Rise of the Third Army seems...Lacking?

I am reading the DC Event Rise of the Third Army and i find it lacking. Don't get me wrong am enjoying Simon Baz and though i am a huge Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner fan i don;t mind their apparent ends, (trying not to spoil anything). I always prefer darker Guardians of the Universe and this story arc has them the darkest. All this being sad it just seems to be lacking something. Can anyone tell me what it is...?


Wreck-It Ralph

Going to see Wreck it Ralph tonight. I enjoy video games almost as much as Comics, so it should be fun. Before heading out i check the Wreck it Ralph Comicvine page and noticed several Video game characters that appeared in comics. Sadly most of the characters on the page were mostly just in MAD Magazine and have no real comic presence or in the case of Bowser a dirty looking page. I hope to take some time in the future to fix these.


Do you like the Death of the Family covers?

The first issues of each of the title's Death of the Family issues feature special die-cut covers illustrated by Batman artist Greg Capullo, in which a mask of Joker's skin/face folds over an image of the starring character in each book. Is this annoying to anyone else? I mean it seems cool but i don't like the feeling when i am reading the comic itself. I feel the same way when a cover folds out of pops up ie Force Works #1. Am i alone on this or does anyone else feel the same?


Random Concept: Old Power

I going to try something new. Go into Comic Vine vast data base, and choice a Concept at random and see where it takes me...

Today's Concept: Old Power

The Old Power (or Oldstrong Power) is a source of energy derived from a planet that can be wielded and boost the user's abilities to an incredible level, as well as give the wielder Earth-Manipulation abilities and an energy-enhanced strike, similar to that of the Iron Fist.

I kinda know a little bit about this Random Concept choose, I personally read Planet Hulk, where this concept originated and much of the Incredible Hulk: Dark Riegn series where Skaar used the Old Power alot. So here goes.

When the Hunk was exiled to Sakaar he first learned of the Old Power. Throughout the series he'd meet several of Sakaar inhabitants that could use the Old Power, notable were Hiroim and Caiera. Hiroim would later become part of the Hulks Warbound, and Caiera would later become the mother of the Hulk's childern. Both Hiroim and Cairea are now dead, but both passed on the Old Power in different ways.

Hiroim came with the Hulk and his Warbound to Earth as part of World War Hulk. During the war Hiroim used his Old Power to do amazing things but it wasn't until after the War, in World War Hulk: Aftersmash that Hiroim used his Old Power to its true potential. While battling the Leader Hiroim would push his power to the limit to save some humans who are trapped, then with his dieing breath he transfers the Old Power to Kate Waynesboro. She is still in possession of the Old Power.

Caiera, passed he Old Power on to her twin sons, Skaar and Hiro Kala but not with out a price. Back on Sakaar the Hulk is there with his queen, Caiera when she is blown up by the space craft the human's sent Hulk into space with. Unknown to him her Old Power saves her, some how and she and the planet Sakaar gives birth to Sakaar and Hiro Kala.

Sakaar, after surviving on Sakaar, goes to earth where he fights Banner, trying to get the Hulk to come out. He does some of the more amazing stunts of strenghth during his time on Earth. Most memorable is knocking the Juggernaut into the atmosphere with an uppercut. At present Sakaar is still in control of his Old Power and is still trying to be a hero. Hiro Kala, however, leaves Sakaar and goes on a mission to destroy the Old Power until the Hulk comes into outer space to stop him. With the help of Sakaar and the Old Power, the Hulk is able to stop his son's madness, but he is forced to let Hiro die.

The Old Power seems to be able to do almost anything and expounds on the traits of the wielder. It seems to enhance strength and ones resolve. The Old Power still has some mystery but sadly with the new Marvel relaunch coming soon it might be a thing of the past.

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Skeletor's new Origin

The newest Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor #1 has come up with a newer version of Skeletor's origin. Much like the 2002 Image Masters of the Universe Skeletor face was disfigured. but unlike the 2002 where it was magic that did it, this one is still a mystery. Much like the 2002 version Keldor, Skeletors original name has remained the same. In this version Skeletor was King Randor's brother, but this one makes it more a Loki/Thor brotherhood.

I am not sure with I prefer, just putting it out there.

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Ramdom Concept: Nameless Character

I going to try something new. Go into Comic Vine vast data base, and choice a Concept at random and see where it takes me...

Today's Concept: Nameless Character...

As the main part of the entry states, "Exactly what the name says, nameless characters are characters within comics that go without a name". Usually found in more adult/mature themed comics, where the character's name doesn't effect the story. Unlike child friendly comics where everyone wants to be able to focus on the Character's name, so everyone can talk about how much they love Superman or Iron Man or Swamp Dude.

Most famous appears to be The Man With No Name, the main character from Dynamite's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and Man With No Name volumes based on Clint Eastwood's Fist Full of Dollars character. There are also other comic issued tagged to this concept, most of which are Star Trek tittles, although there is a couple of Adventure Comics. When i dug deeper into these there wasn't much more information for the issues that were attached.

An other famous Character, i learned about, with no name is Saint of Killers, another Wild West type character, who became popular in the Preacher Series. He had a name but it was never mentioned, and when he died and came back he became the Saint of Killers. His most notable achievement being killing God and taking over the thorn so he could rest.

There is also a myth to the nameless character. Without a name Death can't find you. Maybe this is why Saint of Killers and the Man with No Name are so much larger then life and generally bad ass.

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Who would be in the next Joker's Asylum

Joker"s Asylum 1 and 2 have covered ten of Gotham's worse criminals.

  • Joker
  • Poison Ivy
  • Penguin
  • Scarecrow
  • Two face
  • Harley Quinn
  • Mad Hatter
  • Killer Croc
  • Riddler
  • Clayface

Who else is left? Bane,Catwoman, Great White, Man-Bat. Maybe, instead of the villains it could be five issues about Gotham's heroes at their darkest moments. It be cool to hear that time Batgirl debated the time she could have left the Joker to die. Or when Robin almost quit. The darker side of the Dark Knight.