Everything's Gone TRON

Ever since Disney's TRON: LEGACY was released last year (2010) I have noticed certain things in comics.

1.) MARVEL Comics: Each individual issue from Marvel Comics had a Tron themed costume (FYI, Marvel was purchased by Disney back in 2009, hence they were "promoting" TRON: LEGACY.).

2.) Superboy: Since DC Comics decided to reboot the entire DC Universe with new 52, back to square one, comics Superboy's "new" costume caught my attention.

Superboy #4 crop

3.) Glory Knights: For those of you who are not aware of who the hell are The Glory Knights, they are from Dynamite Entertainment's Kirby: Genesis comic. The characters were Jack Kirby creations that where once from an earlier comic book series called JACK KIBRY'S SECRET CITY SAGA from Topps Comics in the early 90's. Three of the four character should here are Bombast, Captain Glory, and Night Glider. Their original costumes differ to there new look

4.) Forever People: Since last night's premiere episode of Young Justice "Disordered", the Forever People made their appearance to TV, with a twist to their outfits.

Who here has noticed?


Latest Update on Stan Lee's ROMEO & JULIET: THE WAR

In my earlier blog, I found out that STAN LEE was working on a new project after his involvement with THE GUARDIAN PROJECT for the NHL and the year long stories of SOLDIER ZERO, THE TRAVELER, and STARBORN for BOOMStudios called ROMEO & JULIET: THE WAR for both 1812 Comics and POW Entertainment.

In case you are unaware or forgot what's all about, here is a plot summary: "Two groups of superhuman soldiers who turn the Empire of Verona into the most powerful territory on Earth. The Montagues, powerful cyborgs made of artificial DNA, and the Capulets, genetically-enhanced humans known for their speed and agility, who work in tandem to destroy all threats to Verona. With no one left to fight, they have a new enemy - each other. When a young Montague boy, Romeo, and Capulet girl, Juliet, fall in love, they secretly plan to marry, hoping their union will bring peace to the warring factions. But forces beyond their control begin to conspire against them, threatening their love, their lives…and the Empire of Verona."

The latest update from the NYCC is the date the comic will come out by NOVEMBER 30TH, 2011. AND here's here's a trailer for the comic (released since 10-24-2011):

AND....Here's the cover:

What do you think?


The End of the First Month of DC's New 52

Since August 31st to September 28th, DC Comics relaunched their ENTIRE books with 52 new books. After an entire month of new books, here are my concerns:

-Justice League: The FIRST book after FLASHPOINT. Somehow I knew that Barry was going to do something to fix everything that happened after all the craziness between heroes and villains. Too bad that everything starts all over again but with a few twist: characters from Vertigo (i.e.Swamp Thing and Animal Man) and WildStorm (i.e. Grifter, Voodoo, and Catlin Fairchild) return to the new mainstream. With Justice League, sold 200,000 copies and second printings are coming (I hope it beats Jim Lee's X-Men #1, which sold 8.1 million copies). Overall, it's great to see an all-star writer teaming up with an all-star artist.

-Action Comics and Detective Comics: Ever thought you would say to your friends, "Hey guys, I got Action Comics #1". Your friends would be thinking #1 from 1938 (the first comic book), but in reality you have a new piece of history that echoes from the Golden Age of Comics. Detective Comics, on the other hand, also echoes through past experiences of the Cape Crusaders as it's YEAR ONE all over again (there were moments that looked like FRANK MILLER), with a new villain. It's only been somewhat of 73 years and now we have a new age is upon us before DC is 100 years old.

-Aquaman: Ever since his creation, Aquaman was never a serious character until Blackest Night. Aquaman has been coming interesting for me. He was a zombie until he was brought back to life (again) with a second chance in Brightest Day, where he recruits his arch-enemy (Black Manta)'s son to become the new Aqualad as they fight against both Manta and Atlantean colonialists (from Xebel), and in the alternate timeline of Flashpoint he stinks most of Europe and goes to war with Wonder Woman (who was going to marry Aquaman to bring peace between two ancient civilizations until her mother killed by an "Atlantean") and her Amazons. NOW, we get to see the Sea King takes on creatures from the deep, which is cool because the bottom of the ocean continues to reveal more ancient sea creatures.

