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- She likes gothic music and skimpy gothic outfits (important for Goths).

- Deep down she really needs someone's attention, so if you get lucky, she will stay with you forever after a simple conversation.

- After getting in a relationship, don't mind any competition, cause she will scare the shit out of any guy who would try to flirt with her. She is loyal to the bone.

- What she thinks is what she says, an impossible trait for most women

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Judging by your opinions, it's safe to say that she would enjoy any kind of good, atmospheric music. Something she can identify with or even the opposite - something that would help her forget the traumatic life she left behind.

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@akbogert: I just can't stop laughing. Great pic. And for the subject, It's obviously a slasher movie.

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She looks pretty muscular, although her muscles are average, and her clothes (especially that checkered shirt) reminds me of Wolverine. She is also less feminime than her classic look, but still awesome

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@DarkxSeraph: Don't you remember, that we are talking about Marvel universe? Superheroes doesn't age. I'm pretty sure that in Marjorie Liu series or Uncanny X-men someone mentioned her age. At least I'm sure that in Innocence lost she is 14 (for most part) and in Target X she is 16

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@Kairan1979: Propably because she is the obvious, standard choice. If we don't reach an agreement about an actress, she will get the support, although someone mentioned in a different topic that she is too old to be Laura. I partly agree, since we are talking about a 16 (or 14, I'm not sure) year old assassin.

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@akbogert: It's not that simple. For me Kristen Stewart is the best choice, I even posted an article about her as X-23. She is the youngest from all the actresses (at least I think), she likes roles of troubled teens (In one movie she played a teen raped by her

colleague. Her depiction of inner trauma and suffering was marvelous), she doesn't like to smile (she usually have that dark expression like X) and most importantly she looks like her. But what was the reaction? Check above.

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I think Marvel writers will be grateful for your point. It's a perfect theme for another story arc, but not very original. And quite risky when mentioning Spiderman's Clone Saga. It's a theme than can be used anytime, Marvel likes cloning or simply making another versions of his characters. Writers might use it in the future, but in a limited series only I think. Besides, X-23 is female only because Facility simply couldn't make a male clone. Thus another clones would be more a copy of X-23, rather than Wolverine, just like in the picture above. It could limit creators's ideas to make another interesting character, without the constant feeling that the character is a copy of a better known character. X-23 survived this and now I see her as an independent character, but Im not sure if a copy of X-23 would become a long-term character.

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The reasons for which X-23 is my favorite character not only in comics but in general (actually she shares this status with a similiar character - American Mcgee's Alice) I can describe in the following points:

1. Female character, but as serious and badass like the toughest male characters (like wolverine) - it's quite my fantasy, I love female powerful characters, definitely more than male characters with same traits. She is more like a mix of Nikita and Black Mamba from Kill Bill.

2. Psychological emphasis - Innocence Lost is about her training in Facility and her first killings. The story puts a strong emphasis on her tragedy (treating her like a weapon rather than a human being, all her suffering and, as the title says, total destruction of her childhood) and the whole dilemma of being a girl made to kill. The psychological part is well desrcibed by her self-injury, lack of parents's care (her mother wasn't allowed to show any care) and in relations with other characters (as depicted in nearly every issue). X-23 is definitely not a shallow character, there is so much depth in her.

3. Realistic and spy-based plots - The other important part of her stories is that realistic, spy-action vibe. Since she is a perfect killer (these aren't empty words - she uses all types of weapons, with pistols and rifles on top; she knows how to kill efficiently and without anyone's attention, she speaks other languages fluently, and of top of all she is ruthless to the point that it may be disturbing for a reader), her targets are quite realistic (drug barons, political leaders, mafia etc), the same is with their localisations. For me she is more a female version of Jason Bourne rather than Wolverine. The presence of UN and Shield as a comic version of CIA really gives a feeling of a serious Spy plot (X-Force is after all a Black Ops group)

4. Her morality - she is a good character, but incomparable to such characters like Captain America etc. She is a killer, so killing is often an only available option for her. She is capable of things other heroes cannot. This makes her, although still good, a dark and an unsure person (something like Dexter) and thus a very interesting character.

That is all I can say at the moment... actually ther is also one special point:

5. She is FREAKING HOT!!