When Will 'Soon I Will be Invincible' be an ACTUAL Comic Book?

 I have read a few good comic books in my time, but ONE superhero novel was so great I thin that it could be a GREAT comic book someday. In 2007, Austin Grossman created 'Soon I Will Be Invincible', a story about a supervillain named Doctor Impossible--evil genius, diabolical scientist, wannabe world dominator--languishes in a federal detention facility -- and a superheroine named Fatale is a rookie superhero on her first day with the Champions, the famous superteam who must act together in the face of unthinkable evil.

 Soon I Will Be Invincible art

There has been rumor of this story being turned into a film at some point this new decade, I would also would love to see it as a comic book as well.

My Father's Comic Book Collection Probability Theory

 In the winter 2004, my father told me that he collected comic books when he was a child in the mid-50's and early-60's. He showed me a very large box that like up to my hips and what I recall for what he had, mostly some superheroes (Superboy and Batman), some various cartoons (like Woody the Woodpecker, Donald Duck,....) and some very old horror movie magazines. Since that stuff was made from the Atomic and Silver Age and based on the years that my father has been around since his birthdate from 1952 to his early 20's in the 1970's , I figure that maybe...just maybe that my father may have something worth valuable and cash it it more maybe thousands to millions from DC and MARVEL (IF I could just take inventory at his old childhood home in LONG BEACH, NEW YORK).  Unfortunately, my father was not very clear on how to protect this comic books from aged old pages, dust, and God knows what less, so I'm going to take my chaces despite the decrease of value and try when I have enough oney for a plane ticket for New York and figure out the math for value and try to boost the money.....


New Crossover Event: The Three Stooges vs. The Marx Brothers

 Since the late 1920's and early 1930's, America has had two great comedy groups: The Three Stooges and The Marx Brothers. The Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp - later replaced with Curly, Joe, and Curly Joe) were best known for their numerous short subject films (and later 6 feature length movies as well as cameos in various films like 4 For Texas and It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) as their hallmark was physical farce and extreme slapstick. The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and sometimes Gummo and Zeppo) were best known for their crazy and often insane sabotages, and hilarious personalities and mischief. The sad thing was that neither of the groups have ever encountered each as guest appearances from their acting days to their deaths. But with the creativity of the 21st century, we might expect that one day some lucky artist and writer would come up a crazy crossover that illustrate the possibility. It would something my father and my grandfather would love to see. Who thinks it should happen?

 The Three Stooges vs. The Marx Brothers

New Crossover Event: BATMAN/GEN 13

Recently I decided to watch the Gen 13 movie on Youtube, then I decided to buy myself a copy of the first issue of the first volume of Gen 13 for my own benefits and research some more about them. While I was researching I discovered that they crossover to a few titles from both MARVEL, DC, and DARK HORSE (Superman, Spider-Man, The Maxx, Monkeyman and O'Brien, Generation X, and Fantastic Four). I found out that there was one more crossover planned for DC - Gen13/BATMAN! Unfortuntely due to differences between creator J Scott Campbell and DC, the crossover never happened, though Campbell did create artwork for that event (seen below the text for this blog). Since the times have changed and that WILDSTORM is currently owned by DC....this might be possible to happen! What do you saw?

 Batman/Gen 13

Where Are You Now: Little Barda

  Back in 2006, Geoff Johns created a bunch of new Teen Titans in #38 since the events of 52/One Year Later. Among the 25 new Titans, one was called "Little Barda" who almost looked like New God Big Barda. According to her origin, Little Barda was raised on the hellish world of Apokolips, and was aspired to become a butt-kicking heroine in the tradition of Big Barda. After Superboy's tragic death during the Infinite Crisis, the Teen Titans faced a year of heartache and turmoil. Little Barda accompanied Power Boy to join the team - both hoping it would be good training and exposure. She appeared in 52 #21, where the Teen Titans met Luthor's new Infinity Inc. against Blockbuster, however their "team-up" resulted in the death of Infinity team member, Eliza Harmon. Following that tragedy, both Power Boy and Little Barda left the team.
  Then Little Barda was shown againg in TITANS EAST Special #1, where Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team after reclaiming Titans Island on the East River from Deathstroke's Titans East. As the elder Titans turned down membership, Cyborg gathered a Titans East composed of Hawk & Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan. During a routine training exercise, Cyborg ordered the rest of the team to take down Power Boy. But the newest Titans were shocked to discover Power Boy's burned corpse hanging from a tree (which for some reason was connected to DEATH OF THE NEW GODS). Before the team could react, they were savagely attacked by the children of Trigon. This onslaught left Little Barda in critical condition. HOWEVER it was reveled in TITANS #21she recovered.
  What becomes of her is now a mystery. Will she play a role in soon to be 5TH WORLD? Your guess is as good as mine....

