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Posting for this either today or tomorrow.

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@peak: Amora listened to the pretentious man without any shift in her apathetic facial expression. As he kicked over the brown box, the goddess watched as the disembodied head of one of her previous councilmen rolled out to rest with bloody lifelessness at her feet.

Her head of golden blonde hair tilted forward to glance briefly into the open eyes of the deceased god, no sign of grief or emotion passing over her face. Looking back up she gazed into the clearly pleased eyes of the wandering assassin, his persistent smirk revealing the vast pride he attained from completing his assignment. Her face remained unreadable for several moments, the goddess allowing several moments of silence to pass before she let an unexpected chuckle escape from her luscious lips.

"You mortals never fail to find glory and pride in the most unspectacular of conquests," she laughed, her veil of indifference removed to reveal the amusement she gained from the mortal's display of arrogance.

"Congratulations on carrying out the irrelevant dirty work of a man renowned for being nothing but a joke told to bored children. Now that you're done with this impressive feat, could you clean out the stables for me?" she asked with a pleased grin, turning her back to the assassin to begin walking along the grand path toward the palace entrance. After having walked several paces she paused to look over her shoulder at the mortal visitor, the corners of her mouth only slightly curved in a subtle smirk and her azure eyes alight with sadistic glee.

"Oh, and next time you see Zaniel, let him know I hope he's enjoying his time being just as unimportant on Midgard as he was on Olympus."

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@peak: I don't know what you expected from Amora lmao.

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"They have a choice: They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one."

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The astute goddess listened carefully to the modest words of the freshly awoken god, her clever intuition hesitant to accept his seemingly innocent intentions. In her immortal lifetime, Amora had met very few individuals who displayed true selflessness, and who would not seize an opportunity to further their own agendas should the opportunity arrive. Now Kiros stood before her, claiming to desire nothing more than to serve the crowned ruler of Asgard.

She remained silent for several moments, saying nothing and doing nothing other than resting her haughty gaze on the god below her. When she spoke it was with cool formality, the sorceress displaying neither feeling nor overt interest in her words.

"Odin was a fine god. Arguably Asgard's finest," she said, a rare honesty found in the infamously deceitful goddess' voice. "And he was an even better ruler. He watched over, protected and loved this realm with more passion and devotion than any god ever will after him. Including myself," she continued, her eyes never leaving Kiros.

"But he allowed Asgard to grow soft, and weak. Which is what led to his death. And now that the Allfather is dead, a fact we cannot change, Asgard needs a ruler who can usher the people of this realm into a new era of strength and prosperity. An era where the glory that Asgard was built on is rediscovered. And I have begun this era."

In truth, Amora had begun to grow weary of the responsibilities required from being Asgard's ruler. She relished the power it brought her, the unquestioned authority over the citizens of Asgard and beyond. But the constant need for diplomacy and tact bored Amora endlessly, and her insatiable desire for unrestrained mischief and cruelty had been growing more and more difficult to suppress.

Keeping these thoughts to herself, she finished address the God of the Elements.

"Your valiant battles for the honor of Asgard have been numerous, as well as renowned. In the waking from your slumber I accept your offer to continuing serving Asgard, and will not hesitate to call on you should the realm be in need. Do you have any further concerns?" she asked, desperate to escape the tediousness of formal conversation.


Smoke rose from her hands as a result from the incinerating heat produced from her magic blasts of energy, the latest of which had brought a frail old man to the ground, dead. Amora looked at him without compassion in her eyes, but cold apathy, as she approached his lifeless body to retrieve a single worn-looking book from the pocket of his robe.

"Is it what you were looking for?"

"No," she responded to Valdar curtly, irritation clear in her sharp tone. The book suddenly erupted into flames in her hand, the goddess reducing its pages to cinders before she turned to face her companion. "Come my love, we've looked enough for today. Let us return to the city for the night."

In a shimmer of pink-colored energy the sorceress and warrior vanished from the forest outside Asgard, only to reappear several paces away from the entrance to the Imperial Palace. Outside its walls a stranger spoke to the guards standing outside the palace doors, clearly interested in gaining entrance. Knowing the guards would refuse any access to the palace not granted by Amora herself, the alluring goddess approached the stranger with Valdar close behind her.

"I'm not sure how you managed reached the doors of the palace, but you're fortunate my guards did not remove your head the moment you thought it wise to attempt to get inside. You will not be so lucky with me. So before I make this conversation the last you ever have, I shall ask: who are you, stranger?"

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@peak: Maybe I'll bring some with me ;)

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I'll be back to respond soon, promise!

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I'm late but holy shiiit

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My life has been even more of a hot mess than usual lately but I'll find time to respond to all you guys as soon as I can x