Black Lantern Corps Vs Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombie Vs Black Lanterns 
Who is the better Undead comic team?

Marvel  Zombie

Black Lantern



Giant Man            Hulk

Spiderman           Dk Phoenix

Wolverine            Fire Lord

C. America           Gladiator

Iron Man              Thanos


Anyone who died in the DC Universe

Black Lantern Corps


Giant Man


Black Lantern Corps


A flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds

The Black Hand’s suicide

Black Lantern Corps

Worst enemy

Each other

The White Lantern

Black Lantern Corps

How to destroy them…

Destroy the brain

(some times that doesn’t stop them)

Combing two or more of colors of the Light Spectrum

Marvel Zombie

Strongest Member


Martian Manhunter

Marvel Zombie

Greatest Kill


Hawk Man

Marvel Zombie

Creepiest Moment

Peter Parker eating Aunt Mae

Donna Troy being bitten by her own dead baby boy

Marvel Zombie

Defeated by…

Never truly defeated

The White Lantern Corps

Marvel Zombie

Coolest Ability

Power Cosmic

Seeing the emotions of their next victim

Marvel Zombie 

And the Winner is.... Marvel Zombies  
(This is my frist VS.  I hope I did it justice and I am alway open to suggestions for later.)  
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Posted by mewmdude77

You forgot Luke Cage in the Marvel Zombie line up

Also, the Marvel Zombies were defeated, they went to Earth Z, and they all eventually got killed, except Sentry, who got sent back to the first zombie world to start it all over again, but anyways, you could consider them beat by Uatu the Watcher, or zombie Spider-Man's team of Avengers (zombie Spidey, zom Wolverine, second zombie Hulk, uninfected War Machine, and uninfected Sandman).

Posted by hamlet33

You would think black lantern Earth-2 superman would be considered the most powerful, but... okay. And i think either being able to rip out peoples hearts and gain power, or being able to transform living people in to Black Lanterns (via emotional tethers) would be their coolest ability. And personally, i'd think the creepiest moment would be Black Lantern Firestorm fusing with the current one, using his own mind to get the chemical compound for table salt, and making him watch as he turned his girlfriend to a pile of salt while ripping her heart out would be creepiest for blackest night. (BTW i didnt read Marvel Zombies, soo, yeah)