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Name: Amora

Aliases: Enchantress, Beauty Incarnate, Mistress of Magic, Sorceress Supreme, Goddess of Beauty

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal

Place of Birth: Asgard

Species: Aesir (i.e. Asgardian god)

Residence: Asgard or Earth

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 450 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue or Green

Occupation: Sorceress; (Formerly) Queen of Asgard, Queen of Elysia

Affiliations: Asgardian Gods

Identity: Secret on Earth, public in Asgard (with pardoned criminal records)

Marital Status: Single


Beauty is Born

Amora was born sometime during the end of Asgard’s first era, making her the youngest of the oldest Asgardians. She was raised by two of Asgard’s most illustrious nobles, and spent her childhood alongside other young gods such as Thor and Sif. Despite effortlessly displaying the manners and grace expected of an Asgardian noble, Amora’s tendencies for mischievous and often cruelty were apparent even as a child. Having an inborn affinity for magic, she often cast harmful spells on her fellow young gods, and was always eager to cause trouble and distress for others. Her favorite target was Sif, who consistently managed to gain Thor’s affections much to Amora’s endless annoyance. This habit of wickedness brought Amora a reputation of distrust before she had even reached adulthood, however, she quickly learned of ways to manipulate the opinions of those around her.

Even in childhood, Amora’s striking beauty was apparent. But as she grew into a young adult, this natural allure became one of her greatest tools for manipulation. She would often seduce palace guards to ignore her mischievous activities, or enthrall a member of the Imperial Guard to act as her personal sword in harming whomever she pleased. Her frequent acts of seduction and undeniable ethereal beauty made her the favorite of men throughout Asgard, but a distrusted enemy among most of the city’s jealous goddesses.

Sorceresses Supreme

Along with her seduction prowess, Amora took a large interest in refining her vast innate mystic abilities. From her earliest years of childhood, Amora took up, with little effort, the spells and skills of sorcery far beyond her years. Her raw ability to manipulate the mystic energies of Asgard proved an invaluable match to her instinctive ability to understand and learn even the most arcane of mystic practices.

With a superior knowledge of basic sorcery mastered in her childhood, Amora sought a tutor to further her mystic training in her young adulthood. Only interested in being taught by the best the Nine Realms had to offer, Amora began her training under Karnilla, the Queen of Norn and arguably the greatest sorceress on Asgard. Karnilla showed Amora many ways to better harness and manipulate her innate mystic power, as well as frequently tutoring her on spells usually learned by sorcerers far more experienced than Amora. Amora effortlessly absorbed every piece of information given to her with an endless hunger for not only mystic knowledge, but power. This craving to use magic to control or hurt others caused Karnilla to begin to question the dangers of teaching such a powerful and cruel young sorceresses, and she eventually dismissed Amora from her tutelage. However by then Amora had already amassed a knowledge of the mystic arts far surpassing those of even the most experienced sorceress. But she was still intent on learning more.

After being denied any more tutoring from Karnilla, Amora spent centuries seducing countless mystic throughout the Nine Realms in order to attain their arcane knowledge. These acquisitions, paired with her previous knowledge and innate power and skill, proved Amora to be one of Asgards greatest sorceress before she had even reached adulthood.

Today, millenniums of knowledge and experience later, Amora is regarded as not only one of the greatest (many argue the best) sorceresses on Asgard, but in all the Nine Realms.

Asgard's New Queen

Amid the siege of the Midgard monarch Otto von Doom, Amora the Enchantress was noticeably absent from those fighting to protect Asgard. Unknown to her fellow Asgardians, the sorceress had left the City of the Gods to travel to Vanaheim, home of the Vanir (an older, sorcerous branch of the Asgardian). Here she acquired one of the reality-altering Cosmic Cubes.

Returning from her disappearance not to Asgard, but Midgard, Amora's first matter of business was to attain an audience with none other than von Doom, the man who had attacked and embarrassed her people. Traveling, alongside Valdar, to von Doom's castle in his home country of Elysia, Enchantress used her silver tongue to strike a deal with the powerful monarch. Guaranteeing him the Cube in exchange for temporary control of the Elysian throne, Amora promised von Doom the Cube would be his as soon as she had successfully attained the High Seat of Asgard. With this agreement, von Doom stepped down from the throne, allowing Amora to have all of the Elysian forces in her control.

In the face of the All-Father's death, Asgard was desperate for another ruler to gather the broken pieces of their realm. This allowed Enchantress to quickly and easily take her place on the High Seat, which began a new era of prosperity for the City of the Gods. Under her cunning and strict leadership, all aspects of Asgard begin flourishing as it hadn't for centuries. Gold began flowing in overabundance as the economy saw every citizen lived comfortably and happily, while drastic changes in the Imperial Guard reinstated Asgard as the strongest city in all the Nine Realms. The City of the Gods had regained all the glory it had been built on, all at the hands of the Amora the Enchantress. But, despite the prosperity of Asgard's inhabitants, Enchantress remained primarily concerned with her own power-hungry agenda and the day von Doom would return to reclaim the Elysian throne.

A Game of Thrones

(RPG in progress here)

A War of Two Worlds

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A Comprehensive List of Enchantress' Magic Abilities

Amora has the near-ageless, superhuman physique of a typical Asgardian goddess, though she seldom relies on her physical prowess. Amora prefers to use sorcery and seduction. Few can resist her beauty, particularly when she augments it with her magic; a single kiss is often enough to make a man her slave.

Enchantress is one of, if not the, most powerful mystics in Asgard or all the Nine Realms, capable of energy blasts, protective shields, illusions, levitation, teleportation, conjuring, interdimensional travel, transmutation, time-disruption, etc. She is also an apt telepath, being able to control the minds of others, read their minds, project her astral form and can actually use her telepathy to span galaxies in instants. As her sorceress powers stem largely from Asgardian sources, her magic is strongest within the realm of Asgard and gradually diminishes the longer she remains outside of Asgard, though her powers never fade completely.


Amora possesses the conventional attributes of an Asgardian woman ("goddess"). Her physical abilities include; superhuman strength as she is able to lift roughly 25 tons, along with enhanced speed, durability, agility, reflexes, and stamina. Amora's physiology also grants her an extremely long life span, as well as a regenerative healing factor. While she cannot regrow organs or limbs, she is immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.