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@zauberin: (I want to meet the other Arturia when you're willing)

"Indeed, some people are different", he agreed, "Although I simply consider myself an incredibly interesting person. I'd love to have a conversation with myself", Ambrosius sincerely remarked, blowing yet another cloud of smoke, his indulgence in the premier Cuban cigar being one of several of the Portuguese illusionist's highborn hobbies. Mute as he watched Arturia's rather tame reaction to the ostentatious ring, Ambrosius' countenance betrayed no expression of expectation, the maintenance of his inherent poise was necessary, at least in public spaces. While reputed for his intellectual wizardry in all things supernatural and his arcane virtuosity regarding the mystical arts of conjuration, enchantment, illusions and the like, Ambrosius was rather poor in expressing his truest emotions, verbally or otherwise.

The ring, as stupidly expensive as it was, was his best way of conveying that while he might be too proud to admit it to her so bluntly, he truly did miss her during his absence. And so for a moment, the corners of his mouth edged upwards ever so slightly in simultaneously the most minute and genuine smile. Only for a moment however. Though he was a perceptive character, this was the first that Ambrosius had noticed an overreaction to nearby flames from the seductress, it piqued his curiosity somewhat but he opted against exploring it, after all it was entirely possible that she was simply caught off guard. "I don't understand", he pointed out, uncertain of what she meant by her concluding statement. Perhaps it was simply an English expression he was unaware of, he thought.

A tame laugh escaped his tall, dapper person as he rose to read his conjured portal's name, "Charming", he dryly commented, stepping into the portal, unaware of the shock he is to experience upon witnessing their estate's less than stellar condition.

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Often dictated by his distinguished poise and penchant for extreme self-mastery, Ambrosius met Arturia's jest regarding his age with a rather tame reaction, one of appropriate humor expressed by the ghost of faint laughter, "Hm, I should have known", he remarked, subtly shaking his own head, a temperate smile succinctly stretching across his stately features. The seductress' voiced uneasiness with the psionic exploration of her mind was understandable, it was a distaste shared by the Portuguese illusionist, one that encouraged him against protesting Arturia's dismissal of his suggestion. "That's fine. I wouldn't welcome anyone peering into my mind as well, even you". Shrugging unapologetically with respect to his unveiled fascination with ostentatious architecture, Ambrosius tersely touched on the subject.

"I come from a rather small city with nothing particularly great about it. It's difficult not to be occasionally captivated by the aestheticism and artistry of infrastructural and architectural juggernauts like New York", he shared, momentarily shifting his emerald gaze towards a towering building a street across the park's entrance. Arturia's revelation of once sleeping on this very bench was quick to seize the sorcerer's attention, his eyes quickly meeting hers prior to briefly settling on the bench. "Well fortunately, I was fond enough of you to offer you a proper home as opposed to slumbering on the... finest benches of this world's cities", he smiled with mock but somewhat well-meaning benevolence. "Speaking of fondness, I believe I can give you your third gift here".

Atop his right hand's open palm, an onyx ring-case materialized through supernatural means, "No, this isn't going where it seems to be", Ambrosius quickly clarified, making an immediate effort in dispelling the implications one might expect from being offered a ring in such a manner. Allowing the minuscule case to open on it's own accord, a fourteen karat white gold ring featuring one emerald cut center diamond encompassed by fifty two round, brilliant cut diamonds arranged to aesthetic perfection. "There's nothing magical about the ring with the exception that it is stupidly expensive", he pointed out. At this point, he'd realized that she'd forgiven him for his abrupt absence, and he never truly intended to gift her the ring in an attempt to win her forgiveness with an empty financial gesture, it was simply put, a tenderhearted gesture. "You can't put a price on kindness and generosity, though the people at the jewelry store who sold me the ring made a commendable effort at it".

Lighting his Montecristo No. 2 Cuban cigar with a weakly conjured flame, the Portuguese indulges in a nonchalant inward suck prior to blowing a cloud of permeating smoke. "Shall we go home then, Arturia?", he inquired, "Not to offer any credibility to your jests about my age but, I really am quite tired".

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She had always been somewhat of a mischievous character, as far as he'd known her at least. Her elfin smirk was more or less anticipated by the Illustrious Illusionist. Tamely, he met it with a quipping smirk of his own, for a moment. "I had assumed that you would have had an interesting adjective for it", he coolly remarked, the upwards curl of his lips fading to give way to the instinctive rise of his left brow in expressed curiosity, "Oh? Well... that is interesting", indeed it was. Terrifying, and a pain in the ass? "Unpleasant of course, but interesting nonetheless". Shifting his gaze to the side, catching sight of an entrance to Central Park, Ambrosius, with the cordial guidance of his arm, genteelly turned her frame towards the urban park as he ventured inside.

"I've been traveling nonstop, I'd like to sit for a moment". At the age of thirty eight, he wasn't quite that old and his overall appearance and physical fitness expressed the visage of a man closer to his physical prime. He was simply tired. "A dream? Perhaps when we're home, you could allow me to explore your mind". Locating an unoccupied park bench, the Portuguese urbanely sat himself, his regal posture never abandoning his person even for a minute moment. "I rather like New York", he admitted, "Not the people, but the architecture is far more grandiloquent than what I'm used to seeing in Portugal, and in the fantastical but technologically primitive realms I visit. Transporting our home here would be interesting, wouldn't it?", he inquired, casting her a quick but expectant glance.

