why do Comics come out on Weds...?

Me and my wife were discussing why is Wednesday Comic book day...

DVD and CD come out Tuesday, and new movies Friday but why do comics come out on Wednesday? And what about outside the US, is comic book day Weds. too.

Posted by Pwok21

Our local comic shop orders new issues in from the US on the first Wednesday of every month.

Posted by ComicMan24

Well movies come out here on Thursday (which is so silly if you ask me, Friday was much better like it was a few years back). As for comics, I admit, I don't even remember because I haven't bought in quite some time but don't think it was Wednesday. But I will have to check to be sure.

Posted by _Zombie_

Because cocaine.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@AmishAvenger: Comics in the UK also come out on Wed or at least 2000AD and Judge Dredd do

Posted by danhimself

just because that's when Diamond chooses to distribute them

Posted by lykopis

They come out on Wednesdays in Canada as well (at least, in the cities I have been in). I pick them up on Thursdays anyway to avoid the rush.

Posted by AmishAvenger

What country is your local comic book shop?

What country's movies come out on Thrus?

You blame everything on Cocaine

Posted by Pwok21


My local comic shop is in the United Kingdom.

Posted by _Zombie_

@AmishAvenger: It's always cocaine's fault. Always.