Thank you for a successful Wonder Woman Day & Superhero Weekend!

AMBER LOVE 09-OCT-2012 Stacy Korn announced on her Facebook profile that our efforts for this year’s Superhero Weekend raised somewhere around $7,000 for SAFE in Hunterdon.

Superhero Weekend would not be possible without the art donated by the talented and generous people of the comics industry. They get a lot of requests for sketch donations for causes and we appreciate that so many fit us into their schedules. Writers, publishers, toy and collectible companies sent in a huge amount of items that went into the auctions, raffles and contest prizes.

Capes & Babes creator Chris Flick traveled several hours to be in New Jersey all weekend sketching with other artists: Jamal Igle, Jim Calafiore, Tom Schloendorn, Erica Hesse, Bill Ellis, Charles Wilson and of course Ken Haeser. Ken also acted as one of the celebrity judges in the student “design a hero” art contest. All the artists provided original sketches for the winners.


Photo by Knightmare6 (2012)

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Dec 3 meet Duane Swierczynski, Jeff Marsick and Scott Barnett

DEC 3, 2011 12-3pm
Comic Fusion and the Moonstone Mystery Bookshop of Flemington present the creative team Jeff Marsick & Scott Barnett along with best-selling comic book writer and novelist Duane Swierczynski.

Marsick & Barnett are celebrating the launch of their comic DEAD MAN'S PARTY. Swierczynski is promoting the new 52 BIRDS OF PREY and his latest Charlie Hardie noir novel HELL AND GONE.

Bring your comics or buy them at the shop for the signing. Have your questions ready. It's a casual low-key affair where you can ask the creators about any of their projects.

After our time at Comic Fusion, we'll have the opportunity to talk about mysteries with Swierczynski (and more authors) at Moonstone Mystery Books right around the corner from Comic Fusion.

Parking is on the street, no meters up to two hours; also behind the stores with 2 and 4 hour sections. You can enter the back parking lot from Main Street or Bloomfield.
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Some pumpkins and costumes are listed for sale on etsy

You would have seen this already if you follow my twitter feed or but in case those are your playgrounds, here's the link to my etsy shop:

There isn't much time to get things out for Halloween so please keep that in mind!

*I'm not taking custom commissions at this time. I'm selling off what I have.

My Harley costume is for sale too.


The latest Bluewater Productions controversy

I did a two-part story on the latest dispute between an artist and Bluewater Productions. Bluewater is known for one-shot biographies of celebrities and they claim they do well with schools and libraries; but honestly, the comic shop buying people aren't that interested in their books - at least, not in my shop. The interesting point of this controversy is that it was about the swiping of the artist's work (taking it and having someone else paint over it like Granito). The thing is Bluewater chimed in A LOT and just kept emphasizing that they paid Laura Guzzo. The issue wasn't about payment despite the fact that current Bluewater artists are promised payments they never get because they work on backend deals (only making a dime after 10,000 units sold which is usually only a bargain seen in creator-owned property). Guzzo clearly states she was paid, but Bluewater wasn't interested in addressing that issue other than to say they bought the art and had the rights to do with it what they wanted.  
I will say that I was impressed with the cooperation of one of Bluewater's reps, Jerome Maida, who was also the contact liaison for Laura during her eight months working for them. Other Bluewater personnel have been highly critical and even posted veiled threats on my website or simply refused to comment when I privately emailed.
Part One 
Part Two
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