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Looks awesome!

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First issue is kinda meh

Haven't checked out the second issue yet

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The Earth was rich with activity. Corsair sat in his captains chair and watched meta-humans fight from his spacecraft above the planet. Someone of Earth had given him and his crew a bounty, and they intended to fulfill it.

Corsair smirked. "Set course to Gothic City".

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Ok thanks for the heads up!

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@_goliath_ what do you mean? Sorry I am fairly new at RPG

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Name: Django

Type: Alien

Powers: Agility, Gadgets, Danger Sense, Healing, Intellect, Power Suit, Unarmed-Combat, and Increased Stamina

Description: Django is a ruthless bounty hunter/henchman who operates in space. An unknown employer tasked him with going to Earth to kidnap new Inhumans for reasons not yet made clear.

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I am interested in starting an RPG about Marvel's Inhumans. The story will take place after the Marvel event, Infinity, and will be about new Inhumans popping up all around the world. Your character in the game can be a new Inhuman who has just developed their powers, or a non-Inhuman hero/villain who is dealing with the new Inhuman population. The game takes place in the Marvel Comics main universe, Earth 616. If you are interested in joining this RPG or have questions, please post below.

Thank you.

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@CaptainCyke: Quite frankly, that ending seems bloody stupid to me. I think they ended it quite well, thank you very much. Your dapper ending would appear horrible to non-comic readers such as my Auntie Christineth, who would have no bloody clue who the hemmys were " Sharon Carter ", not to mention Mr. Mace Windu with the doo-hicky around his pupis. To add to my documentation, the "spoiler warning" seems quite unnecessary, given the fact that most people reviewing  this web article have the knowledge that Windu was in Iron Man 2, as well as Thor. Furthermore, they would have knowledge that Captain America would appear in the Avengers, with Windu and the other heroes. From there, they could make an assumption that Windu would most likely appear in The First Avenger. As for Peggy Carter and being awoken in the future, anyone on this site would know Cap was frozen during WWII, and awoken from his slumber years after. So, that would make it a no-brainer that it would appear in the film. Comic readers would also have knowledge that the good Captain was in kahoots with Peggitha.  
 Well, I best be off. Cheerio!
P.S. I am not British, nor do I have a British accent. To add to that, I do not have an "Auntie Christineth"
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