Summer of '10, issue 0 (Countdown to Summer: Prolouge)

 As I now face just a week before my college finals, I can not wait for my summer vacation to start. Besides studying for the my finals, THIS will be the year where I will find some summer work at the my local mall at the movie theater (hopefully there will be an employee discount...but I won't take advantage of it as I am going to work in a new profession than the my grocery bag-boy days back in '07.). Besides working for cash and learning something new, I also going to try to study in my spare time (if I can), buy some (BUT NOT A LOT of) comics, help my friend (and fellow COMIC VINE user - DemonicBlade) do some serious image scanning and work on some things here on Comic Vine. I hope that this summer will work out....and if this summer does not work out I'm repeating myself for the past 2/3 summers as I miss an early chance to be with father for at least a month. I hate for history to repeat itself on me, but I am going to make sure that I will make a difference for myself, and my summer.
 This summer I am going to continue to study my English writing (do some research papers and/or creative essays, OR try to write my own comic book stories), read of books (well known literature and maybe some philosophy), practice some art (drawing life art or do some painting), math (one of my weakness)
 To be continued....(Next issue: School's Out for Summer!)


They Should Meet

 A while back in Gen 3 vol. 4 #10 through 12, there was once a teenage group who almost look like the Atuthority. They called themselves Athoriteens. The sad thing is that the two teams never you think they should?


Superman vs. Goku

 Based on a photo and the given facts about these characters, who would win: Superman or Goku?  (Think about it for a moment, both are aliens, both have abilities beyond mere mortals yet they both have different skills. This would make a great comic book crossover event.)


Ideal Spin-Off from Smallville comic book series

 I know that everyone here has heard of Warrior Angel in the Smallville TV Show, right? Since the show has showed some issues of Warrior Angel, this should be the next spin-off comic book series....hinting us how this character came to be.


Kid Commandos = Young Avengers?

 Everyone knows that Young Avengers were inspired by Teen Titans, right? Did you ever think that Marvel did a teenage super-team before with a team called Kid Commandos?


Could Kid Eternity be a Black Lantern?

 In the Blackest Night event, it's a feeding-friendzy as the dead (heroes, villians, and civilians) rise from the grave by Black Hand and Nekron. Among these Black Lanterns only one question pops into my head: Is Kid Eternity a Black Lantern?
Think about it for a minute: Kid Eternity's origin says that he was killed on a boat by an explosion (originally by Nazi U-boats because Kid Eternity is an Golden Age character) but was informed that it was not his time to die. He returned to Earth with powers granted by Mr. Keeper, which allows him to summon any historical hero by saying the word, "Eternity".
 In Blackest Night, even the resurrected heroes/villains (like Superman, Superboy, Green Arrow, etc.) can become a Black Lantern. So is Kid Eternity a Black Lantern?


Man on a Mission

 As the Seeker of Lost Knowledge, my first act is to help support the Milestone section with characters photos and comic summaries that haven't been by anyone for nearly 20 years.  Also, I want to help out the Topps Comics section by adding a comic series called Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga #0-4, along with Nightglider. I feel that I'm the only person who sees the attention of unwanted things in life, and I want to help out in the best way I can. Once I'm done with Milestone and Topps, I'll see what else I can do

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