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Yay! Kick-Ass joined the GLC.

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Sam Jackson didn't ruin Star Wars. George Lucas ruined Star Wars. Just accept it. He's a great visionary, but a terrible writer and director. He's so bad, even his best friend, Spielberg, has distanced himself from the plot of Indy IV as a concoction from Lucas.

@antemiusenteri: @They Killed Cap!:
Sorry, how did he ruin star wars ? how did one person ruin star wars i would like for you to explain that to me in great detail

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It's just business.

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So, does it seem like AvX is their Flashpoint?

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They have some of the best writers on board, so this isn't that worrisome.

More importantly, wtf is Cyclops wearing?

He looks ridiculous.....and yes, more ridiculous than a guy in a onezie and Geordi La Forge's visor.

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@Babs: Yeah, that's true. I remember all the posters they had a Taco Bell back in the day. It was awful, but 90's marketing was borderline awful.

And I agree. This stuff just looks really really weird. The Dark Knight/Rises GIF is a prime example, but apparently, according to this article (Excerpt: , Original:

The photographer, Ron Phillips, is quoted saying "Christopher Nolan has complete control over the publicity and marketing alongside the Studio’s demands as well." Which makes me wonder, are they subpar marketing material because he doesn't want to reveal too much or maybe the guy is billowing smoke?

But if it is true, and Nolan doesn't want to reveal too much and let the film speak for itself (and possibly quell the rage of angry fanboys) is quite a brilliant move. Go in there hating it, come out of it loving it. Yolks on your face....and keyboard, you easily turncoating human-go-with-the-internet-rage-"fan."

Which is a good theory, but basically just that, a theory. Though film posters don't spoil much, I have stayed away from the majority of trailers, aside from the first one with Gordan.

Like many people who have worked production on the film keep saying, wait till you see it, I intend to do just that. And if it's terrible, it is what it is. If it's brilliant, I'll let me soul smile and watch all the fanboys turncoat back.

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@sentryman555: Thank you, missed the point.

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Why has this been one of the worst marketing for a summer blockbuster?

Honestly, you don't have to do much, because the movie will sell itself, but still, this is just embarrassing to the Batman Brand.......okay, maybe not as embarrassing as the marketing collateral for Batman & Robin, but this is def second.

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Reviews are merely opinions.

If a reviewer's point of view upsets you that much, go elsewhere. There are plenty of other review sites out there, (some good, some not so good) but if you're only going to provide snide, thoughtless remarks instead of constructive criticism, why even bother to post?

You're just as bad as a troll at that point.

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atleast the REAL spiderman shows up in earths mightiest heroes

You do realize that the same guy (Drake Bell) is voicing both of those Spider-Man(s), right?

Of course you do.