Arkillo... Better with or Withou the tougue...?

Pre-Sinestro Corps War Arkillo had a tounge and he was feared by many and quickly rose thought the Corps ranks. Then Sinestro was defeated and Mongul took over. One of his first acts was to tear out Arkillos tongue to show his dominance. Arkillo was now number two below Mongul but when Sinestro returned he dethorned Mongul and took control again. Later Sinestro became a Green Lantern and again. The Sinestro Corp was "destoryed" but thanks to Saintwalker Arkillo got his tongue back. After their first mission to stop Invictus Arkillo lost the use of his ring, but recently regained the power.

My question was Arkillo better before after or during the lose of his tongue...?

Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45

I really liked Arkillo without his tongue. I wished that story could have developed more. Although, I did like how Saint Walker restored it.

Posted by TeamUnitedNerds

Tongue is better than no tongue

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@amishavenger: Both look cool

No tongue =battle scarred...looks tough

With: Looks like a monster warrioir