Though he was quick to correct himself. "Unfortunately that's not something that would be particularly intelligent of me. This city is a common target for the tyrants and whatnot of our time. I'd rather not have my home caught in the crossfires. What do you think, Arturia?", again, he inquired, "During my absence you took care of the estate. It's as much your home as it is mine. Though you already knew that".

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For the time being, Ambrosius interpreted the ambiguous nature of Arturia's initial response as conversational playfulness. "And how would you describe it?", he inquired, casting a tame glance in her direction as they ventured all about the concrete jungle. "I'm pleased to hear that everything went relatively fine. With you, and of course, the house", he added, directing his well-born gaze to their front. "Now what's this about trouble?". The question, while conveyed his genuine concern with how much trouble she may be plummeting herself into, also expressed his intrigue, or rather curiosity over it's potential supernatural nature and what it could yield to his research in all things magical. "I'm both curious about what it could entail, and concerned about you".

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For a moment he smiled internally at the thought of the two of them openly discussing the intricacies of the items' enchantments, and then he realized that it was New York and the wandering pedestrians have probably already heard one or two mentally deranged homeless men rambling on about either magic or extraterrestrial communication. "Allow me to explain. You can cast ordinary illusions as many times as you like. But only once per day are you allowed, by the necklace of course, to trap a victim in this illusionary realm. Though it can only be used once a day, the ability can be used, in that time, to simultaneously trap a maximum of three victims". Regally folding folding both arms behind his back, his back straightening, yielding to his highborn, proud posture, Ambrosius' emerald gaze settled intently on Arturia.

All of this question regarding where he'd been and he'd almost forgotten to ask her about her occupations during his absence. "I'll give you the rest when we're home. Though I have to ask about you as well, Arturia". While he found himself a fairly interesting person, he was also genuinely intrigued by what his companion could have been up to. "So, tell me", chivalrously spreading his arm across her back, his palm briefly resting atop her shoulder as he guided her into an aimless stroll in the grandiloquent city. Refolding both arms, he continued, "What have you been up to while I was away? Surely something interesting, I assume, yes?".

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Her indignation, her overall irascibility with his abrupt abandoning of her person was somewhat anticipated. And it was warranted. Ambrosius made no attempts at verbal justifications. His visage remained politely temperate as he issued a complacent nod in response, "Yes yes, I know. I should have probably taken you with me", he paused, a tame exhale escaping him, "Or at least, I should have kept you informed. In any case, you have my apologies, Arturia", affably inclining his head in requesting forgiveness, he'd never verbally do so however, he was perhaps too proud or valued his own magisterial character too much to do so, at least in a public setting. "I'll never leave you again", he affirmed, a mildly jocose smile curling, "Not without telling you at least", he subtly jested.

"Well, I collected several tomes of esoteric knowledge for myself, but I did bring you other gifts. The scarf was the most important however, at least I believe it to be, given that I prioritized my acquisition of it based on necessity". Taciturnly opening his gloved palm, allowing a silver garnet necklace to manifest, the Sorcery's Savant genteelly extended his hand towards his calmed companion. "Wear this, and you should be able to cast a myriad of different illusions. Once a day it enables it's wearer to trap a victim via eye contact in an illusionary realm completely in the wearer's control. As you can imagine, the psychological trauma the victim can be subjected to is quite extreme".

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With the exception of a slightly fractured nose, the reputed sorcerer was relatively unscathed by the playfully executed assault. "Sim sim, estou bem, estou-", coming to an immediate pause, transitioning from his native Portuguese to English as the supernatural seductress telekinetically ascended him back to his feet, "Yes, I'm fine", his distinct European accent partially rolling with every word. He wasn't an exceptional healer, his spell-casting while revered in the mystical corners of the globe, had never focused in the art of healing. He was an illusionist, a conjurer, an enchanter and an alchemist. Meeting her inquisitive gaze, Ambrosius instinctively regained his inborn poise and monarchical flair.

"Several places to be precise. Generally indulging in practices that successfully restored my powers. But also researching various alchemical methods and the like with respect to finding a way to supply you with an infinite quantity of biophysical energy. So that you'd never hunger again", he explained quite calmly. "I failed, unfortunately. But I did manage to find this", sliding beneath his vermilion cloak, his right hand reached into his attire's breast pocket, emerging with the bundled scarf. "It's for you. It's not much, however it should supply you with additional life-force and diminish your hunger".

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Calmly transfixing his gaze on her frame, a tamely amused smile stretched across his proud, highborn visage, 'She knows I'm here, she must be employing some kind of prank or joke', he thought, certain of himself with respect to Arturia's apparent aloofness. During his cabalistic sabbatical from the known world, Ambrosius while concerned with the restoration of his own abilities, also made laborious attempts at crafting some sort of archaic artifact or discovering the correct combination of ingredients to develop an alchemical solution that would render his more spirited companion exempt from the requirement of another being's life-force. His efforts ended in failure, though he did manage to purchase an enchanted scarf from an anthropomorphic feline merchant, a scarf that gifts it's wearer with a modest but noticeable increase in life-force. It wasn't what he originally intended but it was something.

Approaching, he lightly tapped her shoulder with his left index finger, "Arturia, I-", his greeting however, was cut short by an alarmed spinning elbow cracking him on the nose, it's kinetic energy robbing him off his own equilibrium as he quickly stumbled backwards. "Ah.. fodas", he cursed under his breath, reverting back to his native Portuguese, his left hand softly rubbing his fractured nose.