Marvel Interviews: Sinnott & Eaglesham

One of my greatest experiences as a comic industry journalist has been the opportunity to meet amazing creators who are the backbone of the business and the reason we have a medium to admire. Such was the case in 2009 when I met Marvel artist Joe Sinnott at Comic Fusion’s annual superhero themed fundraiser for their local domestic abuse organization. Joe and his talented son Mark trekked down from the hills of New York several hours to join us in New Jersey where Joe proceeded to sketch for many hours. Joe has won several awards for his work as an inker and The Inkwell Awards have also named their Hall of Fame award after him.
It was a challenge limiting my questions when someone as tenacious and talented as Joe has been working in comicssince the 1950s. From penciling to inking to completely finished colors, there are few artists today that offer the complete package of talent that Joe has shared with fans for a lifetime. Recalling my experience meeting Joe while wearing my Fantastic Four Sue Storm-Richards persona gave me the idea to ask one of the recent F4 artists some of the same questions to see how they measure up against each other. Dale Eaglesham’s style is so reminiscent of Joe, Jack Kirby and John Buscema that I couldn’t help but love Dale’s time on the F4 series.    [READ THE FULL INTERVIEWS AT GEN]
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