the Omen's & Origins was actually Sungirl carrying Initeria's child, but the Origins and Omens ideas were generally just abandoned (think it was along with McKeever leaving).