 Little Barda
 Big Barda

My Apology To Comic Vine

 Today (July 11, 2010) I found out that I was ban from editing info because I copied it from another website. I was only trying to add information about a character that nobody has never heard about and probably has own in over 50/60 years. By banning me from editing info it feels like my heart was removed from my body. I love this website because it contains more information about any comic book (volumes, issues, creators, characters, teams, objects, locations, concepts and story-arcs) since the birth of a comic book. As the years go by everyone remembers who they are...but sometimes we intend to forgot about them as no one would remember them. As I called my "Seeker of Lost Knowledge" I wanted to publish information about MILESTONE characters, then I moved on to TOPPS characters, fixing RAVAGER info, and became hooked on to this website ever since. But when I moved on to more info about anything, I needed more info from elsewhere. In reality I am not crook. I'm just a guy who wanted to be friendly, take care of #1 and stay out of trouble. COMIC VINE is like a haven for me as made characters back into the media for everyone to read and be amazed to learn about them. I am ashamed for me to stealing from someone else and I would to be forgiven for what I did to this website and became an ORIGINAL person when editing info about a character/team/etc.


My Room, On a Bus, and At a Bus Station

 I mostly read all my comic books in my room where it's cool, a bit private, and also do whatever I want to do other than reading.
 When I am finished with school for the day I sometimes read them on bus while heading home.
 When arrive from school, I sometimes read my comics while waiting for the next bus to take me home.

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Waiting For the Last of Jack Kirby

 Some of you may or may not remember this but back in 2006 Jack Kirby's daughter, Lisa Kirby, revived one her father's creations from obscurity, The Galactic Bounty Hunters. Ever since then she and others from MARVEL'S ICON imprint promised to lease more ideas that never saw the light of day. The last of Jack Kirby's work are of the following:

JK's Descendant of Atlantis

~THE DESCENDANTS OF ATLANTIS : Long before recorded history, the continent of Atlantis once flourished. Its society reached the heights if learning and technological advancement that could only be called ‘sorcery’ by Earth’s other primitive peoples who came into contact with them.

 At its very zenith, this nation was ruled by Medea, a brilliant young woman, skilled not only in the physical sciences, but master of psychic abilities far beyond the scope of present day understanding as well. She was betrothed to Antimon, a young nobleman. He was instructed in all of her secrets, in preparation for their shared rulership of Atlantis...but Antimon was seized by a lust for power and glory, and betrayed Medea, inciting a rebellion against her. In his madness, he ordered his scientists to unleash a deadly plague, which quickly spread out of control. In order to prevent the possible destruction of all life on Earth, Medea had to form a psychic bond with all noble counselors and seers, and use their combined telekinetic powers to submerge the entire continent of Atlantis beneath the sea!

No longer desiring to live herself, yet afraid that Antimon and his evil cohorts might have somehow survived, Medea makes a pack with the Yetis, an early branch of humankind that has survived into present time, sparking rumors of ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Abominable Snowman’. They place her body high in the , in a state of suspended animation, never to be awakened, unless Atlantis should once again rise above the sea!

Antimon and his generals had indeed made provisions for survival, and were jarred from their hibernation by the underwater atomic tests of the 50’s. Using a force field to create an atmosphere, they begin to rebuild their sunken empire, building up their forces for the conquest of Earth!

Antimon feels that his forces are finally ready, so in present time, Atlantis is thrust to the surface, causing worldwide havoc!

Medea is summoned, and puts her reserve plan into action. Using five specially designed crystal skulls, buried in various places around the globe, she calls five unique descendants of Atlantis (Aerius, Arobi, Clarion, Observer, ____) to her. They have the mixed blood of Atlantis and other Earth tribes in their veins, each possessing special abilities and together they must unite with Medea to save the world!


~RINCON: A coalition of intergalactic peacekeeprs known as the Nebula Freeman has sent an envoy to warn the people of Earth of an impending invasion by the evil coalition known as the Star Slavers (Col. Kyra, Ivan, Slavator, Slykr, and Morg). As they approach Earth, they are shot down by an advance scoutship of the Star Slavers and plunge into the off the coast of , .

Four local teenage surfers at a beach called RINCON are about to enjoy an uncrowded moonlight ride when they observe the fiery crash of the Freeman’s interstellar vehicle. Jim/Rush, Sandy/Thrasher, Andre/Jettski, and Helen/Hell-On-Wheels paddle out to the distressed vehicle to see if they can help. They board the sinking spaceship, but the aliens are past saving. The dying commander warns them of the impending invasion, and arms them with Transforming Augmentation Spheres/AUGS.

The surfers discover that the metallic spheres will transform any personal transportation device (surfboard, skateboard, rollerblades, etc.) into fusion-powered assault vehicles! Before long, the quartet is caught up in a galaxy-spanning war between good and evil.


