Why is there a purge button?

In FF #2 Reed Richards and family need to fix Dooms brain with a machine that Doom build.  The machine is build to pull Doom's memories and knowledge out of his back up brain.  At a critical point in the transfer Reed is tempted to push a button marked Purge but doesn't when he realizes he is being watched.  A hero's choose to not destory the man who is trusting him with his life.   
But is this brings up the question why is there a purge button.  Did Doom think hey maybe when I am rebooting my brain i might say nah, forget it i think i want to be a vegitable.  This purge button has come up other times in comics and movies in other shapes and forms.   
13 ghost, the devil has made a machine to raise hell on earth.  The machine requires 13 ghost to get started but if this one guy sacrifies himself it will stop.  Why would the devil want to stop his own machine. 
Why does the villian ever put a cancel button on there dooms day devices?  
Some machine should only have one button, Do. Don't give hero's an option.
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Hilarious, and I totally agree. That was my first thought when I saw that page. Like, why the hell would Reed or Doom add that as an option? Successfully complete operation, OR totally ruin my brain forever? Hmmmm....

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I FELT THE SAME WAY haha I was like wtf...