Wait, Indigo isn't dead!

I just finished reading Teen titans 98-100, there last books before the renumbering, and i was confused by the return of Indigo.  I thought she was dead.  So i did some research and yup she died in the Outsiders issue #25. 
In that issue it is revealed that Indigo is under Brainac's influence and in a moment of free will she begs Shift to kill her.  After soul searching he turns her human and she dies happy.
(thank you comicvine for making it easy to find this out)  
Then i did some more research and the time she appears she is working with Superboy Prime to kill the Teen Titans.   
How did she come back from the dead?  How she a robot once again?  Why is she evil?   
These are questions that probalbly will not be addressed after the renumbering.   
Thats okay that just mean we as fan can come up with our own back story...Indigo was the 13 person raised in Brightest Day. Done. 
...There I has blogged
Posted by ReVamp

I haven't read the recent Teen Titans Issues, but Braniac and Ultron types constantly come back after being destroyed, there doesn't need that much explanation...

Posted by RavenStar

maybe it was the Indigo from Earth-Prime?

Posted by Outside_85

Probably put together by Headcase who displayed the ability to create advanced robots at the flick of his wrist, with Prime and his hatred of Conner he could have told him to do it to further point out to Conner why he's inferior .