Batman's boot question

This maybe nitpicking on artistic license, but this character Bootface was kicked in the face by Batman at one point and now has a boot print for a face. The absurdity aside, the boot print does seem to jive with any other Batman boot print i have seen. This one has the bat symbol on the toe of the boot. I have no way of scanning the picture but the rest of the panel has Batman kicking him with his heel to Bootface's chin. I remember the logo being on the heel or in arch of the boot but i have no proof. Anyone have any ideas or am i just nitpicking?

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Posted by cameron83

@AmishAvenger: I know what you mean,but you kinda are nitpicking.This is a specific artist thing,notice how in issues where you see batman,his batarang always looks different in some way,but they have the same basic design of being in a bat-shape (in some way) and being black.But you already knew yea,I think your nitpicking a bit,not alot,just slightly.

Posted by FatihBATMAN

LOL! this is the first time ive seen this guy :D lol cool!

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

Well take the fact Liam Neeson train Batman, since pretty much Liam Neeson is omnipotent he teach Batman the ultimate kick.

Posted by The_jackolantern

Who made batmans boots with the bat tread?

Posted by batshrine

@The_jackolantern: Batman's gotta finance himself somehow right? ITs his new line of Bat clothes, all proceeds goes to fighting crime!

Posted by The_jackolantern

Good answer. I heard with every item of bat cloths born the bat family punch or kick a henchmen in the face

Posted by WarBlade539