New Crossover Event: BATMAN/GEN 13

Recently I decided to watch the Gen 13 movie on Youtube, then I decided to buy myself a copy of the first issue of the first volume of Gen 13 for my own benefits and research some more about them. While I was researching I discovered that they crossover to a few titles from both MARVEL, DC, and DARK HORSE (Superman, Spider-Man, The Maxx, Monkeyman and O'Brien, Generation X, and Fantastic Four). I found out that there was one more crossover planned for DC - Gen13/BATMAN! Unfortuntely due to differences between creator J Scott Campbell and DC, the crossover never happened, though Campbell did create artwork for that event (seen below the text for this blog). Since the times have changed and that WILDSTORM is currently owned by DC....this might be possible to happen! What do you saw?

 Batman/Gen 13
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Posted by CiaranStatham

Given that artwork must be at least a decade old, given it's when Campbell was still drawing in something of a bearable style, I'd say it's not going to happen. DC don't have the best amount of respect for Wildstorm at all, and haven't shown it too much support save for the complete misfire of the Worldstorm relaunch. Plus, Gen13 aren't nearly as popular as they used to be. Regardless, it has very little to do with what J Scott Campbell would want, since Wildstorm actually owns those characters - If DC/Wildstorm actually wanted to publish this comic, they would of, by now. DC has owned Wildstorm for the better part of ten years, really.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

If a peak in popularity comes about for Gen 13 then it possible. But they might just do it anyway, they finally printed the Warren Ellis 'Hellblazer' story from 1999. So anything is possible.