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This was quick. Research took longer than construction. I can make a suit like this in one day.

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Sounds like they've turned Peej into Empowered. :/ Fine if it's all tounge-in-cheek but she didn't start out that way and has been reduced to it. Big difference to readers.

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I agree completely with the sentiments in the post. Yes, those comics some people find exploitative have every right to exist because their readers have every right to have access to them. That doesn't mean I'm forced to read them nor especially to buy them.

The argument I've faced is people telling me "but I love THAT character, I don't want to read a different book." That's limiting yourself as a reader. When reading is a hobby that you enjoy you can choose to read only James Patterson or you can choose to look around and explore and find other authors that have other characters you might not only love as well but prefer.

Thank you, Sara for being level-headed in this unusual time of high emotions in comics.

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My tutorial is here:

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I look forward to it! I read Sabrina for a couple of years before scaling back. I loved it!

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Thank you so much, everyone!!

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I certainly hope so. I wrote it. It's obviously not my best work because it was my class assignment and the goal was to write five pages in five weeks. Andy Schmidt says it's harder to write shorter stories than longer ones. It's somewhat true. As the writer, you find yourself just getting into a groove with a character and world and then the story has to wrap up. This is especially true because we were creating all original work. I can do a five-page Spider-Man much easier than a five-page original character because I wouldn't have explain who he is as a person, as a hero or anything about his life because readers already know that. That's not true for new character in a new universe. 
The entire anthology is also available now too. This is four stories by four different creative teams. THE DECEMBER PROJECT
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If you'd like to the finished version with new mask, I have a new gallery.