-Red Hood & The Outlaws: I've kinda notice something when it comes to Batman relate stuff, most members of the Batman family join a new team that starts with "O" (i.e. BATMAN and NIGHTWING have formed the OUTSIDERS, two different generations of the team). The thought about a former sidekick forming a team with a rejected sidekick who became a damaged soldier of fortune and (Arsenal) an alien princess (Starfire) who was a prisoner of intergalactic war would be interesting, but three people is hardly enough for a team. After the first issue there's been a MAJOR controversy about Starfire being a oversexialized character (she did Arsenal) and that she has no memory about anyone from TEEN TITANS. I know that Starfire was a key character to the Teen Titans (a lustful character) and a great romance with Dick Grayson, but since DC wants everything to all new again, that's what we are now witnessing...a "new" Starfire.

-Superboy: He was created from Project Cadmus, INSTEAD he is created by the mysterious NOWHERE to be a living, breathing weapon as they seek to control young metahumans on Earth. My only surprise is that RAVAGER returns (as a hired mercenary, with no connection to her "father" - DEATHSTROKE) as well as WildStorm's own CATLIN FAIRCHILD from GEN-13 as members of NOWHERE.Why these two women have become supporting characters for Superboy I can possibly understand. Since Teen Titans #88, Ravager began fliterting with Superboy after he officially broke-up with Wonder Girl. Then in #100, the last issue, after defeating Superboy-Prime and his "Legion of Doom" and Superboy clone, Superboy gives Ravager (who has the killing nature of an assassin) the kryptonite used against the clones in case he went rogue again. Catlin, on the other hand, is an interesting case. She once thought she WAS Supergirl in Superman/Gen-13 crossover story.

-Static Shock: Since the loss of Milestone founder Dwayne McDuffie in February 2011, their was going to be a new Static series by Felicia Henderson (which takes place after Teen Titans #87) before the relaunch...but apparently the idea was better for the new 52. So far the new costume and disk are kinds cool, but I hate the fact that he ad his family moved from Dakota to NEW YORK CITY as he takes on new villains and no familiar faces.

-Teen Titans: I love the New Teen Titans Marv Wolfman and George Perez created and Geoff Johns revived the team in 2003. After he left, the book has been many ups and downs with team roster size, new writers, and fallen comrades....and the sad part is that there are still so many cliffhangers (see my Blog entitled "To Be Continued: Teen Titans"). Now with this new book history is rewritten has their is no Fab Five as founders, no T-Tower, no CYBORG and STARFIRE. We do however have Red Robin/Tim Drake - Batman's former sidekick, Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandmark - now a belligerent powerhouse thief, Bart Allen/Kid Flash - a hyberactive speester and NOWHERE'S Superboy, those kids have been together since Young Justice back in the late 1990's and Teen Titans in 2003. Soon the team will have a gay, Mexican hero named Bunker (who was once called The Wall, yeah not much of superhero name myself but Bunker works better and didn't the Titans had a gay member before?), a insect girl named Bugg and another girl who has been unofficially called "Charcoal Girl" (sounds racists I know, Abyss would sound a WHOLE lot better).

Overall: With the first month over, it's kinda interesting how DC has given us a fresh new start with 52 new #1's as we move on with #2's and so on and so forth. It's still strange that the JUSTICE SOCIETY, the MARVEL FAMILY, the MIGHTY CRUSADERS, and other MILESTONE MEDIA characters (ICON & ROCKET, XOMBI, SHADOW CABINET) and the WILDSTORM Universe (GEN-13, WETWORKS,, THE AUTHORITY) have not returned yet...but they one day will return. As for me, I'm going to wait until trade paperbacks/ hardcovers come out with many issues collected together instead of waiting for each issue to come out month after month. Until then, I'm going to be focusing on my education in college, my job, and eventually get more comics from Dynamite Entertainment (KIRBY GENESIS, KG - CAPTAIN VICTORY, KG - SILVER STAR, Kevin Smith's Bionic Man) and Boom Studios (Stan Lee's Starborn) and get somethings off my comic book search/hunt list (DC, Marvel, etc.).