The Star-Slavers : They are an aggressive alien species whose mission is to enslave the Earth and strip her of all resources. Kyra's pack, who is on the front lines of battle, consist of: the leader, Col. Kyra, her advisor Ivan, Slavator - (special forces), Multi-tasked Slykr - pilot, spy and shape changer, and Morg - raiser of the dead. The main thorn in Kyra’s side of are the Malibu Maniacs who will fight these alien predators and hopefully save the Earth from disaster. 

JK's Thunder Hunter

  ~THUNDER HUNTERS : Three young people in a 16 century English village are given the powers of a Storm by an ancient wizard. "Thomas the Hunter" has the sonic power of thunder, "Starlight" commands the fury of the winds, and "Joshua," known as "Scarehawk" can unleash the force of lightning. Nilrem," the wizard who grants them these powers, magically transports the youths into the present day to protect them from an evil sorcerer bent on destroying them. The 3 youths must now avoid capture and destruction, while learning to use their new found powers to defeat the evil sorcerer 

~MYSTIKO!: This strange explorer from across the vast cosmos of space has been in search of a to call his home. He adopted Earth in 3000 AD still lives here today. His age is unknown. Mystiko was instrumental in Whitestar's rebirth into a being of extraordinary power. His personal quest is to find a higher place of consciousness. Spiritually existing in peace and harmony... but the physical conflicts on Earth continuously draw Mystiko into mans struggle for freedom, and force Mystiko to choose between passive resistance and/or physical aggression. Mystiko is a fixture, well woven into both "Disciples of the Dragon" and "Malibu Maniacs."

WHITESTAR KNIGHT: From out of the vast cosmos, a champion of justice speeds towards Earth. He is on a mission to locate a sacred possession stolen from him over 800 years ago... However, the recovery of this ancient weapon is now momentarily diverted, for this space-riding Knight has been heralded by the ill-fated "Nebula freemen" to seek out the holder of the augmentation spheres... for he is the anointer... he is the equalizer... he is the Whitestar Knight!

  With all this info about lost ideas of Jack Kirby, will Lisa be able to show them to the world?


What was the Backstreet Project?

 The Backstreet Project was 

In February 2000, the Backstreet Boys join Stan Lee to create a comic book called the Backstreet Project, a small booklet, which was a segment of the huge merchandising device for the band and went on sale for eight dollars at their concerts or through Internet. The "Backstreet Project" was also created by Nick Carter, the youngest of the BSB, and Stan Lee, the creator of Spider Man, in which the BSB are super heroes.


 It all starts as the Backstreet Boys are in the midst of another of his concerts, they are on stage when suddenly a spaceship crashes near stadium. The kids come running to help the beautiful alien, Zanell (the daughter of an evil alien emperor named Zator), who was on the ship and discover that the visitor was on the mission of protecting the Earth from an alien invasion would happen soon. The alien gives each one of the boys an enchanted amulet in the form of mystical crystals, when the Backstreet Boys use these amulets their DNA changed through genetic a virtual cyclone which gives each amazing powers.

~Backstreet Boys/Cyber Crusaders:

Nick Cater/Ninja-Man: His charm makes it a martial arts expert of any kind. It has a magnificent sword whose blade can cut everything. Their movements make Jackie Chan look close to the ground. 


Howie Dorough/Illusioneer: Using telepathic abilities that gives it its charm, he can project in images, three-dimensional illusions of any object imaginable. Just enough to appoint him to that he does appear. 


A.J. McLean/Ordnance: With his charm he becomes the best shot no matter what weapon you are driving. It is armed by a pair of laser guns and moves with the grace of an Olympic Athlete.  


Brian Littrell/Top Speed: His amulet allows you to jump heights never before achieved, even entire buildings jump with a jump. You can also generate a bunch of mystical energy of the shape of a basketball.  


Kevin Richardson/Power Lord: His charm gives him the ability to grow and gain a unique force, can be as strong as a room full of weightlifters.



New Comic Book Crossover (Based on an old Batman episode)

 Stop me if you heard this one already, but in the late 1960's two superheroes were given there own TV Shows (Batman and Green Hornet). Then came the crossover of the decade in 1967 in an two episodes of Batman (A Piece of the Action and Batman's Satisfaction), where Green Hornet and Kato traced a flood of counterfeit stamps by someone named Col. Gumm, an evil foreman running a counterfeit rare-stamps operation. After they bust in on the operation, the owner of that factory thought that Green Hornet and Kato were crooks and phoned in Comissoner Gordon, who alerts the Dynamic Duo. From this two-part episode, the Dynamic Duo thought that the Green Hornet and Kato were crooks behind the scheme and the two duos fought each other after fighting the real crooks.


 Based on this cheesy crossover, I think that comic book fans would be interested to see a more modern version of this crossover (especially now that Kevin Smith has created the future offspring of Green Hornet and Kato and that the youngest version of the Dynamic Duo, Dick/Batman and Damien/Robin, are active until the return of Bruce Wayne.). What do you think of the idea?