I'd like to apologize to everyone who came out to the Alfred Q Pennybod show last night. Due to a mistake in our booking department, Alfred never received his all purple Fruity Pebble, as per his contract, hence the reason he never took the stage. The Henderson Account would like to warn residence near the park to stay indoors to avoid the rabid disgruntle Pennybod-heads. Reports show that some are hiding in park trash receptacles awaiting passers by to sing Alfred's hit "I am not a Bus". Please be advise the Boaz Celebration will continue and more information will be posted when available.

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Batman's boot question

This maybe nitpicking on artistic license, but this character Bootface was kicked in the face by Batman at one point and now has a boot print for a face. The absurdity aside, the boot print does seem to jive with any other Batman boot print i have seen. This one has the bat symbol on the toe of the boot. I have no way of scanning the picture but the rest of the panel has Batman kicking him with his heel to Bootface's chin. I remember the logo being on the heel or in arch of the boot but i have no proof. Anyone have any ideas or am i just nitpicking?


Please be kind

This has nothing to do with comics but i just wanted to put this out there to the Universe. Tomorrow is Dec 1 and that means Christmas is just around the corner. And i ask that as you are out there trying to find the perfect gift remember that sales clerk that helps you out, or the cashier who rings you up, they are people too. Most of them are running rabid trying to get a paycheck so they can buy those gifts for their loved ones. I am not asking that you let someone be out right rude to you but be mindful most are working on their feet for 8 plus hours for little pay. Just putting it out there.


Arkillo... Better with or Withou the tougue...?

Pre-Sinestro Corps War Arkillo had a tounge and he was feared by many and quickly rose thought the Corps ranks. Then Sinestro was defeated and Mongul took over. One of his first acts was to tear out Arkillos tongue to show his dominance. Arkillo was now number two below Mongul but when Sinestro returned he dethorned Mongul and took control again. Later Sinestro became a Green Lantern and again. The Sinestro Corp was "destoryed" but thanks to Saintwalker Arkillo got his tongue back. After their first mission to stop Invictus Arkillo lost the use of his ring, but recently regained the power.

My question was Arkillo better before after or during the lose of his tongue...?


why do Comics come out on Weds...?

Me and my wife were discussing why is Wednesday Comic book day...

DVD and CD come out Tuesday, and new movies Friday but why do comics come out on Wednesday? And what about outside the US, is comic book day Weds. too.


Are you glad its over...?

Tonight i went to see the final Twilight movie... I had read the four novels and saw the other movies, some at the midnight showings. Me and my littlest sister have discussed the series from start to finish. Now that the final movie is over and the series is done I am glad that it is over... I have had this same feeling for some Comic Events, I enjoy the event but i glad when its over.

Is there any events or volumes, that you enjoyed but are glad it when its over...?


What happened to Mongul...?

What happened to Mongul after his fight with Sinestro in the new 52? I see he was beaten and captured in a power battery. Was it the Green battery or Yellow. Can anyone tell me?