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To All CV-Users: Blue Moon Special on Batwoman This WEEK!!!

Batwoman #1 will be arriving this Wednesday (9/14/2011). Come out and meet the writer, Haden Blackman at BLUE MOON COMICS in NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA. They are excited that he is taking time out of his busy schedule to come sign this much anticipated book. He will be there at 11am to meet you so, come show your support for our local rising star!

Green Arrow + Chloe Sullivan: Could it Happen in Comics?

  When I used to watch SMALLVILLE (before the series finale back in May), I was surprised about a major change the life of a superhero: OLIVER QUEEN/GREEN ARROW and CHLOE SULLIVAN. Everyone knows that Oliver was in love with DINAH LANCE/BLACK CANARY (they even got married and then divorced) and he couldn't keep it in his pants with women like MOONDAY "SANDRA" HAWKE and SHADO (both whom given birth to Oliver's child - CONNER HAWKE/GREEN ARROW II and ROBERT). Eventually he found his way into the SMALLVILLE show and became a major support character. Chloe was created for the sole purpose of a TV Show and eventually found her way into comics (twice - one based on the show and her actual debut into DC Comics). She also had a few romances but eventually married a different JIMMY OLSEN (not the real one we know and love), but sadly he died and Chloe became single again...until midway into SEASON 9 when Chloe started to flirt with Oliver and then kissed him as a romance was formed. Then towards the last season, they two got married after a major hangover (thanks a lot Zatanna). Even in the last episode, it was revealed that the two have a son.
 With the show over and the new DCU coming in September as every comic will start anew, one of the curious questions for the new GREEN ARROW series is will Oliver's new love interest (if still branded an outlaw for the death of Promethus) be CHLOE?


An Important Issue from the CBLDF

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has issued something an important announcement that could change everything we hold dear about comic books and airline travel. I advise you to pass the word about this as our freedom is at stake. Thank you....


What Obscured Character Am I Results

You match well with...

The King
The King? Huh? Well, you're buddies with Jay Garrick and insanely rich, like quite a few other heroes. You've also taken on the task of taking on the underworld by pretending to be a criminal. However, you can't say he's a rip-off of other characters since you first appeared in 1940. Way to go old timer!
Lucky you! You're probably the most popular of these obscure characters! Sportsmaster! Well, you don't have any powers, but you were on Batman: Brave and the Bold. Heck, you were even in a recent Final Crisis Aftermath book.... but then you died...
You're Moonraker! Like the movie! You were a member of the oh so memorable Force Works! Well, you really didn't join, you forced your way in with your time control ability.
All right, maybe you're not THAT obscure. Heck, you've only been around since 2001, but you are one sick and twisted serial killer. Thankfully, we don't have to hear you complain about being moderately obscure because you cut your own tongue out!

My Results for Dating a Heroine

You match well with...

Me-ow! Catwoman will scratch your itch. She's good with a whip and has recently become a MILF!
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch has altered the probabilities and has given you a chance to date her. If you're into chaos, magic, and tight corsets, she's the girl for you. Just be careful, you might find yourself in an alternate reality...or dead if your date goes poorly.
Rachel Summers
You're into sexy red heads. Marvel girl is young and charismatic. She's from the future too!
Young and spunky, Arana will give you a fun time at the movies or playing mini-golf. Make sure you don't cross her or she'll knock you out.
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Ideas for Dynamite Entertainment

 For the past few years I was astonished when certain comics/characters of certain medias that have resurfaced as well as original ideas for the twenty-first century; The Green Hornet, The Warriors, RoboCop, Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, Legendary Talespinners, Project Superpowers, Kirby: Genesis, etc. Seeing Dynamite Entertainment a universe for some obscured anomalies, I have a few suggestions about the next great comic book from the past:
-MICRA: Mind Controlled Remote Automaton
-Power Rangers
-Beetleborgs Metallix
-Captain N: The Game Master
-Lady Rawhide
-Red Dawn
-Dick Tracy
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow