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"What do I care about the games mortals play? I make my own sport."

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@winter_wolf @norse_nomad Mentioned you guys in case you felt like jumping in, but ignore it if it's not something you wanna add to your plate.

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The goddess' sublime figure lay bare in the glowing light of the morning sun, her ravishing skin wrapped in fine bed sheets beside the similarly exposed figure of her slumbering protector, Valdar. The heavenly light of morning fell in through the room's balcony to rest in her golden head of hair, painting it in colors more seraphic than its naturally marvelous blonde. The image of the gods basking peacefully in the golden light was one of idyllic beauty, a sight to be envied by the greatest artists on both Asgard and Midgard.

Removing herself from the brawny arms of the Godslayer and rising gracefully from her bed, the Enchantress glided from her bedroom to rest on the golden railing of her chambers' balcony. The balcony overlooked all of the Golden City and beyond - to the verdant forests and shimmering lakes of Asgard's wilderness and to the star-speckled lights of the endless Sea of Space which existed beyond the blue skies of the empyrean realm. Her enchantingly-hued azure irises looked out over all the captivating spectacles of her homeland, however behind her mesmerizing eyes held a much less charming vision.

The Enchantress reminisced on the days of her mischievous and often cruel activities. Memories of tricking Imperials Guards to travel on suicide missions to Jotunheim for her own enjoyment, or manipulating Asgard's finest warriors to assist her in her endless pursuits for power throughout all of the Nine Realms.

Since ascending to the throne, the majority of Amora's criminal activities had been replaced by the endless necessity for fairness and diplomacy. These responsibilities tired the cunning sorceress, and tainted the pleasure she gained from the unquestioned power the throne granted her.

Looking back over her shoulder at her sleeping companion, she knew, as she always had, that she would never return the immutable loyalty and love he had for her. Their relationship had taken a moderately romantic ambiance, with Amora allowing the Godslayer to share her bed, a decision she had continued to delightfully enjoy the physical benefits of. But emotionally she could not bring herself to love him, an emotion she had always exclusively reserved for the God of Thunder - Thor.

Growing weary of her own thoughts, Enchantress stepped back into her bedroom to retrieve an ensemble that left the majority of her amorous figure on display. Two golden plates, held in place seemingly on their own, covered only a small portion of her fair-sized chest, and were adorned with ornate green trim. Around her hips she wrapped nothing but a supple green string, with gold and emerald jewels resting along her waist where a flowing strand of green cloth covered specific areas between her legs. A pair of green thigh-high boots, embellished with gold designs, and a single green tiara completed her ensemble, which managed to appear simultaneously provocative and threatening. Having assembling her ensemble for the day the goddess left Valdar to continue sleeping in her bedchamber in solitude, while she paced through the palace's hallways toward its war room.

The war room had been where Odin conducted any and all of his plans and strategies related to threats from outside Asgard. These threats had been many, including the Frost Giants, Dark Elves and even those from Midgard. Its expansive space held a large circular table in the center, from which the center projected a mystically-powered visual of any of the Nine Realms. On the walls surrounding the center of the room, various patterns of magic lights displayed the current activity of the numerous defenses found throughout the city. It was within the walls of the war room and employing the arcane magic technologies used by the Asgardians that Odin had controlled Asgard's forces. And now, in his death, Amora took her seat at the head of the war room's table.

"What news have thee?" she asked directly of the head of the Imperial Guard, his golden armor adorned with a flowing royal blue cape.

Balder Odinson was around Enchantress' own age, with countless experiences and victories on the battle field. His tactfulness and wit outside of combat was matched only by his skill and ferocity during combat. His innate sense of honor had made him weary of Amora during her rise to the throne, but his loyalty to the realm and his father's legacy had made him willingly to lead the Imperial Guard in her name.

"The time may have come, Your Grace. Eyes on Midgard have reported a prolonged absence of Doom within the realm. While we have not been able to locate him elsewhere, we predict he may be preparing to act on taking back Elysia," he informed her, waiting obediently for her response to the report. Enchantress left many of Asgard's war matters solely to Balder, however he had been given strict instruction to inform her of any news regarding the Elysian monarch.

Saying nothing in response to the information, Amora silently made the decision to move forward with actions she had reserved for the day von Doom was once again a present threat to her. Rising from her seat she instructed Balder with calm authority.

“Ready a handful of your most skilled and experienced soldiers. The realm need not be aware of any war. We shall handle this threat quickly and quietly.”

With her command the god and the remaining warriors and councilmen exited the war room, leaving Amora alone for several moments before she rose from her seat to follow behind them.

Striding through the elegant hallways of the palace, the Enchantress reached out telepathically to the minds of those Asgardians whom she had informed of the days to come.

“Valdar, @winter_wolf, @norse_nomad; the mortal worm von Doom has left Midgard. I know not when he may come for Asgard, but I require all of your vigilance for the war to come. Valdar, wait for me in the Throne Room.” With her brief instructions the goddess vanished in a swirl of pink smoke.

Her lithe figure reappeared on one side of a long, thin corridor. She walked with calm confidence down the hallway, an ambiance of malevolent mischievousness radiating from her swaying hips and the subtle smirk dancing across her pillowy lips. At the end of the corridor she stopped, her gaze resting on the luminous Cosmic Cube resting in front of her.

The cube levitated over a single podium, and cast its azure light along the walls of the small corridor. The pure cosmic energy that the cube was comprised of swirled within its center, making the inside appear as though it held its own galaxy.

With the light of the cube reflecting in her own eyes, Enchantress, having previously placed innumerous spells which were removable by only herself, raised a single hand and said nothing as the cube left its hovering position to float toward Amora before she grasped it in her fingers.

Instantly she felt the surge of the cube’s power rushing through her. Her connection to the mystic energies of Asgard felt infinitely multiplied, as though no exertion of energy could tire her. She also felt the electrifying presence of newfound power within herself, knowing her own very thoughts now held the ability to rewrite reality in her own vision.

Tilting her head back she closed her eyes to take in a deep breath, letting the power settle within her as a sinister smile crept over her face. With her forces in place and her own abilities infinity amplified, Amora felt a surge of excitement for the coming humility she would bring to Doom.

With a single glimmer of pink energy the Enchantress appeared within her throne room, where Valdar stood behind the High Seat in the entirety of his Dwarven-crafted battle armor, both his Bloodaxe and Skorn ready to be drawn at any moment. Amora said nothing to him, but instead glided to rest, with arrogant comfort, within her throne. With the light of the Cosmic Cube casting a celestial light across her angelic face, the Enchantress looked straight forward with cunning determination and venomous intent in her azure eyes.

"Let this mortal come try to defeat me. And let him die trying."

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I wish Circe was blonde because this is such a badass costume

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Na na na na na na na na

Sheets of Egyptian cotton

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@thanofleeze: Not nearly as much as some people. The show just has a lot of badass quotes lol.

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The conspicuous for an assassin thing. But a redhead assassin is very Cassidy Starks, so I could live with that too.

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Posting for this either today or tomorrow.

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@peak: Amora listened to the pretentious man without any shift in her apathetic facial expression. As he kicked over the brown box, the goddess watched as the disembodied head of one of her previous councilmen rolled out to rest with bloody lifelessness at her feet.

Her head of golden blonde hair tilted forward to glance briefly into the open eyes of the deceased god, no sign of grief or emotion passing over her face. Looking back up she gazed into the clearly pleased eyes of the wandering assassin, his persistent smirk revealing the vast pride he attained from completing his assignment. Her face remained unreadable for several moments, the goddess allowing several moments of silence to pass before she let an unexpected chuckle escape from her luscious lips.

"You mortals never fail to find glory and pride in the most unspectacular of conquests," she laughed, her veil of indifference removed to reveal the amusement she gained from the mortal's display of arrogance.

"Congratulations on carrying out the irrelevant dirty work of a man renowned for being nothing but a joke told to bored children. Now that you're done with this impressive feat, could you clean out the stables for me?" she asked with a pleased grin, turning her back to the assassin to begin walking along the grand path toward the palace entrance. After having walked several paces she paused to look over her shoulder at the mortal visitor, the corners of her mouth only slightly curved in a subtle smirk and her azure eyes alight with sadistic glee.

"Oh, and next time you see Zaniel, let him know I hope he's enjoying his time being just as unimportant on Midgard as he was on Olympus."