Could Kid Eternity be a Black Lantern?

 In the Blackest Night event, it's a feeding-friendzy as the dead (heroes, villians, and civilians) rise from the grave by Black Hand and Nekron. Among these Black Lanterns only one question pops into my head: Is Kid Eternity a Black Lantern?
Think about it for a minute: Kid Eternity's origin says that he was killed on a boat by an explosion (originally by Nazi U-boats because Kid Eternity is an Golden Age character) but was informed that it was not his time to die. He returned to Earth with powers granted by Mr. Keeper, which allows him to summon any historical hero by saying the word, "Eternity".
 In Blackest Night, even the resurrected heroes/villains (like Superman, Superboy, Green Arrow, etc.) can become a Black Lantern. So is Kid Eternity a Black Lantern?

Posted by CosmicSpiral

No. He was brought back by a Lord of Chaos, not Nekron. 

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

agreed and he's still alive so no

Posted by NightFang

I'm 50/50 about this.