Ideas for new DC Universe Animated Original Movies

With Frank Miller's Batman - The Dark Knight Returns being turned into a 2 part animated movie by Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, AND rumors about Geoff John's Flashpoint being the next project (along with unannounced movie projects like Green Arrow, Aquaman, and/or Sinestro Corps War)...I feel like there should be other ideas for the next animated movie:

  • Superman: What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow (Based on the 2 part-issue story by Alan Moore)
  • Batman: In Darkest Knight
  • Flash of Two Worlds
  • Kingdom Come
Posted by danhimself

War Games or No Mans Land

Posted by cattlebattle

An original Flash movie would be cool, but it was scrapped

Posted by danhimself

I'd like a Teen Titans based on Geoff Johns' team but that won't happen since most of them are on Young Justice

Posted by Crom-Cruach

No man's land. Make it a trilogy.