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Congratulations my friend, a well deserved and proper pick for a community star. Welcome to the club, Cosmo.

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Congrats my friend, can't believe I didn't notice this.

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Welp, that sucks.

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@Renchamp: I'm glad you can think of Peter David as this, even if you don't necessarily like his style. That's a very interesting view to take and I wish so many other people were able to take it. Thank you for your comment, it is much obliged.

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@Redletter: I'm glad you agree with my points and found the article interesting. :]

@Jnr6Lil: Focal points to me, and as I said before these points are what I see wrong with the industry. Also, could you not quote the entire blog, just use reply.

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@zombietag: And what about problem 3 or 4? Are you toying with my blogging senses? Lol.

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@zombietag: It's more accurate to say that, "All stories have been though of, but not all stories have been read, nor have they been retained."

And for information's sake, I have not read anything but the last two sentences of all your posts since a page ago. I refuse to read all of any of your posts until I have confirmation that you took the time to read my article.

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@Alch21: And maybe I have? That doesn't change the fact that the comic book industry has been on a decline and that doesn't change my opinion, so, what is your point?

@zombietag: I never said the reboot didn't work for DC. They got so much money they can sit on their porches happily like fat cows. I'm upset that they used the reboot as an excuse to "attempt to make great stories" when they could have done the same with what they have now. From what you said, you make it seem like lesser known characters are a bad thing. Last time I checked, X-23 wasn't very known when she became a popular character, not to mention the fact that she has her own title now, or the fact that Avenger Academy has been doing fine and last time I checked, it doesn't have Wolverine, or some of Marvel's most popular characters. It's a progression, if DC had been using the characters they have to the fullest they could have been able to properly estimate who could sell well and what kind of stories they could release with them. When you have hundreds of characters to paint canvas's of enormous side and imagination, there is no reason to reboot the universe, especially when they haven't even bothered to explore the entirety of the universe they created.

Trying to tell better stories? I disagree. They're trying to tell the same stories to a new audience. They did it 20 years ago, and they're doing it now. Better stories are often stories that haven't been told before, and once again. You can't tell to many new stories with characters that have over 70 years worth of history things are bound to repeat as the rogue gallery and the characters themselves have not undergone to much change, which is why exploring newer characters allows for newer, better, and greater stories.

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@zombietag: Hmm, last I checked, reading one section of a post is not exactly "reading the entirety of my post".

The fact is, when you're the two biggest names in comic books out there with millions of dollars of revenue thanks to movies, merchandise, and comic books. There's no point in sacking great stories to churn out mindless event, after mindless event. And you know what, I'll take the stand that DC did the reboot 100% for money and I will stick by that till the day I die. If they actually wanted to make great stories, they would have started using some of those characters that haven't seen usage since Crisis on Infinite Earths instead of creating a universe where you have thousands of people in it, but only 90 of them actually get any notable mention. When you have hundreds of characters there is no excuse to not use them when you want to make a great story.

Companies are quick to take the easy way out, instead of trying to do every possibility they have possible. Once they can say, "We tried everything, and used a good majority of the characters in our universe and nothing worked out, NOW WE CAN DO A REBOOT." Comic book companies are no different from video game companies in this regard. Once I see one Batman book on the shelves every month, there is no reason to believe DC isn't shooting for all the money they can.

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I agree with you. The biggest example of your last statement is what Marvel has done with X-Factor. Peter David has been on the series since 2006, and the story has been absolutely fine.