Erase This or That from History(Choose your side!) Food Version

Now that you have read this you cant step BACK.You have to choose(Or Santa Clause wont comme)!<<This message is a spam so dont pay attention to it.

Well since i've made this blog:

i said to myself why shouldnt i make one about food?

The first to get 10votes will be erased from history

If you had to Save This or that which would you choose?

A)I would erase Petits four from History


B)i would erase Cookies from history(Grape Ones Included!)

You have to choose A or B there is no other choice!

Dont forget what the consequences are And choose wisely!


What will be eliminated?

Note to self:

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Posted by The Stegman

The first one

Posted by Dernman

Eliminate A

Posted by Akindoodle

A. Cookies are awesome

Posted by RustyRoy
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@the_stegman said:

The first one

@dernman said:

Eliminate A

@akindoodle said:

A. Cookies are awesome




The first one


Petit Four:4


CMON GUYS NO LOVE FOR French Cuisine :P?